1. M

    Gate Voltage dropping under load condition

    We have designed a custom board using the MABC_001_DP000L. We are Using this custom board to provide Biasing voltages to the QPA1022 Amplifier. We tested the custom board with the following set-ups:- SETUP-1:- WITH NO LOAD(Power amplifier) Under this setup Gate voltage is being generated and...
  2. R

    Step-Down Converter Circuit Works on Breadboard but Not PCB

    Hello all! I have a problem where my step-down converter circuit works on my breadboard but not on my PCB. Essentially, I'm using a Teensy 3.2, a stepper motor, a stepper driver, a CANBus driver, and an encoder to be able to control a stepper motor and get position data over CANBus. I have it...
  3. J

    Doubt on which type of film capacitor to use

    ']https%3A//i.ibb.co/wCPxShQ/IMG-20200826-174720.jpg[/img]'] Hi. I have a PCB which has a faulty Panasonic ECQ-UL polyester film capacitor that needs replacing. The capacitor is used as a capacitive power supply and the board goes haywire when this cap becomes faulty. The board is from a...
  4. Mooafwsa

    PCB design use with stepper motor

    I'm currently looking for a solution to a problem I have and I need to create a circuit to later develop into a PCB and these are my requirements: - I need a device to rotate a circle with 8 intervals one interval per day. - I also want a switch to reset the device once it has completed its 8...
  5. H

    Custom standalone atmega32u4 pcb showing up as unknown device

    Hi there, I am having issues with a standalone atmega32u4 project i've been working on and was hoping someone would be able to help :) I have designed a pcb that uses the atmega32u4 to recreate the arduino leonardo. I have been able to successfully burn the Arduino bootloader onto the chip...
  6. A

    SWD USB connection

    I will be building my own board STM32 for my projects, I've noticed people always put breakout sockets for SWD. My question is why? why not make it connected to the usb port for simpler debugging/uploading code
  7. fr0ntsight

    What is this? I can't even get the solder to melt.

    I'm simply trying to learn and practice soldering and desoldering. I have an old board i am working on and can't for the life of me get ANY of the components off. I can't even get the solder to melt. Do they use something other than solder during manufacturing? Here is a picture. I have...
  8. R

    Circuit Works on Breadboard But Not PCB

    Hello all! I've been trying to send and receive a signal by using TOSLink optical transmitters and receivers from Sys-Concept in the same circuit (making a transceiver of sorts): http://www.sys-concept.com/toslink_receiver.htm According to the data sheets of both the receiver and the...
  9. P

    Thermal Analysis of Schematic

    Hi, I want to do thermal analysis of a PCB Schematic and am searching for software to do it. Can anyone please suggest a software to do the thermal analysis. Thank you. Regards, Raj
  10. nextofyourpcb

    Getting Your Morning Mix Exactly Right, Every Time

    Hi. My friend Conradie makes a new idea about the morning mix machine. In historical times, before the pandemic, most people had to commute to work in the mornings, and breakfast often ended up being a bit rushed. [Elite Worm] is very serious about getting his breakfast mix exactly right, and o...
  11. A

    Single supply chain drift the reference output voltage

    Hi guys, So I'm simulating a LPF with a non inverting op amp. I am doing a single supply design. My problem is the following : for I reason that I do not understand, my final gain stage (U6) makes the voltage output reference drift. My main supply is 5V, and my reference supply is 1.25V. When...
  12. G

    RF Amplifier Query

    Hi everyone I have a RF Long wave transmitter (broadcasts only to 10ft diamater). However there are no rf amplifier products available on the market to purchase. Does anyone know where I can get schematics to build one? (I know what transformers, diodes, transistors, capacitors, and resistors...
  13. H

    How to grow in your hardware design career

    Dear Team, I am a Hardware Design Engineer, mainly working in Analog Circuits and Power Electronics. I don't have any coding experience,I have worked on Digital Hardware design to some extend. It's almost 10 years now. To grow in my career what and all skill set I need to acquire. Thanks &...
  14. D

    Dielectric test

    Hi all I need a clarification that i have designed a PCB board which has 4 layers, and no components has only holes with supply and ground. My board has failed in dielectric test. 1) How much time i can test my board for dielectric test.(1,2,times..infinity??) 2) my conductors are so close...
  15. F

    EAGLE: Change shape of Repour All Polygon

    Hi, As you can see from the attached picture, I used some polygon area on the top side. Anyway, the surface has some empty zone close to pad that I would like to fill with copper. Do you know how to do that? Thank you.
  16. G

    How can you design a PCB for climate control as well as to turn on lights via relay?

    I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to hardware and for awhile I have been trying to figure out how to design a PCB layout. The Problem I have is trying to figure out the values for capacitors and resistors how to connect them with the other parts (like pull up resistor, bypass capacitor etc...
  17. J

    From Arduino nano 33 iot to PCB, programming MCUs

    Hi!, I would like to convert my project, which I deployed with the arduino nano 33 iot, into a custom PCB. I have already created my layout design based on the arduino schematics provided on their website. My concern is how I am going to program the code. I have some main doubts: - The BLE...
  18. shanekent

    Do you need a PCB designer to help with a project?

    Hello! If you need a PCB designer to help you with one of your projects, then I may be able to help! I'm offering my services at a low cost at the moment, so hopefully this proposition is interesting! I've been in the electronics industry for approximately 3-years at this point and over that...
  19. L

    Casio CDP-100 keyboard piano dead keys - PCB issue?

    Hi all, Newbie to both this forum and electronics! I have a somewhat old Casio CDP-100 with 8 keys that went dead recently. All other keys are fine and speakers/power are working perfectly. Schematics here: http://www.warningwillrobinson.com.au/manuals/Casio%20CDP100%20service%20manual.pdf...