Free onlin Python refererences,

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Iwould like to learn python. With the brain fog from the stroke Imay be byting off morethan I can chew.any good free tutorial sitesout ther?


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Just curious, what led you to choose Python? I've heard it referred to as a scripting language as opposed to a programming language but I don't know what that distinction might mean. To me "scripting" is doing things a human user would do but automating it. A subset of programming. I know Python is versatile but very little else about it.
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Python is an interpreted language, i.e. there must be a python interpreter on the machine on which it is run. It is interpreted at the time it is run, and therefore similar to scripting language. It is a very powerful language.

This is different from a compiled language where executable files can be created. These files run standalone on the specific type of machine the code is compiled for.