PIC8F67K22 .hex

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hello Everyone,

Iam new in Microchips system, we looking for Microchips Professionals to help us with our problem.
We have a project that needs to be developed and modified, but we could not because we do not have the source for development, All we could do was extract a .hex file from our microchips PIC8F67K22 thats all we have.

is there a anyway to read .hex file to see all code and know how its work, so we can edit or remove codes from project?
the PIC file in Attach if you want to check.

We appreciate your efforts and accept service offers. You can contact me on your e-mail to coordinate and communicate over the phone
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Open the hex file in MPLABX with correct MCU settings and then open PIC program memory view. It shows you assembly instructions in last column. Do not hope to get some high level language output from hex file.