Project: High Power LED Flasher

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Now and then AAC gets a request for a flasher for the relatively new high power LEDs. Through a collaborative effort between myself, SgtWookie, and turntj we've come up with something fairly open ended, which should be easy to modify for other people attempting something similar.

I used RFD16N05L MOSFETs. As long as they are logic level types I suspect it isn't critical.

This circuit was aiming for 10Hz, and the oscillator uses the formula:


I dropped the value of R1 by half to allow it to be in the adjustment range.

While this circuit is simple it was not obvious that it would work with the MOSFETs in that configuration on the PuckBuck (the source and part number of which is on the schematic). After some experimentation we were able to prove out the design.

The output of the PuckBuck was verified to be a stable 0.700A. Using 9V the current of the circuit was 0.35A, and with 6V it was 0.51A.

The original thread where this was created is here.