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I accidentally deleted this thread 05/27/2019, I had to recreated it from scratch. Since I made the original, no big deal. If you see an error just use the report button, and I'll fix it.

These are the submitted projects by our various users. All About Circuits takes no responsibility for how well they work, if they work. You use these plans at your own risk.

If you have a comment or suggestion post it in the Feedback and Suggestions forum.

3D Printer Projects
Project | Author | Submitted Project : Battery Buckets | Wendy |10/17/2014


Audio Amplifiers / Audio Projects


Battery Chargers
Project | Author | Submitted Project: Battery charger regulator | beenthere |06/02/2007

Clocks (Timekeeping)

Counters, Stop Watches, Count Down Timers
Project | Author | Submitted Project: PIC16F84A 0-9999 counter | profahmet |10/14/2008
Project: PIC 4-Digit 99 Minute Timer | MMcLaren |05/01/2012

Project | Author | Submitted Project: Discrete Master-Slave Flip flop | hobbyist |0905/2008

Games, Game Accessories, Toys

Project | Author | Submitted Project: GPS Tracker | OldSpring |10/25/2008

Hobby (RC Cars, Planes, slot cars, etc)
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Lighting, LED Flashlights, etcMicroprocessors / Micro Controllers
Motor ControllersMusical Instruments / Accessories
Project | Author | Submitted Toy Piano Project | edwardholmes91 |04/29/2013
Guitar Germanium-based Distortion Pedal | planeguy67 |08/29/2015

Project | Author | Submitted A small old antique NE555 oscillator without PCB | ScottWang |06/19/2015
Project | Author | Submitted Project: Oscilloscope and signal generator | arry |09/14/2010
Project | Author | Submitted Project : Pet Water Dish Alarm Sensor | Wendy |11/25/2015
Project | Author | Submitted Project: Mini project: ringlight for camera | bertus |05/31/2010
A Camera Slider | SPQR |10/21/2012
Project: Simple High Speed Photography | FPSOutback |12/31/2015

Power SuppliesPrinted Circuit Boards (DIY)
Project | Author | Submitted Project: Simple PWM circuit | SgtWookie |12/30/2008
RF Projects (TX/RX/Radar)
Project | Author | Submitted Project: Mini Spy FM transmitter | chzulfiqar4 |09/27/2007
Project : PLL FM Transmitter | Willen |03/22/2016
Project | Author | Submitted Project: Weave, Obstacle Avoiding Robot | Barnaby Walters |06/07/11

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Projects | Author | Submitted Project: I made a solenoid | Bernard |04/23/2009

Storage/Inventory Control
Projects | Author | Submitted Project: Resistor Parts Storage | Wendy |07/14/2008

Temperature Controllers

Test Equipment

Note: Some of the old projects may not meet current standards. If this is the case it is not fair to force them to update, given that many of the people are no longer around.

Sorry folks, that is just how it is.
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Directory Snapshot 5/23/2019,Original, Do Not Modify or Erase.

