1. P

    I need to figure out why this DC driver doesn’t work anymore

    I have a 24V DC motor, but it does not work. I would like to find out which of the elements is most likely to be damaged and how to do it. From what I understand, the engine has a Hall sensor to set its position, but I don't know about the rest
  2. B

    Dehumidifier turns on but doesn't collect water (Solved)

    I want to save a dehumidifier (Swan SH3021) from being thrown out but it doesn't seem to collect water. It turns on, fan turns on, and compressor seems to turn on. But, looking at the wattage meter it draws 41W when fan is on, then every minute and a half, it'll jump to around 1180W for 15...
  3. Davizuco

    AC-DC power supply repair.

    I am trying to repair an AC-DC switching power supply with my basic knowledge of electronics. (220 v AC to 34v and 12v DC) The problem seems to be the MOSFFET (10N60c), It shorts and then the fuse, a capacitor and some resistors blew. It seems like I would be able to fix it, but the SMD...
  4. B

    Need help testing LCD Driver

    Hey all :) I'm brand new here. I have a Pioneer XDJ-XZ player and someone was nice enough to spill a drink on it a few weeks back. I've taken it completely apart to dry/clean/check. There was a few spots of corrosion that I cleaned up, mainly on the LCD's PCB board. I have a new LCD ready to...
  5. K

    Repairing my Asus tuf 180w laptop adapter, it's suddenly stopped working

    Recently, i was playing game on my laptop and my original adapter rated 180w was connected as usual, suddenly I stopped working in between gaming, i first thought of it as faulty power cable or extension maybe damaged, but it was the adapter itself when I check voltage with the multimeter, it...
  6. Siderites

    [SOLVED] Philips Airfryer HD9650/90 power unit repair

    Our AirFryer HD9650/90 was complately dead. The problem was R100 - R101 (3W 33Ohm) and Viper06L on the power supply unit.
  7. KejuBartin

    Power Supply Repair (EAY64509202, LGP27-16PIT)

    Hello everyone, I was sitting in front of my computer when suddenly my monitor (LG 49WL95C-W) turned off. I opened it and started troubleshooting. It looks like the power supply is the problem because if you connect it to power, the 3.15A fuse blows immediately. I live in Germany and therefore...
  8. C

    Boiler circuit board test bed help?

    Hi, I have been repairing circuit boards for a few years and a plumber friend has come to me in the hope I can fix a few of the faulty boiler boards he has laying around. He tends to send them to ewaste but I'm sure they're easily fixed. I've searched Google and a few forums but can't seem...
  9. S

    MC2100 ramps up to full speed then stops

    I've been using this MC2100 in conjunction with a pwm circuit I built, and had been using it successfully for a time on a bandsaw. I must have pushed it a little too hard when resawing a log, as the motor suddenly stopped in the middle of the cut. The behavior afterward was that turning it on...
  10. aacman

    Lithium Battery Capacity Meter simple repair. Need hints

    Hello I am just a hobbyist and have some interest in electronics and have built 18650 battery packs, arduino iot projects, etc For harvesting old 18650 Lithium-Ion cells, got a Capacity tester named HW-586 (a copy of another popular ZB2L3 ). Its a simple analyzer which using power resistor load...
  11. B

    Silentnight Electric Blanket Model TT-FF Turns on but no heat

    I bought an electric blanket which turns on (led lights up) but doesn't seem to be producing heat. And if it is, its very low. The label says it 40w. I watched this video on YouTube on the same thing and followed his findings. His ones don't turn on at all but mine does. Its drawing power...
  12. PhysicsSolvesAll

    "If all the IGBTs are good, then all the SMD resistors, capacitors and zeners on the legs of the IGBTs are good"

    Is there such a thing as "If all the IGBTs are good, then all the SMD resistors, capacitors and zeners on the legs of the IGBTs are good" in the inverter welding machines? That is, as long as at least one of the IGBTs does not explode, will the SMD elements underneath remain intact?
  13. M

    Help! Triac operation for AC motor

    Hello everyone and greetings. I have got my hands on this massage chair that has all it's functions working all right except for the up down mechanism. As soon as it is started the main assembly moves up and hits the upper limit switch but the drive motor does not stop and starts to vibrating...
  14. C

    AC-DC Power supply failure

    The attached image is my failed 120VAC 1.0A -> 30VDC 0.5A power supply. I'm trying to figure out what I need to change to fix it without changing everything. I'm not an electronics expert, but looking at the board it has a transformer, one big capacitor and two smaller ones, a transistor...
  15. J

    RZ12A V3 portable speaker not charging correctly and sounding distorted

    I am trying to figure out why this portable speaker is sounding distorted even when plugged into the wall. My initial feeling is that its related to the 12v charging circuit but I may be wrong. The speaker was sitting from 2017 in a box and I opened it a few months ago. I tested it and straight...
  16. Anna Swinemar

    [SOLVED] Unidentifiable SMD Component (possibly Diode)

    Hello, I am working on my 2018 GMC instrument cluster. It has a parasitic current draw that drains the battery within 3 days. I found this part which to me, looks like and SMD diode. It is reading "OL" in circuit and out of circuit. See attached photo. I have tried looking through the SMD Code...
  17. P

    Can not identify wire on broken fake akg earphones

    Hello forum! My sibling broke their earphones and I am trying to repair them, but cannot understand on which solder pad should I solder the "golden" wire, because the pads are identical to me. I looked for schematic online, but could not find one and since these are fake I guess there won't be...
  18. lukewakeford

    Repairing an micro u.lf? connector on xbox controller motherboard

    So i pulled this antenna cable off a tad to willy nilly whilst disassembling to repair something else and it's broken the very tiny u.lf or similar connector. I know I shouldn't have, but here we are anyway, no way back now. It looks to me like the pads are still intact underneath half of...
  19. M

    Help to understand the operating logic of the Bosch charger

    hi, I ask for your help to: determine, if possible, the type of transistor T5, T7 (SMD code: MK3C). help me to understand the operating role of the set T5, T7 and R23, R33 in the circuit (it's like a logical port type AND, but I do not understand how it works). help me understand why the...
  20. M

    No B+ Voltage on CRT monitor

    Hi, I have a crt monitor that dosent work now, I figured out that a mosfet was running very hot and was shorting the smps(making it stop and restart), I removed it and saw that theres no short circuit now and the led/buttons works but theres no picture, it's the mosfet that generates the B+...