1. B

    Need help testing LCD Driver

    Hey all :) I'm brand new here. I have a Pioneer XDJ-XZ player and someone was nice enough to spill a drink on it a few weeks back. I've taken it completely apart to dry/clean/check. There was a few spots of corrosion that I cleaned up, mainly on the LCD's PCB board. I have a new LCD ready to...
  2. A

    Dso138 lcd issue

    I Recently got hold of a dso138 kit, upon finishing the kit I went through testing all of my voltages and everything appears correct. The LED flashes once when powered on but only when the LCD screen is not plugged in. If the screen is plugged in, absolutely nothing happens and when I check my...
  3. Samantha Groves

    LCD display low level programing

    Im looking for a LCD display which is programed bitwise for example a 256x256 display will have 9 bits for x position and 9 bits for y position as well as power and any serial communication pins so 20-25 pins.Thanks!Also to be available in EU
  4. sidd342

    Using HT1626 as an LCD Driver to drive my LCD

    Hey, I'm using the attached LCD driver to drive my LCD. The driver mentions that it has an option of 32Khz in built oscillator that it can use. In terms of programming, does it mean that the clock and the data output that I give to the driver need to be at 32Khz? Additionally, in an LCD driver...
  5. MissFluffy

    Does anyone here know where I could get a Longtek 6052 X-S duplex display?

    Does anyone here know where I could get a Longtek 6052 X-S, as mentioned on these websites? 1. https://www.electronicshub.org/digital-alarm-clock/ 2. https://makingcircuits.com/blog/how-to-make-a-simple-digital-clock-circuit-explained/ Are there any alternatives to it that works with my...
  6. BigMacWCheese

    How to transfer LCD data from rangefinder to arduino?

    I am pretty new to this all so forgive me if I didn't post this under the right community since I wasn't 100% sure which one to post in. I have a rangefinder that uses an HT1621B chip that sends signals to a custom 32-pin LCD. I am wondering if there are any MCU or board that has a 32 FFC cable...
  7. T

    I want to print characters on LCD with Basys3 board

    Hello, everyone I want to print characters on LCD with Basys3 I am using xilinx tool and verilog. The LCD screen is illuminated and a square is printed. But characters are not printed How can I solve this problem? help me plz..
  8. nikoloz tandilashvili

    Soldering header pins

    Hi, i just finished my first soldering, i tried to solder header pins at lcd screen 2x16. And it looks so bad , i pluged it to arduino and screen did not turn on, i think i damaged some part of it but i dont think so and i m not good at arduino as well and i did not pluged it correctly so here's...
  9. L

    My LCD 16x2 turns on but doesn't show the white squares neither changes the contrast.

    Hello. I'm making a voltimeter-amperemeter using an atMEGA328P, L7805, LM358, LCD 16x2 and some other components. The problem is that even though the LCD turns on, it doesn't show the code or at least the white squares it should, and when I move the potentiometer that goes with it it doesn't...
  10. U

    pic16f690 - LCD works in proteus but not on breadboard

    Hello everyone. Im have some trouble getting an LCD to work with a 4*4 keypad and pic16f690. The code works in proteus, but when i test on the breadboard, will all the same connections, it does not display anything. What could be the problem? I have attached the code and circuit design below...
  11. Ashkandodol

    Led panel lvds cable

    Hi i want to reuse a led screen panle I have a lvds cable but the cable is not designed for this panel. And i have a lvds driver for this screen panel Pls some one tell me which one cable need to be connect Panel is lvds 1ch 6 bit 30 pin And the driver is supporting 1ch This is driver pins This...
  12. S

    HELP!! I2c adc pic16, pic1LCD

    I want to use two or more adc channel using I2C and lcd. Can someone help me where i am doing wrong? I don't get a code error but also I can't get number on the lcd. I2c.c #include <xc.h> #include "I2c.h" unsigned char RS, i2c_add, BackLight_State = LCD_BACKLIGHT; //---------------[ I2C...
  13. G

    ECG ON TEENSY | Needed help in circuit diagram?

    Hi, I was working on a thesis project on a portable ECG device, I checked these CIRCUIT: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gaodingpan/ECG-on-Teensy/master/CSE_EE%20474%20Lab%206_%20Analog%20Front%20End%20for%20an%20Electrocardiograph.jpg VIDEO...
  14. pralayp

    MSP430FR6047: Calculating current limiter values for SCL,SDA,LCD-COM,TXD & RXD lines to increase battery life.

    Hello Experts, My application is a commercial battery powered device. The 2 most important thing for me is to achieve "accuracy in metering" and "Increase battery life" of my product. 1st thing I'm able to achieve using MSP430FR6047 chip for water metering. 2nd thing is what I'm working on...
  15. Adrienboub

    Code for put number on LCD 4 bits from an input of 32 bits (clk 50MHz)

    Hello, I share my VHDL code for put number of 4 bit on the LCD-4bit of the virtex-6. The input is a biggest numer of 32bit. One state machine for display and another for transmission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ library IEEE; use...
  16. B

    LCD Help Please!

    Hello, I have a screen here that I would really like to use for a project as it's the perfect size. And it was free. But I can't find any information on how to connect to it. I.e controller / input boards and such. Any help would be awesome!!! Here are some pictures of the stickers, and also the...
  17. K

    A problem in interfacing the LCD with 3 wires (using Texas instruments 74HC595)

    I try to interface with 16x2 LCD using 74HC595 shift register from Texas Instruments. I uploaded the following code : ;AT89C51 ;24MHz ;SHIFT REGISTER PINS CLK BIT P1.0 STR BIT P1.1...
  18. K

    Writing a String on Hitachi LCD using AT89S52

    I try writing a string instead of writing letter by letter. So, I tried this code: ORG 00H RS BIT P2.7 E BIT P2.6 MOV SP, #25H MOV P1, #00H MOV P2, #00H MOV TMOD, #01H...
  19. K

    4-bit mode of LCD-1602 using 8052 µc

    I try writing "NO" in the LCD using 4-bit mode. So, I programmed the AT89S52 to send the upper nibble first to the last 4 data inputs of the LCD. I used AND operation to eliminate the lower nibble. Afterwards, I cleared the RS bit and send a HIGH-TO-LOW enable pulse. The same code for the lower...
  20. BobaMosfet

    Datasheet for Mystery LCD Desired

    All- If I can get a datasheet from someone for this, I'd be grateful. I can take the time to empirically determine the pinout myself, but I'm actually in a time-crunch as it is and don't want to do that unless I have no choice. I have a 44-pin monochrome LCD that is a mix of 7 and 14...