pic microcontroller

  1. U

    pic16f690 - LCD works in proteus but not on breadboard

    Hello everyone. Im have some trouble getting an LCD to work with a 4*4 keypad and pic16f690. The code works in proteus, but when i test on the breadboard, will all the same connections, it does not display anything. What could be the problem? I have attached the code and circuit design below...
  2. levi22

    PIC assembly switch statement

    I am quite new to assembly programming and I am trying to create a switch statement. I was using the Microchips example but it does not seem to work in my simulation. Here is my code. It supposed to go to label2 but it skips all the conditions. Any help will be appreciated Mod: wrapped your...
  3. A

    USB not recognized for pic18F14K50

    Hello I am trying to make USB connection to PIC18f14k50. Following are connections :- Pin 1 (Vdd)------>5V Pin 2 & 3 -------->External crystal oscillator (20MHz) Pin 4 (MCLR)------------->Pulled high with 10K Pin 20 -------------------->GND Pin 17---------------------> capacitor (0.1UF)...
  4. M

    Temperature indicator Project

    I am creating a project of temperature indication using thermistor with pic16f877A. and 4 channel 7 segment Display. The problem I am facing is Using timer to read adc values and converting to Celcius makes my 4 channel 7 segment display to blink after every 2 Seconds. At ln0 line the display...
  5. vishweshgm

    Interfacing MCP41HVX1 with PIC16F

    Hello, I am trying to replace a potentiometer in my project with MCP41HVX1 so that I can control the output voltage of LM317 regulator. My current LM317 circuit is as below: I use 2pins of J2 POT (between ground and wiper) to vary the voltage output of LM317 regulator. When POT has 0Ω...
  6. Khisraw

    Using AN3 on PIC12F1571

    Hi all, I am trying to program the PIC12F1571. It has 4 channel ADC but I can only enable the AN1. The rest just doesn't work. Even using CCG which you can enable the physical pins, you can not enable any of the other channels. Does anyone else have come across such an issue? Every video on...
  7. R

    PIC24FJ128GB202 connecting USB ON-THE-GO to newer laptop with USB 3.0 (ss ports)

    I've recently been design a PIC development board with USB and other peripherals, I've got the board working, got code running on the board and managed to test all of the peripherals that worked great, until it came to USB. The issue isn't the USB circuity its self, I've recently brought a new...
  8. D1NG0

    Programming a Digital Current and Power Monitor on PIC18F26K80

    Hi, I'm on a project where I would like to measure a battery voltage. For that, I have to use a Digital Current and Power Monitor, called INA260. I already have a board made and it's functional because I've already tested it with the arduino, but I'm not able to do the programming on the...
  9. W

    Power factor correction circuit with PIC16F887

    I have made a circuit in Proteus with the PIC16F887 for measuring the voltage, current , power and also power factor and display them on the LCD. In the circuit, the L1 and R5 can be any value as it is just a value for the load connected to the circuit. I was wondering if I were to place some...
  10. E

    Alternative to pic16 Series

    I am using PIC16F18875 controller in my design but i am planning to switch to a higher clock pic from pic18f series. I was looking for microchip product selector but I want suggestion before picking up randomely.
  11. Q

    PIC8F67K22 .hex

    hello Everyone, Iam new in Microchips system, we looking for Microchips Professionals to help us with our problem. We have a project that needs to be developed and modified, but we could not because we do not have the source for development, All we could do was extract a .hex file from our...
  12. Khisraw

    The Program stops running as sensors detects something

    Hi, I am using the PIC12F1571 MCU in our latest design. It is connected to two sensors (TSSP58038- Proximity, IRA-S210ST01- PIR sensor) with analog input. The PIR is connected to RA0 and the Proximity sensor is connected to RA2. The program: As soon as the PIR sensor detects anything(Goes to...
  13. M

    How do I program a PIC to save sensor data to a CSV file?

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'm doing a project where I need to sense temperatures and humidities of an enclosure, using a PIC32 microcontroller. Is there a way to save the data from the sensors to a CSV file? Thanks in advance!
  14. Z

    PIC- making potentiometer match second potentiometer not working

    I'm tryng to make a DC motor into a servo motor. The motor axle has a gear that is in sync with a gear on a potentiometer (MOTORPOT in the code) and I have another potentiometer that works as an input that the motor potentiometer should match in position however I set this pot(CONTROLPOT in...
  15. P

    Designing PI controller anti-windup

    Hello everyone, I am having some doubts about how to insert an anti-windup on my Microcontroller PIC dsPIC33EV. I designed a PI controller to control the charging of a batterie and I think all expect the Anti-wind up is correct. I will insert a screenshot of the C code I wrote of the Controler...
  16. F

    External Interrupt on PIC16F887 not working // MPLABX XC8 C

    I would need some help with the external interrupt on pin 33 on the PIC16F887(PDIP). Basically I have tried everything, went by the datasheet, and the interrupt ended up not working. I'm 99% sure, that I have the hardware working because it worked with an Arduino. I am using an encoder, and both...