Rules for Completed Projects Index

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Long term users may have noticed The Completed Projects Forum have been eliminated, We are replacing it with a new system, The Completed Projects Index.

1. Project entries should use the following format on the header to aid in searches, also select Completed Project for the prefix in the title of the thread. It is recommended you post the project in the Electronics Chat Forum, though any forum that has the Completed Project prefix may be used.
Completed Project: <followed by a brief description of the project.>

2. All information, such a programing code, schematics, and pictures must be hosted locally on AAC. Websites may disappear without notice, but information on AAC is relatively safe. The use of pictures in the submission is strongly encouraged. Given that schematics are the language of electronics they must be included. You Tube can be used, but critical information in the opinion of the staff, may not be substituted by a video.

3. Not all submissions will be accepted, We (the staff) will work with the author to clean up any shortfalls a submission may have. This may include formatting of the submission and proofreading. Acceptance of the submission is solely at the discretion of the staff. We want this to be an enjoyable experience, start to finish.

4. When your project is ready to be added to the Index use the report buttn to flag the staff. At this point it will be reviewed, and if appropriate cleaned up. As a courtesy to our staff (ie me) please put the category you feel it belongs in, if the category you want isn't there, then please suggest it.