Need help testing LCD Driver

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Hey all :)

I'm brand new here.

I have a Pioneer XDJ-XZ player and someone was nice enough to spill a drink on it a few weeks back. I've taken it completely apart to dry/clean/check. There was a few spots of corrosion that I cleaned up, mainly on the LCD's PCB board. I have a new LCD ready to install as the old one went white and everything loaded backwards when it was first damaged. (And there was large amounts of corrosion on the ribbon cable going to it.

I've replaced the FFC connector on the PCB in which the LCD connects too, but before I turn everything on, I'd like to test the voltages on this board.
Can someone assist with this?

Also.. how flimsy are these LCDs in general? Say I miss something during this check, and when I connect it back up, the driver was faulty and the screen goes white again.. if I were to then replace a damaged component, would I most likely need a new screen? I'm sorta new to this and I'm worried I'll have to purchase a new screen.

Here's a link to the schematics of the unit.

Thanks in advance!