Looking for a simple USB analog to digital converter with existing support in a language like python

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Hey all, I was wondering if someone could point me to a component that fits this description. Id like a USB that plugs directly into a computer with voltage terminals and converts it into a digital representation that has existing support in a programming language to easily read in the data. The input voltage can be scaled so I don't need a certain range or anything. Just something that's easy to use. Thanks


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I use Dataq di-1100 four channel analog +/- 10 volt to 16 bit digital. With all I usually need they're under a hundred bucks each. I have had good luck connecing two at a time for eight channels, with some excel code to synchronize the two. The sample rates will easily get you to hundreds of kilohertz sine wave resolution, though you'll want the USB ferrite choke they sell for a few bucks for that. It connects to a pc and easily makes excel files as well as many other types of useful data files. With a megohm input resistance, you might need to buffer if using high impedance sensors. It has real time graphing of the data, and you can extract data to analysis files while collecting data.