1. F

    ADS1115 measuring negative values

    Hi there, it is clear to me that the ADS1115 cannot measure negative values. I am trying to measure the current on a battery connected to a UPS which can be positive or negative (charging-draining). I am using a LEM which reverse the polarity of the output according to the current flow. The...
  2. H

    ADC throughput calculation

    Dear Team, I was studying about adc basics from this document(ADC BASICS) .I have a question regarding the throughput calculation.The document says "Consider the case of single ended conversion where one conversion takes 13 ADC clock cycles.Assuming the ADC clock frequency to be 1MHz, then...
  3. ashokraj

    what are the safety/protection I will have to take when converting 0 to 240V to 0 to 1V , feeding to adc pin of microcontroller

    Hi, I want to measure the voltage of the fan regulator and feed into ADC pin of ESP 8266, The range of ADC is 0 to 1V, theoretically I can use the below circuit. VG1 being the load voltage taken from the fan regulator, VF1 will be driven into my ADC pin , My doubt is, can i go with this circuit...
  4. T

    Excitation of Wheat-Stone Bridge Measurement With Multi-channel ADC

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project, where I want to measure force using strain gauges. The strain gauges are configured in four point Wheatstone bridges. I'm using a four channel ADC. On each channel I feed in the amplified differential output voltage of a Wheatstone bridge. My question...
  5. Prajeet Anand

    PWM read with ADC stm8

    I want to read PWM signal with an A/D converter. Is it reliable to take 100 samples of adc data and average it out.Im still seeing some spurious values in-between my captured data. What would be a reliable way to acquire precise output?
  6. T

    Could not understand why noise cancellation must be at (fs-fc) for -60dB

    I have the overview of signal with cut-off frequency fc that I want to sample using an ADC with sampling frequency of fs, I have seen that some of my colleagues wanted to dumb any noise at -60dB at frequency fs-fc as you see it in the picture. for my understanding of nyquist theorem, I need to...
  7. B

    Calculating 1 cycle RMS for 50/60Hz signals

    I found this paper to be useful. It says: So in my case for one cycle, I can't have an integer N that matches both 50 and 60 Hz and possible fluctuations. In the microcontroller, the plan I have is to set an ADC triggered by a timer for a fixed sampling frequency. I can also use DMA or double...
  8. S

    Simulate PSoC in Proteus

    Hello. I am working on extracting strain gauge values mounted on my ATV (front suspension) with the help of a 20 bit ADC of PSoC. Before that I would like to simulate it. So could you please suggest how can I do this in proteus(or any other SW if not possible). Please help. Thank you for your time.
  9. M

    Clocking a HI7190 ΣΔADC using a 10MHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator

    Hello, This is my first post so I'm sorry ahead of time if I'm missing key information. I am trying to produce a clock signal for a HI7190 (ΣΔADC) using a 10MHz quartz crystal oscillator. The HI7190 uses either 2-Wire or 3-Wire (SPI-compatible) communication for reading and writing internal...
  10. P

    Reading the Analog Value using the ADC pins

    Hi, I am using a Texas Instruments Microcontroller (TMS320F28335), I would like to read the analog value from circuit output to be read by the microcontroller using the ADC pins. Please help me in how to do this. Thank you.
  11. V

    AC voltage sensor using Rectifier

    Hello I'm trying to implement a rectifier and AC voltage sensor. The rectifier part works just fine. I'm able to power my device without any issues. Please look at C2 in the screenshot (Circuit schematic). This connector is connected to AC voltages. Vin is a rectifier and the DC part is to...
  12. __Pai__

    What is the need for buffer or amplifier for ADC?

    This may be novice question. I am understanding SAR ADC specification for modeling perspective. In the mean time I was following analog devices Driving SAR ADC. In general what the necessity for a driver when it matches T acq and T cov of the selected ADC datasheet? What else test situation or...
  13. A

    ADC: Incorrect readings are "corrected" by external probing.

    Hello. I am experiencing a very strange behaviour in an ADC built into one of ST's SOCs. I have verified it several times, all the registers are configured correctly. When I connect the input line to a known-voltage node, the outputs are within acceptable tolerances. However, when I connect the...
  14. C

    How to display various parameters (voltage, current and temperature) on 7-segment display every 5 seconds

    I have built an op-amp series pass voltage regulator, whose output is inputted into an analog-to-digital converter (ADC0804). The ADC's output is connected to a CoolRunner II CPLD Starter Board. This output corresponds to a value on a look-up table, which determines what value would be displayed...