PIC24FJ128GB202 connecting USB ON-THE-GO to newer laptop with USB 3.0 (ss ports)

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I've recently been design a PIC development board with USB and other peripherals, I've got the board working, got code running on the board and managed to test all of the peripherals that worked great, until it came to USB.

The issue isn't the USB circuity its self, I've recently brought a new HP laptop and the laptop ships with USB 3.0 (SS) ports and has no USB 2.0 ports on the device, when I plug my development board into an old machine it fires up, windows recognise the board and away we go (that was through a USB 2.0 port)

The PIC24 only supports USB 2.0 and my understanding what that USB 3.0 would work with USB 2.0 devices, but every time I plug it into my new laptop it doesn't seem to want to work, I've tried running the inf files, uninstalling the USB 3.0 drivers, HP doesn't allow you to turn off the USB 3.0.

when I say it don't work, windows do not recognize the device and it dose not show up in device manager, but the computer is still supplying the device power.

I'm really stuck on what to try next, I don't understand how and why its not working, any ideas?