Ihave had stroke

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Iunderstand Wookie has been posting s0me infoaboutThis news elsewhere, it was a dozy.it was a hemorrhagic type stroke 83% mortality rate . but I beat the odds. I am totally paralyzed on the left,but the right side is intact with some intellectual impairment..It may take years but I will recover.I AM A FIGHTER.
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Glad to hear from you.
I've read that recent studies have shown that the brain can create new pathways to repair itself after trauma, more than they had previously thought, which is encouraging.
An interesting factoid I read is that any neuron in the brain can contact any other via about six synaptic connections, which seems pretty amazing considering the 100 billion (give or take) neurons in the brain.
So it's a matter of training the synapses to use alternate paths around the damaged area.
We're with you.


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My father had a stroke when he was almost 50. His left side was completely paralysed but he later was able to use his left leg, but he never regained the use of his left arm. He lived for another 23 years. I wish you a speedy recovery Wendy, we are all encouraging you.


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Hang in there, my friend... if you persevere your situation will improve, for sure. Thanks for letting us know how you've been. It's great to hear back from you.


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I'm really sorry to hear that. But never give in push as hard as you can and show your body who's in charge. I've seen this in myself the harder it push me the better I feel I have really bad neuropathy I was going to stop working because of it but I seen really fast that would been a mistake so I make me get up and do the best I can everyday
Glade to see you here.


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Glad to see you posting. Keep at it and you should see some improvement in function, your ability to work around the impairments, or both. We are anxious to see you back here in action, when you are ready of course.


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I am really glad to see you online again and alot of us where looking to send a search party for you.. Have you consider maybe checking out Dragon Software or such ??


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Your positive attitude will help. A VP at the company I retired from had a massive stroke. He was paralyzed on one side and had difficulty speaking.

He had an amazing recovery and was able to get back to his rowing, learned Mandarin for a new post-stroke assignment in China, and bicycled across the country after retiring.