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Introduction and PaintCAD (blog)
A confession and an Outing (thread)
I have had a stroke
A Reply to Dr. Killjoy
All About Wendy

My Articles:
Lets talk about(?) series
Lets talk about quartz
Lets talk about cookbooks
Lets talk about Frequency counters
Lets talk about fence Chargers
Lets talk about temperature forcing systems
Lets talk about common emitter BJTs
Lets talk about VCOs
Lets Talk About Constant Current
Lets talk about WWV as a calibration source

..ElectroStatic Discharge (AAC book)
..Output Power Boost for Op Amps
..Basic Bench Top Power Supplies (thread)
..Creating a Virtual Power Supply Ground (thread)
..LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers
..Basic Transistor Drive
xenoBB codes for formatting posts
...Schmitt Trigger Hysteresis Calculations with Op Amps
...The 555 Projects (blog)
,.,AC/DC Inverters (thread)
...Prototyping Electronic Circuits (thread)
...How I make PCBs (thread)
...Pulse Width Modulation (AAC book)
...Output Power Boost for Op Amps (thread)
Lead Acid Battery float charger w/ LM317T
How to measure an inductance
Digital Clock
Precision Diode Wide band AC-DC converter
555 Function Generator
Trying to find National's AN-263
Making a Comparator Rail to Rail
What kind of signal level from a Magnetic microphone?
Variable DC HV Power Supply
How to calculate timing for Constant Current capacitor charging?
Binary Decade Resistor/Capacitance Box
LED Police lights on a R/C truck
Can cheap op amps be made to go rail to rail?
Making an uninterruptible +5VDC Power Supply
Alternatives to Diodes
North vs. South (magnets)
How to use a Samsung phone as a Compass
555 Output Driver Revisited
How to calculate timing for Constant Current capacitor charging?
My Current Projects (blog)
My Cookbook
Wendy's Albums
How to Display Attachments Full Size
555 Servo Controller
High Speed Op Amp Query
How to link text to a website
Arduino Micro controller
555 Research Sources
How to make a cube using isometric style drawing?
How to measure AC level of 100 KHz
Can Cheap Op Amps be made to go Rail to Rail
Referral request : A simple instrumentation amlifier
Subscripting and superscripting in Xeno

Interesting websites outside AAC
Bill Bowden's Hobby Circuits Excellent site!
Sine Wave Oscillators,a TI abstract
One Transistor FM xmtr

Project Parts Reference
Project Parts Reference V2.0
Xeno BB codes for formatting posts
Some Tutorial Videos (thread, nicely done)
Current Staff list
Completed Projects Index
Rules for Completed Projects Index
Alternate Math Symbols
Free online Python references
Popular Electronics Archive
The Battery University
How to select Classic Blue Mode on AAC
What are the physical dimension specifications a of ¼W 5% resistor
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