Using HT1626 as an LCD Driver to drive my LCD

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I'm using the attached LCD driver to drive my LCD. The driver mentions that it has an option of 32Khz in built oscillator that it can use. In terms of programming, does it mean that the clock and the data output that I give to the driver need to be at 32Khz?

Additionally, in an LCD driver, what exactly is meant by the test mode?

P.S. This is the first time I'm using an LCD driver to drive an LCD. Would it be possible to guide me a little bit on the code format (from a PIC based MCU) for this type of LCD driver. (Not able to find any documentation online yet)



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There is an application note AN0468E and a YouTube video by Happy Macer using a PIC with the HT1625. The main difference on the HT1626 appears to be larger RAM for higher element displays. Happy Macer is running PIC serial writes at 115200, so I guess that the 32kHz is just the internal element clock. The only note I see about test mode is don't use it. Hope this helps.