1. colofofong

    For Sale USB converter for an Apple Newton keyboard

    Turn your Newton keyboard to USB with Apple Newton Keyboard to USB Converter Adapter! Works with major OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  2. W

    Trying to desolder USB drive from circuit board

    Hello true tech enthusiasts, I'm trying to do this: Long story short my USB drive stopped working after it would randomly not be detected at times on my PC. Found out it was bent and a pin in the middle was slanted. Now it wouldn't detect at all. So I'm trying to desolder the metal part...
  3. Khisraw

    Accessing Raspberry Pi4 USB port with Python

    Hello All, I am using Raspberry Pi 4 which comes with 4 USB ports. For my project, I have two mics and both will be connected to Rsp via a USB port. I need to be able to choose which Mic needs to be ON. So basically I need to be able to switch/choose which USB port I want the sound to come in...
  4. M

    MCU detect when USB is connected

    I wanted the MCU I'm using, samd21g, to detect when USB is connected on the board. The USB is used to power some other things on the board and currently isn't connected to the MCU. Also, the MCU can only handle 3.3V. I have a pin open on the MCU that I can connect the power of the USB to it...
  5. M3D0

    Interfacing Microcontroller with a USB stick to read/delete files

    Hello ! So I am starting scratch the surface of the Embedded systems world. I have always wondered how to interface a microcontroller like the AVR for example with a USB stick to read the file names for example or the space left or even format/delete files from the USB stick without using any...
  6. hamidrezahassanvand

    FE1.1s - "device not recognized" error

    Hi there, I designed a PCB which has a FE1.1s USB bub controller. The problem is that when I connect my device to computer,"device not recognized" error appears. device LED's turns on for a moment and everything goes off again. I have searched for driver issues but it seems that everything is...
  7. A

    USB not recognized for pic18F14K50

    Hello I am trying to make USB connection to PIC18f14k50. Following are connections :- Pin 1 (Vdd)------>5V Pin 2 & 3 -------->External crystal oscillator (20MHz) Pin 4 (MCLR)------------->Pulled high with 10K Pin 20 -------------------->GND Pin 17---------------------> capacitor (0.1UF)...
  8. E

    How to power a pc usb powered only device using a usb charger only.

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface. I can power it up normally from a laptop usb output. But i want to use it without a laptop or pc so I only need to power it up using an ordinary usb charger. It won't work with a usb charger only. It seems it won't power up without the communication...
  9. D

    Using a 555 timer as a timed switch for a USB device?

    Without getting too into the weeds of my project; what I am attempting to do is to control the plugging in and removing of a basic USB device. To accomplish this, I have cut open the USB cable of my USB device and have cut the 5V line. I plan to connect the two sides of the 5V line to two...
  10. J

    Noise reduction connecting PCB to USB

    Hi! After producing multiple different PCB designs of a board for controlling a stepper motor, I noticed something that I cannot explain. The boards are in general powered through 12 volts, then a voltage regulator brings the voltage from 12 to 5 V and another one from 5 to 3.3 V. Stepper...
  11. N

    USB-C input: using USB-C chargers/cables as well as micro-USB chargers/cables

    Hi! I want to power an Arduino project with external, regulated 5V (say up to 1.5A). For versatility, I would like it to have a USB-C type input connector so I can grab any 5V charger I have laying around at the time of using it that can deliver at least 1.5A@5V. I read that connecting 5.1k...
  12. R

    PIC24FJ128GB202 connecting USB ON-THE-GO to newer laptop with USB 3.0 (ss ports)

    I've recently been design a PIC development board with USB and other peripherals, I've got the board working, got code running on the board and managed to test all of the peripherals that worked great, until it came to USB. The issue isn't the USB circuity its self, I've recently brought a new...
  13. C

    Where to buy cable suitable for USB connections.

    USB was intended to be a universal data connection protocol and hardware standard, and has been passably successful in so becoming. However, the more I see of USB C the less I like it, especially solely as a power connection for SBCs such as Rpi. It's like using a steam-shovel to hammer a nail...
  14. J

    USB extenstion for submersible

    Hi all, I am building a tethered submersible. It has a camera, a servo to pan the camera, and an LED. I need to extend the USB cables a couple hundred feet for camera and servo control. Is USB over fiber with transmitters the best way to extend the distance of the cables? Thanks, Jim
  15. M

    Read data from USB devices

    Hello, I have received a infrared multi-touch frame (Nexio HID Multi-Touch ATI0320-10) where my boss asked me to check if I can make a program that count the number of times I interact with the frame (everytime an object enters the grid). I need to display the amount of times I interacted with...
  16. Arjuna1

    How to get an esp32-S2 recognized as USB device on a mac

    I have an esp32-S2 saola and I am trying to use it as a MIDI usb device. I am trying to use this github repository: https://github.com/chegewara/EspTinyUSB. I am able to run the code on the esp32s2 saola and I am connecting to a mac with a USB cable to pins 19 and 20 but don't get any MIDI input...
  17. R

    How to power an old LED lamp via USB

    Disclaimer: I'm not an engineer, just a DIY enthusiast. So I have an cheap old plastic SMD LED desk lamp but its battery and circuit board are missing. I want to turn it into a USB powered lamp for my new apartment but I'm not sure of the best way to power it. It has 31 LEDs and the label on the...
  18. M

    Understand USB suspended or unconnected mode

    Hi, I'm trying to understand a problem I'm having related to a USB connection. I'm working with a Mini PCIe 4G module (Quectel EC25 Mini PCle 4G/LTE) and at this moment my goal is to put it in sleep mode. I'm communicating with the module via UART (RX and TX) from which I send AT commands...
  19. T

    My HID doesn't output the correct values - STM32

    I'm making a force feedback wheel with an STM32F103. So I had to learn about HID. I made a very simple descriptor, to begin with. I'm supposed to see the buttons count in binary in the controller visualizer but they're random. Comparing the received value in USBlyser, when it's 0xA9, buttons 1...
  20. Stavros Avramidis (asder)

    USB Reclocker with a USB3503

    Hello, I want (/try) to make a usb "reclocker" with a microchip USB3503 (https://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/USB3503). I tried to copy their reference design a bit. I have some questions. 1. If the design seems fine ? 2. I suppose there won't be a serious ground loop if I use a floating...