1. Younes Thabet

    How to import a third-party SPICE model in LTSpice that doesn't have a generic component!?

    Hello all, I don't know if i am supposed to ask this kinda questions in this thread but i am going to anyway! Tried importing a spice model for BAV70 (Dual-diode SOT23 package) after seeing some tutorials, all of them use a a generic component that represents the symbol of the SPICE model...
  2. S

    Simulate PSoC in Proteus

    Hello. I am working on extracting strain gauge values mounted on my ATV (front suspension) with the help of a 20 bit ADC of PSoC. Before that I would like to simulate it. So could you please suggest how can I do this in proteus(or any other SW if not possible). Please help. Thank you for your time.
  3. @

    how to simulation nem relay in spice?

    Hello all I am a M.Sc student of Computer architecture My thesis subject titled is " Improvement of energy consumption for adiabatic logic applications using NEMs technology ". I have difficulty in creating my NEMS' relay stimulation. I need to model a nems relay to a frist degree of...
  4. SaMirakle

    Need Help Decoding Automotive CAN Bus Extended Frame Bits

    Hi everyone, I don't know why but I'm having a tough time decoding CAN Bus data frames, even after looking at many sources showing bit field diagrams of how the data is supposed to be structured. Background on project/goal My main goal is to connect directly to an electronic turbo actuator...
  5. E

    How do I EM-Extract a subcircuit and define a different em/drawing-layer than the original circuit in AWR?

    I have a 4-layer project in AWR/MWOffice and have built a parameterized microstrip inductor schematic (named "spiral") with a "Line Type" of layer1 that I wish to reuse on another schematic as a subcircuit (SUBCKT) on layers 1,2,4. When I place "spiral" as a subcircuit on another schematic...
  6. Sajid_Naseeb

    How do I simulate these two different Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) models in LTspice?

    So, I found these models for Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) in two different books. I want to simulate these two models in LTspice, but I don't know which side to connect the EUT and which side to connect the spectrum analyzer and ofcourse, where to connect the source? and how do I...
  7. S

    LT Spice help

    Dear guys, I was wondering about a problem in my designed capacitive sensor, why the simulation is not executed as wished. When I simulate the output difference between Vout1 and Vout2 without connection to the Schmitt trigger it looks like really well, but when I connect it to the Schmitt...
  8. kwoki

    Bodeplot of simulation and network analyzer difference in magnitude with same characteristics

    Hello, I have a problem which I can't find the solution. It's related with the determination of the bodeplot of a circuit. According to my bodeplot in the simulation, the flat part of the magnitude plot is -23.02 dB (Simulation.PNG) and the cut-off frequency is equal to 17.67 MHz whereas the...
  9. C

    Graphs won't be plotted to the end of simulation time in Simulink

    Hi everyone, I am having the issue that I am trying to run an FOC algorithm in Simulink (see image attached) but the graphs are plotted until 0.5 when the simulation is set to 10 seconds (see image attached). Does anyone know what could be happening ? Thanks in advance. The file can be found...
  10. C

    How is torque controlled in Field-Oriented Control ?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to control the torque in an FOC algorithm but I don't know how to. I have seen FOC block diagrams (see attached picture) and I am trying to simulate this in MATLAB but I still don't get how to control torque in my SIMULINK model (see attached picture). Also I don't...
  11. C

    Is the LdTrq input required in the Surface Mount PMSM block ?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to implement FOC algorithm in Simulink using the Motor Control Blockset. I want to simulate the iPower Gimbal Motor GBM2804H-100T with the Surface mount PMSM block. However, I don't understand what the LdTrq input is or how to set it up. SInce it is a motor I do not...
  12. C

    What does Ki*Ts mean in Discrete PI controller ?

    Hi everyone, I am using a Discrete PI controller for an FOC algorithm I am developing in Simulink using the Motor Control Blockset. I would like to use a Ki gain if 2. At the input of the block, I have an input labelled Ki*Ts. If I use my gain with a sampling period of, let's say 1ms, should...
  13. C

    Understanding how to set MTPA Reference block settings

    Hi everyone, I am failrly recent to MATLAB and SIMULINK. I am trying to use to Motor Control blockset in Simulink to implement an FOC algorithm. I am using the MTPA Reference block for Simulink to calculate the Id and Iq currents for me but there are parameters in the block I don't understand...
  14. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    LTspice and Electric – (VLSI) - Simulation error

    I'm having trouble solving this problem with two software [LTspice and Electric - (VLSI)]. A simulation error occurs when I try to simulate. Code: C5_models.txt Source:http://cmosedu.com/videos/electric/electric_videos.htm
  15. L

    MLCC Model

    A simple MLCC capacitor model would generally include capacitance, equivalent series resistance ESR, and equivalent series inductance ELS terms. Looking at the Ceramic Capacitor Models models provided by AVX in the SpiMLCC tool both impedance & ESR data is provided as plots and as spice models...