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Security alarm USING 555 timer and logic gates|andreapg]|05/17/20
UNI T UT61E DVM Auto Backlight Mod.|Dodgydave|04/25/2019
Project: True Condenser Capsule Repair and DIY Microphone|Willen|04/222019
Project: Photographic methods of making PCBs|Lestraveled]|05/01/2015
Project: Photographic methods of making PCBs|Lestraveled|05/01/2015
Micro-current electrical stimulation device|wayneh|08/15/2016
Project: My loudspeaker Sys. & Networks thereof|PeteHL|02/16/2018
Project: IoT-Controlled Air Conditioner Thermostat Mod|128ITSH|09/22/2017
DC-to-AC Inverter for Powering Electroluminscent wire or tape|wayneh|01/29/2019
Arduino Based Whole Home Humidistat|bertz|11/11/2013
Project: Wire break detector|wayneh|11/09/2011
12v to 5v DC high efficiency SMPS buck converter using 34063 IC.|THE_RB|12/27/2012
Fixing the Sparkfun 4X20 LCD Display|jpanhalt|03/19/2018
Project: USA FLAG made w/400 LED'S|k7elp60|06/15/2018
Project: Jeep LED Light Install|jaredwolff|07/12/2018
Project: PIC LED Sequencer|MMcLaren|03/17/2012
Project: 1.5V White LED Drive|johnrohrer|05/21/2018
AS3935 Lightning Detector|jpanhalt|04/22/2018
An AT89LP51ED2/RD2/ID2 device programmer|cmartinez|04/08/2018
Automated Air Locker for Truck|Blank_Stare|08/31/2017
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Project: "Color Theremin" capacitive sensing LED toy|ebeowulf17|02/28/2015
Ir remote using the arduino|be80be|11/28/2017
Widget Sorter - An Automation Demo|bertz|09/26/2017
400 Watt, High Efficiency, Solar Battery Charger/Power Supply|Lestraveled|06/10/2016
Small, simple 5V to -4V converter|RichardO|04/09/2017
Inductor Ring Tester|wayneh|07/17/2012
Project: Discontinuous Interference Analyzer System Test Circuit|Bill B|11/29/2009
Project: Stereo line level X-feed & EQ for Headphones|PeteHL|04/26/2017
Another Constant Current Load|bertz|03/23/2017
DIY Signal Generator (As seen on DIY Hacking)|Robin Mitchell|04/17/2017
Project: Arduino temperature reading / 4x Seven displays|Remembermyname|03/24/2017
Guitar Germanium-based Distortion Pedal|planeguy67|08/29/2015
Encoder expander circuit and code|cmartinez|01/29/2017
Offset-adjusted ammeter for up to 25 Amps|cmartinez|07/07/15
32x32 RGB LED matrix driver|portreathbeach05/04/2015
Project: Simple High Speed Photography|FPSOutback|12/31/2015
Project: PIC16F84A 0-9999 counter|profahmet|10/14/2008
Project : Pet Water Dish Alarm Sensor|Wendy|11/25/2015
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Project: How to make PCBs|Wendy|12/29/2010
Project: Stereo Cross-feed Network for Headphones|PeteHL|07/13/2016
PIR Based Security Camera|tindel|08/20/2016
Flashing name and short tune box for my wife|k7elp60|03/31/2016
Project : PLL FM Transmitter|Willen|03/22/2016
Project: USB/9V Mini Speaker|tjohnson|01/08/2016
My new etching tank|cmartinez|11/09/2015
LED 7x7x7 Cube & Effects Generator|mhutchie1|01/21/2013
RGB LED CUBE 8x8x8|Wong Wing Ho|10/20/2015
Project: 12 Hour Clock Using Decade Counters|kurtruk|07/08/2013
Solder Aid|4beowulf707/29/2015
Audio Preamplifier Project|notion sunday|07/10/2015
A small old antique NE555 oscillator without PCB |ScottWang|06/19/2015
Chaney C6895 Triple Power Supply|darrough|05/10/2015
Two 4 kinds ±5~15V fixed power as ±5V, ±9V, ±12V, ±15V|ScottWang|09/03/2013
Two Sets 10 channels O'scope and Multimeter Multi-Inputs Selector|ScottWang|04/26/2015
16 in 1 LEDs & Buttons FUN (Complete Project)|MCU88|03/15/2015
