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    How to extract code from ADuCM3 microcontroller?

    I know how to extract code hex files from ATmega328p microcontroller with ISP Programmer method is there any way I can do it with Analog Devices Microcontroller?
  2. E

    Want to update one address location in hex file

    In my one project i want to give some serial number and want to store it in the flash for the first time while flashing. I don't want to build the project again for updating the serial number. Is it possible to update the address location in .bin using any tool command line and flash the...
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    PIC8F67K22 .hex

    hello Everyone, Iam new in Microchips system, we looking for Microchips Professionals to help us with our problem. We have a project that needs to be developed and modified, but we could not because we do not have the source for development, All we could do was extract a .hex file from our...