Wendy's Protoboard Circuits Cookbook

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I am basing this somewhat on the Completed Projects. First thing I will do is create a series of post with nothing in them to give me the slots for later entries. Then I will move the entire thread to the Electronics Chat Forum. Please do not post in this thread. I will remove any posts I find here.

Please understand this is an experiment. I will be using techniques I have learned over the years in a new (I think) unique way. I may occasionally scrag this thread, please be patient with me if I do.

I will usually include a .PNG worksheet with my entries. Just print them out using M$ Paint and you will have a worksheet ready to use.

Post any comments/complaints about this project in the Feedback and Suggestions Forum, or PM me.


1. This thread belongs to me.
2. All entries must have been tested. Nothing Theoretical will be allowed. In order to insure this pictures/layout drawings must be included. If a circuit does not work in my opinion it will be removed.
3. To submit an entry start a thread and tag me(like this @Wendy ). If I like it I will copy the relevant portions over to this thread.
4 All entries must fit in one post, I will keep a link to the original thread where discussion of a submission may be carried out.


1. Art
2. Audio
3. Clocks/Timekeeping)
4. Counters, Stop Watches, Count Down Timers
5. Digital
6. Games, Game Accessories, Toys
7. ESD Control
8. Hobby (RC Cars, Planes, slot cars, etc)
9. Lighting, LED Flashlights, etc (2 entries)
10. Microprocessors / Micro Controllers
11. Motor Controllers
12. Musical Instruments / Accessories
13. Oscillators (1 entry)
14. Pets
15. Power Supplies
16. PWM
17. RF Projects (TX/RX/Radar)
18. Robotics
19. Sensors
20. Sound effects (1 entry)
21. Temperature Controllers
22. Test Equipment
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