1. L

    Relay Chatters with a Blown Capacitor

    Please refer to the diagram below. BX is +110v or 0v. (not sure DC or AC) NX110 assumes -110v. (Maybe 0v? not sure DC or AC) Y2T is 110v DC relay with a part number of KUP-14D15-110. Its operate voltage is 82.5v. When BX is 110v, the relay coils pick up. Why the relay chatters when C1 is...
  2. P

    Problem with Ramp signal Generator using IC 555

    According to theory the time period for ramp signal generated using the following circuit should be: \[ \frac{2}{3} \frac{V_{CC}.C_{1}.R_{1}.(R_{1}+R_{2})}{V_{CC}.R_{2}-V_{BE}.(R_{1}+R_{2})} \] Now... putting the value of Vcc, R1, R2, VBE, RE... the time period comes out to be around 0.9ms. But...
  3. A

    Looking for some help to build an RF Modulator schematic from 1985 I found online :)

    Hey all, I am looking for some help to build an RF Modulator schematic from 1985. I was searching for a way to wirelessly transmit a UHF/VHF TV signal to an old portable TV I have and found a schematic on a website called Petlibrary (https://petlibrary.tripod.com/rfmod.htm). My idea was to use...
  4. J

    Fliege Notch Filter Transfer Function Help

    Hello! I am a student who would greatly appreciate some help determining the transfer function T(s) of a Fliege Notch Filter. I have attached a general schematic below, and have listed the values I will be using. To clarify, Voltage-in is the left side, and Voltage-out is the right side R1 =...
  5. S

    Power output when specific distance is passed in an analog circuit

    Hi, I have the speed which I can integrate using an op-amp to get the distance. I have a power output from a retro-reflective sensor when a certain point is passed. I was wondering if a device (capacitor maybe?) could store the distance traveled when it receives the power output from the...
  6. T

    Best method for converting PWM to analog signal?

    I want to make a circuit that will convert a PWM signal to an analog signal. I want the circuit to be able to work on higher frequencies as well though (up to 15 kHz). Would an RC filter be the best method? Any reference design examples for this?
  7. marcell46

    Small signal analysis of MOSFET circuit

    The other day I got the following exercise on one of my exams: For those who don't speak German, for transistor 1 lambda is 0, but not for the others. The backgate-effekt should be neglected alltogether. I drew the following small signal equivalent circuit (ignore the black texts for now)...
  8. spacejedigundam

    how to Vernier TDC adjust every stage time differential to achieve 1 TLSB ?

    How do we get td1 - td2 = 2ns? I have no IDEA about how to adjust delay cell ,Thanks solving my problem , Thanks a lots
  9. 1

    Pulse Amplitude Modulation using LABVIEW software

    Hello, I'm not sure that I'm doing the PAM diagram correctly in LABVIEW. What I did is that I multiplied a Sine signal with a Square Signal and just filtered the signal. Attached are the circuit and results. Please let me know if something is wrong or missing.
  10. all_about_the_dip

    EMC improvements

    Greetings, I've been in a design for a while for my university. It's a security system based on sound(a glass break detector) but the point of the question is not the functionality of the circuit but the EMC issue. I've tried to reduce the EMI but I would like to ask to any expert any kind of...
  11. ashokraj

    Selection of ADC. What is the meaning of VA( analog power supply)?

    Hi, I am trying to find an ADC with the following specifications. 1. Power supply to it has to be less than 3V. 2. sampling frequency is 500ksps. 3. 16 bit. 4. My input signal is varying from 0 to 2V. When I am trying to find an ADC I came across the following datasheet: 1.Datasheet-1 In it...
  12. Madaxle

    Understanding wiring of On/Off switch + Potentiometer combination

    I'm in the process of building a Halloween prop using an old 1970's Sony Trinitron TV, and I was hoping to be able to use the original power switch to power my prop, and use the integrated volume control as a dimmer for my LEDs I'm going to wire to it. (Basically I would like to wire an LCD...
  13. Answerz

    PsOC 4 BLE (pins problems)

    I am running a project using a thermistor. I started by using the evaluation board as shown: The program runs fine. After that, I removed the module from the evaluation board and powered the module using an external power source (3V). I moved the resistor and thermistor from the evaluation...
  14. O

    How Can I measure MOSFET ro(output resistance), ID(DC current) at LTSpice?

    Viewed 1 time 0 The subject is to make ro=500k, ID=100u by setting VG3,VG4 and W/L of MOSFET. And I got the exact values from Hand-calculation, and am trying to test it by using LTSpice. I did make this schematic. and DC currents of two mosfet was around 74uA (I don't know it is right way to...
  15. E

    gas flow measurement in ml/min and m/s

    I want to use gas flow meter. I checked for some sensors which have given measurement in ml/min and some has in ml/min. I tried to convert the ml/min to m/s on google but got the result in m3/s. I am not sure about the flow measurement and units used in the datasheets. Is there any explanation...
  16. zeus8Olympus

    Ultrasonic Rangefinder using Analog Components

    Hey, I'm new to electronics, and for one of my projects, I'm supposed to design an Ultrasonic Rangefinder using Analog components only! The components include the 555 timers, SN74HC chips (specifically the 4 bit counter), 7 segment display and etc. Most of the guides I have found online use an...
  17. S

    Analog sensor non-linear region

    I'm working with a distance sensor that gives erratic readings when an object is <2". Here's a plot of MCU ADC counts (orange) and voltage input to ADC (blue). My first thought is to monitor the dv/dt after we cross the 2" threshold and ignore anything that doesn't have a linear increasing...