1. TommasoB

    Custom Flight Controller Board design - Suggestions and Criticisms

    Hello community, My name is Tommaso Bugliesi and I am currently designing a custom flight controller board. It's not just one board, but rather two boards to be stacked on top of each other using rubber dampers. The hole spacing is 30.5mm, and the overall dimensions of the two boards is...
  2. TommasoB

    ESP32 based Custom Flight Controller - Drones

    Hello, My name is Tommaso Bugliesi and I am a mechanical engineer currently engaged in the development of an open-source flight controller centered around the ESP32 chip. While this project is ambitious, I find myself encountering challenges in the realm of PCB design—an area where my expertise...
  3. X

    Circuit for reading weight and displaying into LED

    Hello, I want to fabricate a PCB capable of reading weight from between 0 - 100 lb, and then take that data through some microchip PIC and display it to a LCD or LED. I'm not very familiar with load scales, but I was curious if there were any ideas or insights into the proper components needed...
  4. Ivan Badal

    book recommendations about PCB Design

    this post must be removed
  5. R

    How do I recharge a 3.7V battery that has a wire like this, without the PCB?

    I'm thinking that maybe there's something I can buy that has a charger port for the plug/connector in the picture. (P.S.: If there's no such thing, pls tell me as I would just bring this to an electronic repair shop or something)
  6. Aarmin

    Schematic Review: Rocket flight controller + Advice

    Hello! This is a schematic i made for my model rocket based on an MPU9150, BMP280 and ATSAMD21, along with an swd programmer to flash the chip. Would like to know whether all the connections made are fine, and how i can add servo control along with pyrochannels using mosfets Thanks!
  7. Younes Thabet

    What can happen to a PCB burnt during hot air soldering?

    Hello all, I was soldering an SMD component and I accidentally used a higher temperature and airflow to solder it so I burnt the PCB and a bubble appeared around the area as seen in the image below. Is this bad? will this issue affect the functionality of the PCB? What can I do to fix this...
  8. saviobezerra

    Help with Protomat E33

    Hello! First of all, I'm sorry for the bad English, I'm using Google Translate for most of the text. I'm doing an internship at university in an electronics lab and I've been asked to print a capacitor using a Protomat E33, however, it's my first time using such a machine, I'm not sure I'm...
  9. A

    Capacitor snapped from motherboard Supermicro

    Recently,i snnaped ,a capacitor,from my motherboard supermicro x9dae...im a newbee on things related to circuits...i try to find the capacitor online for replacement...but is so confusing for me...if anybody can read my post,maybe can guide me to find ,or a link where to find it...many thanks..i...
  10. Qasimhmdn

    Help with trouble shooting sit stand desk control box PCB

    Hello guys, so i have an electric sit stand desk and it stopped working a while ago, i opened up the control box model TC15L from TI motion, and saw the IC in the pictures was fried so much so that it was impossible to read the part number off of the IC. Upon touching this IC, it blew away like...
  11. C

    TP4056 Lipo charger with voltage regulator for OEM issues

    Hi all, Im relatively new to PCB design and schematics, A new skill I'm learning at my company is to try to bring some components in-house. We currently have a PCB in place where just voltage regulates 5v from the wall plug and the standard 3.7v from the battery to the OEM but it does not do...
  12. K

    How can I place the Capacitor on a PCB that receives a single power supply and outputs multiple power out?

    Hello I made a circuit that turns on/off the fan according to the temperature and controls the FAN speed(PWM) and this is my PCB design this is 2 layer board and both GND plane the FAN Speed Control motor is 3A and the Comp FAN motor requires 4 A power before this circuit, there was no...
  13. S

    SmartHome door Sensors

    Hey Guys, I have a weird question about SmartHome door Sensors. I purchased one just to look at it and I am confused. There is the main control board and shell and then the magnet and shell. With home alarms reed switchs are used the the magnet opens or closes the switch. I was expecting the...
  14. -live wire-

    DIY E-Scooter help - electronic breaking, pcb design

    Hi, I'm a rising freshman at Case Western University, and I would like to make an an electronic scooter to get around campus before I move in in about two months (mid august 2023). I already have a lot of the parts I would need for the project, like motors and motor controllers, among other...
  15. Tomarnes

    Help - Is this PCB board burnt?

    Hi Got asked by a friend to try and fix this «speaker» but for me it looks like the circuit is burned. Is that true? I also have no experience in fixing and soldering a pcb board, so should i just throw it away? Thanks for your time!
  16. B

    Can GPT-4 Revolutionize PCB Design? Exploring the Possibility of Automating Footprints and Schematics Creation from Datasheets

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an idea that I have been thinking about regarding the use of GPT-4 in automating the creation of electronic components footprints and schematics for PCB design applications. As many of you know, creating footprints and schematics can be a time-consuming process...
  17. dr3iz

    Connecting grounds

    Hi, I'm designing an ECU for our prototype. This will manage the power supplies to 2 different devices and also some data processing through a microcontroller. The image below is a basic block diagram of the system (sorry it does not look very nice). I am using a 48V power supply, which is...
  18. annaschmidt

    Data analysis to improve my PCB

    Hello, sorry for my english. How can I use data analysis and statistical methods to improve my PCB circuit testing and inspection processes, and what tools or software programs are available for this purpose?
  19. copyleft

    Dent in PCB

    Hello, I was unmounting a pair of headphones (JBL TUNE 760NC), and when removing an ear up, I pushed too much on my knife and I think I made a dent in the PCB, as you can see on the photograph. I would like to know if this will prevent my device from working again, and if so, how to repair it...