1. Madaxle

    Understanding wiring of On/Off switch + Potentiometer combination

    I'm in the process of building a Halloween prop using an old 1970's Sony Trinitron TV, and I was hoping to be able to use the original power switch to power my prop, and use the integrated volume control as a dimmer for my LEDs I'm going to wire to it. (Basically I would like to wire an LCD...
  2. Answerz

    PsOC 4 BLE (pins problems)

    I am running a project using a thermistor. I started by using the evaluation board as shown: The program runs fine. After that, I removed the module from the evaluation board and powered the module using an external power source (3V). I moved the resistor and thermistor from the evaluation...
  3. O

    How Can I measure MOSFET ro(output resistance), ID(DC current) at LTSpice?

    Viewed 1 time 0 The subject is to make ro=500k, ID=100u by setting VG3,VG4 and W/L of MOSFET. And I got the exact values from Hand-calculation, and am trying to test it by using LTSpice. I did make this schematic. and DC currents of two mosfet was around 74uA (I don't know it is right way to...
  4. E

    gas flow measurement in ml/min and m/s

    I want to use gas flow meter. I checked for some sensors which have given measurement in ml/min and some has in ml/min. I tried to convert the ml/min to m/s on google but got the result in m3/s. I am not sure about the flow measurement and units used in the datasheets. Is there any explanation...
  5. zeus8Olympus

    Ultrasonic Rangefinder using Analog Components

    Hey, I'm new to electronics, and for one of my projects, I'm supposed to design an Ultrasonic Rangefinder using Analog components only! The components include the 555 timers, SN74HC chips (specifically the 4 bit counter), 7 segment display and etc. Most of the guides I have found online use an...
  6. S

    Analog sensor non-linear region

    I'm working with a distance sensor that gives erratic readings when an object is <2". Here's a plot of MCU ADC counts (orange) and voltage input to ADC (blue). My first thought is to monitor the dv/dt after we cross the 2" threshold and ignore anything that doesn't have a linear increasing...
  7. C

    Ultrasonic sensing

    Hi all, I am working on an ultrasonic sensor for occupancy sensing. This device would drive an LED based on movement, and I was wondering if detection could be achieved the following way Where the sensors and the moving person lie in opposite sides of the wall, and the ultrasonic waves would...
  8. E

    Analog multimeter needle "offset"

    Hi everyone. I have a several decades old analog multimeter, which works fine except that the needle stops at slightly different position if the movement goes up, than if it goes down. As an example. If I probe 10 volts DC (12 V scale), the meter stops at aprox 9 V. If I change to 3 V scale...
  9. P

    Reading the Analog Value using the ADC pins

    Hi, I am using a Texas Instruments Microcontroller (TMS320F28335), I would like to read the analog value from circuit output to be read by the microcontroller using the ADC pins. Please help me in how to do this. Thank you.
  10. S

    8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter

    Hi guys, I'm running into some problems designing a 10MHz 8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter. My requirements are: cornerfrequency f_c = 10 MHz max passband gain of 0.5dB filterorder of 8 available components: resistors, capacitors, op-amps What I have tried so far: I found...
  11. T

    Analog CMOS IC layout: DRC, DFM, DFR

    Regarding CMOS analog IC layout, what are differences between DRC, DFM and DFR? What I understood during research: - DRC (Design Rule Check) checks if a laid out block follows technology rules what ensures dimensional precision and electrical parameters - DFM (Design For Manufacturing)...
  12. N

    Multiplexing channels in Labview

    Hi there! I am working on something similar and would appreciate if you could drop the vi. Much appreciated! Moderator Edit: Thread split off from this: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/about-function-generator-and-multiplexer.138826/
  13. O

    TE- BNC Connector - Pin Description for PCB

    Hi, I am using TE Connectivity Right Angle 50Ω PCB Mount Fitting BNC Connector for signal output in a PCB Board. It contains 2 Pins. Is Pin 1 for Signal and Pin 2 for ground? Also, do I need to add any protectors(EMC, Etc...) inboard for this. Thanks in advance
  14. B

    Ability of PLC's to communicate via 4-20mA and 0-10volts between laboratory devices and the PLC

    Hey guys, I'm studying electrical engineering technology and the Coronavirus turned my capstone project into a research paper. My assignment is on PLC's, which we have covered the basics of, but I still know little about how they operate. Here is the prompt: "Research the ability of PLC's to...
  15. Emad2017

    How Can I submit a novel patentable design idea to a company?

    Hi there, Recently, I have designed a new charge amplifier than can be used to implement a precision and low-cost interface for piezoelectric sensors. I have published an article about the novel proposed circuit in IEEE Sensors Journal. ( A brief information about the new proposed circuit has...
  16. Crazy_BJT

    Troubleshooting/repair Hameg 1500 scope

    Hi there to you all, I need some help with a troubleshooting/ repair. I have an analog/digital oscilloscope Hameg HM1500, it has some RTC problem, it presents a partial sweep. I think is the horizontal circuit, that's either missing a voltage or there is some faulty component. The only problem...
  17. C

    Triangular signal cutting off

    I made a circuit to demonstrate the work of a 555 and a constant current regulator and wanted to add triangle wave input. I've done that by integrating the output of a 555 timer, and at the node 'tri' I do get the desired triangle wave of ~ +-8V. Since I want the the voltage positive at all...
  18. T

    how to determine the small signal parameters(gm, ro) of nMOSFET from Datasheet?

    as I want to calculate the transfer function of circuit that is meant to generate source current using an Op amp as control loop, I need the gm and r0 of the mosfet(to determine the transfer function of the Op amp current source with nMOSFET) here is the picture of MOSFET with showed parameters...
  19. E

    purpose of using two opamp together

    Hi i am referring one opamp based design (designed by friend of mine)where two op amps are used. one in inverting configuration and other one is in non-inverting configuration. i am bit confused what would be the purpose of using two op amps together? here is attached schematic. (Here R4 is...