1. nextofyourpcb

    Getting Your Morning Mix Exactly Right, Every Time

    Hi. My friend Conradie makes a new idea about the morning mix machine. In historical times, before the pandemic, most people had to commute to work in the mornings, and breakfast often ended up being a bit rushed. [Elite Worm] is very serious about getting his breakfast mix exactly right, and o...
  2. A

    Single supply chain drift the reference output voltage

    Hi guys, So I'm simulating a LPF with a non inverting op amp. I am doing a single supply design. My problem is the following : for I reason that I do not understand, my final gain stage (U6) makes the voltage output reference drift. My main supply is 5V, and my reference supply is 1.25V. When...
  3. G

    RF Amplifier Query

    Hi everyone I have a RF Long wave transmitter (broadcasts only to 10ft diamater). However there are no rf amplifier products available on the market to purchase. Does anyone know where I can get schematics to build one? (I know what transformers, diodes, transistors, capacitors, and resistors...
  4. H

    How to grow in your hardware design career

    Dear Team, I am a Hardware Design Engineer, mainly working in Analog Circuits and Power Electronics. I don't have any coding experience,I have worked on Digital Hardware design to some extend. It's almost 10 years now. To grow in my career what and all skill set I need to acquire. Thanks &...
  5. D

    Dielectric test

    Hi all I need a clarification that i have designed a PCB board which has 4 layers, and no components has only holes with supply and ground. My board has failed in dielectric test. 1) How much time i can test my board for dielectric test.(1,2,times..infinity??) 2) my conductors are so close...
  6. F

    EAGLE: Change shape of Repour All Polygon

    Hi, As you can see from the attached picture, I used some polygon area on the top side. Anyway, the surface has some empty zone close to pad that I would like to fill with copper. Do you know how to do that? Thank you.
  7. G

    How can you design a PCB for climate control as well as to turn on lights via relay?

    I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to hardware and for awhile I have been trying to figure out how to design a PCB layout. The Problem I have is trying to figure out the values for capacitors and resistors how to connect them with the other parts (like pull up resistor, bypass capacitor etc...
  8. J

    From Arduino nano 33 iot to PCB, programming MCUs

    Hi!, I would like to convert my project, which I deployed with the arduino nano 33 iot, into a custom PCB. I have already created my layout design based on the arduino schematics provided on their website. My concern is how I am going to program the code. I have some main doubts: - The BLE...
  9. shanekent

    Do you need a PCB designer to help with a project?

    Hello! If you need a PCB designer to help you with one of your projects, then I may be able to help! I'm offering my services at a low cost at the moment, so hopefully this proposition is interesting! I've been in the electronics industry for approximately 3-years at this point and over that...
  10. L

    Casio CDP-100 keyboard piano dead keys - PCB issue?

    Hi all, Newbie to both this forum and electronics! I have a somewhat old Casio CDP-100 with 8 keys that went dead recently. All other keys are fine and speakers/power are working perfectly. Schematics here: http://www.warningwillrobinson.com.au/manuals/Casio%20CDP100%20service%20manual.pdf...
  11. super7800

    first fpga schematic and pcb design help

    hello! i am a second year first semester EENG student, and for the digital project this semester we are tasked with programming a fpga to do something (i.e. clock, calculator, stop light, etc). Disclaimer: *the project requirements does not include creating a circuit. most/all are simply using...