Error simulating a sigma-delta ADC design in LTspice.

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Hello there, I've been try to learn how sigma-delta ADC works, I've been through the block diagram mostly and tried simulating one myself by following this video lecture from "The signal path" channel, the wiring is right as it shows in the circuit diagram( from timeframe 34:30 ) and it also follows the other block diagrams i came across, I have tried using the D flip flop as an 1 bit DAC with its 2 values set between +/- 5v, as said in the video, why doesn't this simulation work as intended, am i missing something here with reference voltages?, I have included the simulation file below. Please help me resort this issue, Thank you.



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Hi CR,
When using that comp model, I get this error message, which is related to that comp model.
Do you get the same error?

BTW: I do have the bordodynov ZZZ folder
EG57_ 1763.png