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4-Digit UP/Down Counter Using Rotary Encoder|MCU8803/20/2015
Magnetic Angle Sensors|jpanhalt|03/19/2015
CMOS Logic Probe|MCU88|03/22/2015
The ultimate geek's Birthday Cake|Maksym Ganenko|03/09/2015
Manhattan style 7-segment Clock|Robartes|03/03/2015
Project: motorcontroller for electrical bike|ludo|10/09/2009
Finished Lab Power Supply w/pictures|Blatboy|02/22/2015
Simple continuity tester|Robartes|02/19/2015
Fast risetime/falltime pulsers|RichardO|02/08/2015
A Camera Slider|SPQR|10/21/2012
Project: 6-Digit LED Clock (Very Accurate)|T.Jackson||11/24/2011
7 wire trailer test box|misfit0138|01/07/2015
Project : Mono Preamp|Wendy|11/24/2013
LM317 Voltage Regulator|Wendy|09/26/2014
Silly little project - bicycle rear light|Robartes|12/03/2014
Project: Weave, Obstacle Avoiding Robot|Barnaby Walters|06/07/2011
Project : Battery Buckets|Wendy|10/17/2014
Homebrew Function Generator|kyle7119|10/14/2014
10 ma to .01 ohm resolution DVM adapter|#12|09/14/2013
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Project: LED indicators for solderless breadboard|Markd77|02/12/2013
Project : Electronic Load|Wendy|09.16/2014
Project: Oscilloscope and signal generator|arry09/14/2010
Project: TA1000PS - PSU for audio amplifiers|donpetru|07/20/2014
]Project: BQ2031 Based SLA Smart Charger|jerseyguy1996|06/16/2011
Project : 230VAC Temperature Fan Control|donpetru|07/07/2013
Game Circuit|djsfantasi|03/19/2013
Project: Oscilloscope AC Current Probe|jpanhalt10/09/2008
A simple 3.2" TFT LCD Module with Touch Panel test project|OldSpring09/25/2013
Project : Halloween boo badge|]k7elp60|10/05/2013
Project: CMV2A virtual ground circuit|cumesoftware|07/21/2013
Project: Light Sensor and Charging Circuit|nomurphy|02/19/2008
Toy Piano Project|edwardholmes91|04/29/2013
Project: Automated Slot Car Intersection|Georacer|09/29/2010
Project: Knight Rider style sweeping light|Fenris|08/23/2009
PIC Single Chip 8x8 R/G Race Car Game|MMcLaren|01/28/2013
'Knight Rider' style light chaser|BillO|05/21/2012
Project: PIC 4-Digit Single-Chip 24 Hour Clock|MMcLaren|12/05/2012
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Solar light timer|spinnaker|11/17/2012
LV Switch Timer|ErnieM|09/11/2012
Project: 8 channel Relay Box|smching|10/26/2012
Project: Simple Power Supply|T.Jackson|12/08/2011
Project: PIC 4-Digit 99 Minute Timer|MMcLaren|05/01/2012
Project: PIC 4-Digit DS18B20 Temperature Monitor|MMcLaren|05/06/2012
Project: "Monoblocus" hi-end power amplifier (Rev 1)|cumesoftware|06/01/2012
Project: Poor Man's Calorimeter|wayneh|02/15/2011
Time Domain Reflectometer|Sparky49|03/11/2012
Member's Videos|Sparky49|07/16/2011
Project: Contest Buzzer System|beenthere|10/03/2006
Project: GPS Tracker|OldSpring|10/25/2008
Project: "Monoblocus" hi-end power amplifier|cumesoftware|12/02/2011
Project: Digitally selectable voltage voltage regulator using LM317|dileepchacko|05/21/2008
Project: Mini project: ringlight for camera|bertus|05/31/2010
Project: DS-PCB UV LED exposure box.|nerdegutta|12/19/2011
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Project: Novelty 30 LED star|T.Jackson|11/23/2011
Project: LED Candle|wayneh|11/08/2011
Project: Simple PWM circuit|SgtWookie|01/23/2008
Project: "Taurus" hi-end audio amplifier (Rev A))|cumesoftware|08/09/2011
Project: Power Supply/Prototype all scrap/spare parts|Jassper|09/12/2009
Project: LED based UV exposure box for PCBs|Markd77|05/10/2011
