1. robi10101298

    Simulation of implemented amplifier in LTSpice

    Hello, I need to simulate the following circuit in LTSpice. I made the scheme but I don't know what value to choose for R2 and Cinf in order to have theoretical gain Av=1500. The following constraints are imposed: Vcc=10v; VCM=1.5V; vg it's a sine wave with a frequency of 1Khz and R1=15kOhms. I...
  2. F

    LTspice simulation of RLC discharge circuit using voltage controlled switch

    Hi, I would like to simulate the discharge curve of an initially charged photoflash capacitor into a RL load as shown below (with component parasitics): A few things to note: 1. photoflash capacitor (C1) is initially charged to 360V 2. a voltage controlled switch represents a microcontroller...
  3. robi10101298

    Help with implementation of circuit in LTSpice

    Hello, I need to implement the following circuit in LTSpice but I don't know what VCM, Vg,VCC and C infinite are...Can you help me with the symbols for it? Also, the scheme implemented by me it's ok? Thanks!
  4. J

    LTspice Error: Undefined symbol in: "<<voltage>>" on mac.

    Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great day! I've spent an unnecessary amount of time trying to resolve this issue. I'm pretty new to LTspice and I wanna simply change the x-axis to show voltage instead of time, but it just doesn't seem to work (I'm running the program on mac). As you can see in...
  5. AksharGandhi05

    LTSpice simulation of a two-port network.

    Here's the question : "For the two port network given, obtain the Z-parameters, ABCD (transmission) parameters and h (hybrid) parameters. What should be the value of load resistance connected at Port-2 for maximum power transfer when a voltage source of 25V is connected at Port-1." (Picture...
  6. J

    LTSpice Simulation will not show the desired result

    Hello, I can't seem to see why the R7 resistor is not showing a current. I've redone the circuit three times and I'm still not getting any result. Is it something to do with the program? I've attached the LTspice file, the circuit diagram, and my simulation results. If anyone can help that...
  7. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    LTspice and Electric – (VLSI) - Simulation error

    I'm having trouble solving this problem with two software [LTspice and Electric - (VLSI)]. A simulation error occurs when I try to simulate. Code: C5_models.txt Source:http://cmosedu.com/videos/electric/electric_videos.htm
  8. D

    Pierce oscillator simulation on LTSpice

    Hello, I am trying to simulate a 32.768 kHz Pierce oscillator. I am referencing this particular crystal https://support.epson.biz/td/api/doc_check.php?dl=brief_FC-255&lang=en I believe my values are correct, however, the peak frequency of the FFT is almost only depended on the td value of the...
  9. S

    creating new component with cir files

    I have a low noise amplifier which has a HEMT as its transistor. (ATF38143). I have been trying to create a component in LT Spice and came across this website. The page linked here is a .cir file for ATF34143 and it was the closest HEMT I could find. I copied and pasted the script in a text...
  10. R

    Ltspice Hbridge DC-AC converter with GaN FET

    Hello, I'm working about a DC-AC converter with 400kHz switching frequency. I'm trying to simulate it in Ltspice using the model provided by the manufacturer of the transistor that is a GS66516B by gansystems ( https://gansystems.com/gan-transistors/gs66516b/ ). I want to evaluate power losses...
  11. R

    LTspice Simulation Question

    Hello All, Currently I've been doing some parametric sweeps with components and temperature. If I perform both a parametric sweep with a temperature sweep is there a way to extract or plot the data for one of the temperature points? For example lets say I perform a transient sweep while...
  12. K

    LM2940 (5V) LTSpice Model

    A Novice to LTSpice. I'm trying to get the LM2940 into my LTSpice but I don't know where to find it to download or how to import it into LTSpice. Please help and thank you.
  13. P

    LTSpice - using an encrypted ".mod" file for a MOSFET

    Hi folks, I wish to use a particular MOSFET in a schematic / simulation in LTSpice, and have found the manufacturers supply an encrypted ".mod" file for part I want: https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/product/mosfet/detail.SSM3K361R.html I wonder if some one could tell me how to go about...