1. D

    Creepage Calculator for 24VAC

    Hi All I am working on a PCB, which needs to provide 24VAC to various solenoids. The max current each solenoid will require is about 0.3A-0.5A, but i would prefer to design for 1A. On the PCB layout design I believe as its AC power a design would need to incorporate creepage. Is this...
  2. S

    Collision errors on Altium when connecting component thermal pad to bottom layer copper planes

    Hi all, I keep getting the error Clearance constraint (collision < 0.254mm) between via on multilayer and pad on top layer". The top layer is a thermal pad, bottom layer is a copper plane that is connected to the cathode of the diode. It is a Cree SiC diode, and it should not be connected to...
  3. M

    Understanding of Thermal metrics of PCB, heatsinks, How heat flows/converts - Books recommendation

    If i can't ask these kind of book recommendations here please suggest another forum. I want to understand more about Thermal metrics of PCB (Like how traces, Vias, planes etc interact thermally how they will get cooled), Heat sinks designing (like Fin structure, spacing, materials how they will...
  4. Mazen950

    Where to order a housing for electronic devices of my design?

    I am trying to sell electronic devices I make and just like I can order a large amount of pcb by sending my schematic to some website I need to do the same with the housing or body of the device made out of plastic but I have no clue how. pls help. ps:3d printing doesn't work because of the...
  5. Steinarjm

    Broken pcb ceramic capacitor

    Hi, my motherboard on my laptop would not start after i change new ram, when i open it i could see a blown psb ceramic capasitor. You can see this in the photo. I removed it from the motherboard compleetly and made sure the line went to the other pcb. and changed to old ram, the laptop worked...
  6. Lambo Av

    Doubts on How Connector Works

    Hi all, I am currently reviewing this Degson DG2002-4.0 connector. https://www.degson.com/content/details_123_10715.html May I know what does the arrow above the connector mean? And what do the holes beside the arrow does? Based on the photo below, there is this operating tool which can be...
  7. C

    Help finding cap values on water damaged board

    Looking for some Help finding cap values and any other related chips on water damaged board. I'm looking to buy a new saa6581t and 4.332 crystal but not sure where to start on the rest. Is this board even salvageable or could the internals and tracks also be fried? Any help is appreciated...
  8. ZDelta47

    Can anyone help me identify what this symbol is? Still getting familiar with reading schematics.

    I was looking at a schematic and came across this symbol. I couldn't understand what it was or what it's being used for. I tried googling what I could. I found that G is generally used for generators and power supplies. I looked up symbols and didn't find anything close enough. Maybe this is old?
  9. S

    PCB proper wiring of the parts

    I figured the best way to learn how to design PCB's and specifically a Flight Controller was just to try and make one. Since im fairly new to this, I'd like to know if I got something wrong here or in general if that PCB would work. I will add a few more things but these are the main components...
  10. Tentmaker

    Help me ID: Unidentified Components: Capacitor, resistor/fuse (with fridge fiasco story)

    TLDR: ID & ideals on mangled through-hole components, images below: Story: The Torontonian's Tale of the Fridge Fiasco Out with the old, in with the new! Or, so the non-electronics hobbyist will say when an appliance malfunctions. But, me? No, siree bob! Not with a soldering iron and all the...
  11. D

    LED Controller PCB Design Feedback/Suggestions Request

    Hi there, Main Question I'm hoping to get some feedback on this PCB design and the overall design, because this my first real electronics project. Also, I have several questions about feedback I received on ESE. Background I'm aiming to make an instrument for my brother, and since I've been...
  12. zod1aq

    Computer Mouse Solder Problem

    So I had my first soldering experience on my second computer mouse, idea was just to put in new microswitches. I began to do with my old thick soldering iron and now it looks like I applied too much heat and my solder pads GONE. I bought myself a new better soldering iron, but havent seen any...
  13. M

    Nokia Earbuds BH-605 not charging

    Hello, I have this issue with the case of the Nokia Earbuds BH-605 where the battery is not charging anymore. I noticed that a diode has fallen off but I can't find it anymore. Below are some pictures. I'm an absolute novice regarding to electronics, is there a way to determine which diode I...
  14. A

    Looking for some advice on getting started with PCB repairs (excuse the noobishness!)

    Hi all I hope you are well and keeping some degree of sanity during the pandemic! I run a little business repairing and servicing treadmills which covers all aspects of getting hem back on track The majority of the repairs centre around the PCB's which seem to be relatively simple but break...
  15. Nepi7

    TC7660 (charge pump) damage issue

    Hello, I designed a PCB with 3pcs TC7660 charge pump ICs. They are going to be connected paralely to reduce output resistance. Each of them can be disconnected at the output side via jumper. I have a problem to make them working even when they are separated from another components. It seems like...
  16. putout

    How do I reset this Wi-Fi PCB module ?

    This was removed from a Elm327 Wifi obd2 reader it had invalid WIfi settings so it was unable to make a wifi connection I tried shorting GND to RST while only applying 3.3v to the 3.3vpin - no luck any tips would be appreciated . that mess on the RS232 header came like that from the seller
  17. dignificent

    New Test Points 5199TR (PURPLE) from Keystone Electronics are cracking and falling off after reflow

    It's weird that primarily 50% of the time the purple test point is the only color to have this issue, why purple? Part> https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/215/Keystone_Electronics_04082019_5190TR-5199TR-1551357.pdf
  18. M

    How to cut-slots in the middle of the PCB eagle?

    I am wondering how to cut some shapes in the middle of the PCB. I am not sure on which layer I need to do and also no idea about how the manufacturers consider that? Please let me know on which layer I need to cut and also how to add it to CAM processor in order to see it has been cut. Is there...
  19. nikolopikolo

    Unregulated power supply PCB design problem

    Hello, I'm in the process of designing a PCB for a simple dual polarity unregulated power supply and I have a question regarding zones and traces. The PSU is designed to supply 4A and 40V on each of the two rails. There are two 10mF capacitors implemented to avoid ripple. So through each of the...
  20. Gralf

    Help! Replacing button on PCB.

    Hello all! New homeowner here, and our house has what I am told to be a pretty nice Gas Fireplace. Which would be great except that the up key on the remote control doesn’t really work. I don’t really want to fork out the $100+ for a new remote (new homeowner and father!!) and I am pretty...