Project: wired remote control for digital camera|gvi70000|03/24/2011
Project: Battery-operated 1 amp current source|someonesdad|07/07/2009
Project: Motor Driver/Power Regulation Module[/URL|Barnaby Walters|04/16/2011
Project: 6507 based SBC controller|BillO|05/09/2011
Project: Plasma Speaker Science Fair Project|magnet18|05/04/2011
Project: PIC based Scalextric Lap Counter|Crossie|11/19/2010
Project: A Cheap, Accurate Thermometer|tracecom|05/05/2011
Project: Biometric Projects (a sort of complete how-to)|kyroguy|10/05/2010
Project: "Minimus" audio amplifier|cumesoftware|12/11/2009
Project: Mini Spy FM transmitter|chzulfiqar4|09/27/2007
Project: "Taurus" hi-end audio amplifier (45W + 45W)|cumesoftware|10/07/2010
Many projects: Halloween decorations|tom66|11/03/2010
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Project: Converting Audio to 0-4VDC Signal for Animatronics|djsfantasi|10/26/2010
Project: PIC16F84A Code Lock|profahmet|10/14/2008
Project: My voice coil winder|R!f@@|03/03/2010
Project: "Lynx" 2-way speakers|cumesoftware|06/20/2010
Project: "Cygnus" 2-way speakers|cumesoftware|10/26/2010
Project: 144 LED Games Console|Art|02/15/2010
Project: PCB symbol fonts|t06afre|08/28/2010
Project: Digital Clock built with 7490 Decade Counters and a Hacked Quartz Clock|BlackCow|04/02/2010
Project: Binary Clock|mshouppe|05/17/2010
Project: My TTL clock|jgessling|02/16/2010
Project: PC Interface|sparky3489|03/26/2010
Project: "Unus" multimedia active speakers|cumesoftware|04/02/2009
Project: "Quatour" multimedia active speakers|cumesoftware|05/07/2008
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Project: High Power LED Flasher|Wendy|01/04/2010
Project: ATX & Rack Mount PSU|doug3460|07/12/2009
]Project: 12F675 based Temperature Controller Project|THE_RB|11/14/2009
Project: Auxilliary gas gauge for a motorcycle|Jack_K|11/02/2009
Project: diode-in-automotive-relay tester|MacTaufan|10/12/2009
Project: Battery charger regulator|beenthere|06/02/2007
Project: Resistor Parts Storage|Wendy|07/14/2008
Project: PIC microcontroller-based DTMF phone dialer|avtanski|05/29/2008
Project: TTL Logic probe|bertus|04/12/2009
Project: Alarm Timer|nomurphy|07/27/2007
Project: Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Project|OldSpring|08/11/2008
Project: 1.5V LED game|Slider2732|05/07/2009
Project: Gang Programmer for UCD9240|wilbur.harvey|11/16/2008
Project: Flasher circuit|amey|11/04/2007
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Project: The Ubiquitous Xstr Checker|nomurphy|12/08/2008
Project: Improved LaserJet PCB transparencies|06/20/2008
Project: Discrete Master-Slave Flip flop|hobbyist|0905/2008
Project: Torque converter for slow speed motor|hobbyist|10/15/2008
Project: Time delay switch for mobile chargers|dileepchacko|05/12/2008
Project: Portable active speakers (2 X 0.3W)|cumesoftware|06/11/2007
Project: pwm. mini. motor controle|hobbyist|09/11/2008
Project: Stroboscopic LED light|cumesoftware|06/06/2007
Project: Swearing Greeting Card|Art|09/16/2007
Project: Double adjustable power supplies|cumesoftware|04/27/2007
Project: Christmas light power strip|cumesoftware|10/01/2007
Project: Regulated wall adapters|cumesoftware|07/23/2007
Project - Continuity tester|cumesoftware|05/21/2007
Archive: 12v Relay timer|StevePage|04/19/2006
Archive: Toggling with timeout|BladeSabre|07/29/2006
Archive: Programing PIC16f873 for PWM|damochi|05/01/2006

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