1. E

    AD9625 output data rate on each lane

    AD9625 is 12-Bit, 2.6 GSPS/2.5 GSPS/2.0 GSPS, 1.3 V/2.5 V Analog-to-Digital Converter. There are eight lanes to output the digital data. The lanes are SERDOUT[0]± to SERDOUT[7]±. What is the output data rate on each lane ?
  2. FillenNaymeer

    Looking for a simple USB analog to digital converter with existing support in a language like python

    Hey all, I was wondering if someone could point me to a component that fits this description. Id like a USB that plugs directly into a computer with voltage terminals and converts it into a digital representation that has existing support in a programming language to easily read in the data. The...
  3. Khisraw

    Using Raspberry Pi Codec Zero HAT

    Hello, I have recently bought a Raspberry Pi Codec Zero to do audio processing. I have gone through all the documentation and set up all the necessary settings. When I run my codes, I get no input. So my questions are; How can you get access directly to the ADC? Maybe the ADC may have a way to...
  4. Choon Kwang

    Help - low side current measurement of motor via shunt and adc

    wlpThis circuit is a low side current measurement of a motor using a shunt resistor and adc of a mcu. However, I do not understand the reason or use for the 100k internal pull down resistor, 10k external serial resistor and the capacitor. Anyone can help?
  5. S

    4-20ma to 0-3.3V conversion using Rail to rail Opamp

    I am trying to convert 4-20 mA current loop signal to 0-3.3/0-3 V output for my 10 bit ADC IC that is connected to a Raspberry pi 3B+. Schematic: The input sensor is a 12 V loop powered 4-20 mA output humidity sensor. The op-amp is an MCP6002 rail-to-rail. The output of the op-amp is...
  6. M

    AC Current Measurment Strategy

    Hi All, We are busy with a project that takes measurements from a Current Transformer (CT) to track current usage in attached appliances. The CT is connected through an amplifier circuit to a micro-controller ADC pin. The AC wave (positive cycle only) is sampled at 100us intervals (there are a...
  7. amishenglol

    How to add sensor to the following code

    Hi, I have a code that uses 1.1Vref (because the system is powered by battery) (ATTINY44A IC). I have connected one sensor to it and now i would like to read value of the sensor. Please check the code below. This code uses internal reference voltage and outputs unchanged voltage rating.(THE...
  8. B

    MCP3004 Fails when attempting to use more than one channel

    The original sketch was built to use an NTC Thermistor to monitor a remote mountaintop shack's ambient temperature ... this has been in operation for over 3 years ... we recently added some batteries with a Victron BP65 over/under voltage device ... because Victron doesn't provide an API for...
  9. Marcel DaJanchar

    Transferring audio by I2S

    Hello! My plan is to create a circuit, which would effectively transfer 6 channels of analog 16-bit audio signal to the other side without loosing quality or inducing some kind of interference. Cable length would be around 5 meters. This circuit would be used in automotive to substitute 6 RCA...
  10. F

    ADC Error Calculation

    I am trying to determine DC errors for ADC128S102QML-SP. More specifically, I am referring to the gain error, offset error, INL error, and DNL error. It is a 12 bit ADC with a supply voltage of 5V. From the datasheet, I concluded the following: Offset error is 2.3 LSB which I believe...
  11. S

    HELP!! I2c adc pic16, pic1LCD

    I want to use two or more adc channel using I2C and lcd. Can someone help me where i am doing wrong? I don't get a code error but also I can't get number on the lcd. I2c.c #include <xc.h> #include "I2c.h" unsigned char RS, i2c_add, BackLight_State = LCD_BACKLIGHT; //---------------[ I2C...
  12. spacejedigundam

    how to Vernier TDC adjust every stage time differential to achieve 1 TLSB ?

    How do we get td1 - td2 = 2ns? I have no IDEA about how to adjust delay cell ,Thanks solving my problem , Thanks a lots
  13. spacejedigundam

    How to measure 10bit SAR ADC 's input Dynamic range after switch 9 time ?

    I want to know 10 bit SAR ADC , supply voltage 0.5V , Vcm based , after DAC switch 9 times , how to measure DAC input Dynamic range ? I need to know voltage range that I can use Voltage to time Converter transfer the voltage to times Thanks everyone reading Sample_N = DAC's N node...
  14. M

    Quad 100k Digital Rheostat - Can it be wired for 300k?

    Hi, I have a Fairchild FL51x0 which has a control pin where the voltage at the pin is input to an 8 bit ADC with 2.5V reference. The pin sources 10uA current, so that an external resistor can be used to set the voltage (0-250k). I'd like to use a Digital Potentiometer/Rheostat. However, the...
  15. ashokraj

    Selection of ADC. What is the meaning of VA( analog power supply)?

    Hi, I am trying to find an ADC with the following specifications. 1. Power supply to it has to be less than 3V. 2. sampling frequency is 500ksps. 3. 16 bit. 4. My input signal is varying from 0 to 2V. When I am trying to find an ADC I came across the following datasheet: 1.Datasheet-1 In it...
  16. H

    ADC for 8 Buttons

    Hi folks, for a uni project I’m creating a synth using an Arduino. I want to have at a minimum 8 buttons for an input but I’m restricted to using only 1 or 2 input pins. Therefore I wanted to use an ADC to convert the input to binary values. I wanted to use no IC’s if possible so tried using an...
  17. K

    Battery measurement with Capacitor Voltage Divider & ADC

    I am working on a micro cat tracker tracker project (GPS / LoRa) with ATSAMR34 MCU with LoRa Transceiver and a u-Blox ZOE-MOQ GPS Receiver powered by three Energizer 675 Zinc Air batteries, which should last about three months when determining the position every hour. The MCU and GPS will be in...
  18. J

    Accelerometer signal conditioning (ADC reading)

    Hello, I found a 3-axial accelerometer with +/-500g that has a +/-1.25V range. The bias voltage (0g) is at half of the reference given (It does not give negative voltage). If I'm supplying it with 3.3V, the bias voltage will be at 1.65V, so the range will be nominally 0.4V to 2.9V. I am to...
  19. Chandler Timm Doloriel

    How to convert ADC reading to analog current value in LTC6106

    I couldn't convert the ADC reading to its respective analog current value. I connected a microcontroller in the Vout to read the current, it will give an 8bit HEX value. The load is another microcontroller. The ADC reading in no-load is HEX00. (8-bit @ 3.3V) and LTC6106 for current sensing...