1. daud_selimov

    Modeling of memristor MIM (metal-insulator-metal) LTspice

    Hello everyone, I'm new to using LTspice, I need your help in modeling the behavior of the following memristor.Сode taken from the attached article
  2. C

    LTspice singular matrix error on voltage node

    Hi everybody, I'm a beginner with LTspice, so I'm sorry if my question is related to some basic knowledge that I don't know..any help is really appreciate!! I can't solve a problem with my circuit in LTspice: I have this error "singular matrix check node vout+" and I don't know what to do. I...
  3. N

    Dual Power supply with Opamp and 9V battery

    First of all I would like to say that I am very newbie in this electronic design. So please don't get upset if this question is too stupid. I am designing a circuit with opamps that can provide +3V and -3V and that can deliver 0.5 Amps. I know I can use the Lm317 and Lm337 but this time I would...
  4. Xenon02

    How to reduce output ripples for DC/DC converters ?

    I'm dealing with a problem finding a solution to output ripples. How can I reduce this output ripples using imperfect capacitors and imperfect inductors ? I've tried using 330u Tantalum capacitor but it was imperfect so the series induction made it look like in the picture. I also have...
  5. Xenon02

    Problem with simulating in LTSpice

    Hello ! I've got a problem with simulating converters in LTSpice. When I simulate 3 of my converters in one file their result is completelly different comparing with individual simulation : Here is an example where input is 7V and the output is 3V with I_max = 350mA. The left side is...
  6. L

    ltspice transient analysis STUCK

    Hello guys! I'm using LT8705 to make a battery charger to charge my 6s NCM battery pack. But It seems that the LT8705 don't have the reverse current protection and will start in CV mode and then into CC mode thus presenting a high current before getting into CC mode. So I'm trying to use LT4364...
  7. L

    LT8316 non-isolated LTSpice Error

    I'm copying “Ultra-Wide Input Range Non-Isolated 12V Buck Converter” from LT8316 datasheet into LTspice. But the results seems to be very strange. The voltage on FB is even higher than Vin, which is way above the standard reference voltage(1.22V). I can't find any difference between the...
  8. M

    Simulation of the effects of bypass diodes in Solar Panel

    I am trying to simulate solar cells of a solar module with 72 cells and see the effects of partial shading as well as the activation of bypass diode. For now I am just simulating 2 cells of the PV module. I am confident that the model works without the bypass diodes, when I plot I(V1) vs...
  9. C

    The Question about MOSFET Library Parameters in LTSpice

    Hi I am doing a double pulse test of MOSFET (PN: IAUS300N08S5N012TATMA1). Since we have high voltage spikes and oscillation of Vds in hardware testing, I am also working on LTSpice of double pulse test. I am so confused about the parasitic parameter of the MOSFET lib, I know the MOSFET has...
  10. M

    How to make a switch whithout any other connections in LTSpice ?

    Hi, I want to have a clean switch on my schematics, without the voltage source that controls it. That I will put it on a side... I tried to modify the classical switch and pass the nodes for the voltage source that controls it, as parameters, but it does'n work... Do you have an idea how to do...
  11. anjarosz

    Soft start using triac

    Hi everyone, I want to develop a soft start system for the receiver. In real system, it is a power supply in the laboratory with a variable resistance value - hence programming the resistance R3 as a variable value determined by the voltage source. The system to perform a soft start for the...
  12. T

    Anti-series MOSFETs as AC switch in LTSpice

    I am trying to use two MOSFETs in anti-series as an AC switch. I have some problems turning the switches on and off, most likely because of the different source potentials and the fact that V_ds becomes negative. Any to suggestions for how I can fix this in LTSpice? I have tried to find similar...
  13. irfancaglayan

    LTSpice diode list does not update

    I have this lab homework in which I have to simulate a basic circuit using 1N4007 type diode. I have edited the standard.dio file as I should but the "Pick Diode" list in LTSpice does not update. 1N4007 does not show up. I am adding screenshots of the file directory and the line that I embedded...
  14. rahuls569

    I want to make LTSPICE model for IKW40N120H3 from Datasheet. How can I do?

    Hello, I am learning LTPICE Software. I want to know how I can model any IGBT, MOSFET, or diode in LTSPICE from Datasheet. Is there any Website for downloading the spice model directly?
  15. D

    LTSpice opamp models (LM324)

    My very first post, so please be gentle! I am doing an analog design where I want to use an LM324 single supply opamp. So I decided to have crack at LTSPice. I realise LTSpice does not come with a model for that, so I must find and add in my own. Even that process seems onerous, on top of the...
  16. S

    Engine control IC simulation

    Hi, I want to simulate the product in the link in a spice program, but there is no spice file provided by the manufacturer. How can I simulate the functions of this product in a program like LTspice? - Product : https://www.nxp.com/part/MCZ33810EK#/ - Datasheet ...
  17. Mohammed SETTI

    LTspice inconsistent MOSFET gate driver behavior

    Hello, I am working on a 7-level power micro-inverter which composed mainly by power MOSFETs. These logic-level MOSFETs (IRLZ24NS) are driven by separate photovoltaic gate drivers with integrated fast turn-off (Broadcom ACPL-K30T). The problem comes when I try to simulate the circuit and compare...
  18. A

    2SC4488 NPN Transistor for SPICE

    Hi there! I am currently looking for 2SA1708 and 2SC4488 transistor models to integrate into Spice, but I could not find any model on the web. Could you please help me if you have the related models? Or can you please give me feedback about what parameters are the most important ones to model...
  19. D

    LTspice giving weird results in simulation of Phase Shifted Full Bridge Converter.

    I am trying to simulate a Phase shifted full bridge converter in LTspice. I had already simulated it in matlab simulink and obtained the desired results, but I am redoing it in LTspice to include the effects of non-ideal components. In order to avoid the pulse generation, I imported the...
  20. D

    Need help regarding opening .asc file in LTspice.

    I have obtained a LTspice file from the net, its a .asc file but its in the form of the following text. I cannot for the life of me figure out if there's a way to convert this to schematic and run it as a simulation file. Please help. Version 4 SHEET 1 1180 680 WIRE -352 -288 -416 -288 WIRE...