1. A

    Sycnhronous converter design in Ltspice

    Dear all, I am trying to simulate my synchronous buck converter and I managed to implement complementary signals to driver two different transistor. The issue is as follows: 1- I inserted dead-time (green circle) but the problem is that at the start of the period two signals overlap...
  2. L

    Why does mutual Coupling changes self resonant frequency and alters frequency response?

    Hello all. I am conducting a simulation based report on resonant inductive coupling. I intend to calculate power transferred as a function of input frequency. For this I used the formulae for self resonant frequency and calculated a SRF of 3.283MHz using 10mH, 235pF and 0.25Ohms as my values...
  3. Veek

    LTSpice - what programming language does it use and how do directives hang together?

    1. So Vim has vimscript, Emacs uses Lisp - what is LTSpice doing? 2. You can use .step to update a {R} for .meas and calculate MAX/MIN etc - how is the data being passed and how do the various directives influence each other? Note in the schematic, he uses {R} and 'r' and R1 and they are all...
  4. K

    LTspice Error

    I am simulating the triac control on example circuit. Alhtough the simulation run sucesfully, I got: in the SPICE Error log at the begging of the simmulation. Do not know where is the line 18 mentioned in the error mesage.I don't know too, how to enable the sweep resistor legend to display...
  5. Z

    2:1 MUX in LTSpice using CMOS Transmission Gates, implementation

    Hello. I am trying to create, for a project, a 2:1 Multiplexer using CMOS Transmission gates. This MUX requires 2 transmission gates, so 4 total transistors. I have seen some implementations use an inverter when connecting the Select bus. I am pretty bad at electronics. Take a look at my...
  6. E

    MOSFET gate , offset PWM questions

    Hello! A little about me , i haven't formally studied electronics, i do not own or have access to an oscilloscope. I have been researching about MOSFETs to use an IRLZ44N as a switch in a basic boost converter, on the IRLZ44N datasheet Vgs(th) = 1v to 2v, as i undertand this Vgs(th) is the V...
  7. hungry

    LTspice ECG

    Hello. Thank you for clicking on my article. I'm from Korea and a college student. I'd like to find a solution. My circuit simulation speed is too slow. So I want to speed up. I saw what other people did at Google and made it. I want to speed up the simulation. I'd appreciate your help.
  8. P

    Triac Simulation Question

    Hello all, New to the forum and came here to get some more information about simulating mains voltage Triac circuits. My issue is the following; I have an opto-isolated TRIAC control circuit for a resistive load (water boiler). I know that Triacs generally have a junction voltage drop of ~1-3V...
  9. Veek

    How do you load a PSpice netlist into LTSpice and run an analysis/generate a schematic?

    So I have this simple resistor divider circuit in PSpice/from a book/NGSpice - how do I load it in LTSpice/Linux/Wine? (I'm reading from SPICE A Guide to Circuit Simulation but I am also reading from Passive Circuit Analysis with LTSpice. The former has the example) I tried manual loading in...
  10. Younes Thabet

    How to import a third-party SPICE model in LTSpice that doesn't have a generic component!?

    Hello all, I don't know if i am supposed to ask this kinda questions in this thread but i am going to anyway! Tried importing a spice model for BAV70 (Dual-diode SOT23 package) after seeing some tutorials, all of them use a a generic component that represents the symbol of the SPICE model...
  11. M

    Simulation of a three phase voltage meter: MOV error (Analysis: Step time too small) LTSPICE

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help me to solve my error on LTspice. I am designing a three phase voltage sensor using voltage divider resitors and a isolated differential amplifier. The voltage range I need to measure is max 440V_rms. I want to add protection by adding a thermistor and MOVs. I...
  12. M

    LTspice - Take Voltage and Convert to PWM

    Hi, In LTspice, I have a voltage. I want to convert it to a PWM. This is only for LTspice - it doesn't have to be a something that can be realised. Tperiod is 10ms. So if the measured voltage is 2.3V, and my reference is 3.3V, then I want a PWM to have a duty of 69% (2.3V/3.3V). So Ton 6.9ms...
  13. Cyirxrc6vec

    Charging Li-ion circuit

    Hi, I made a circuit that charge Li-ion battery. When I simulated it, I found something strange; the time for charging was too short. I made it with 'LTspiceXVII' and here's my circuit's diagram and the graph, also I uploaded the 'Li-ion bat file'. So, would you like to help me if you don't...
  14. Sajid_Naseeb

    How do I simulate these two different Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) models in LTspice?

    So, I found these models for Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) in two different books. I want to simulate these two models in LTspice, but I don't know which side to connect the EUT and which side to connect the spectrum analyzer and ofcourse, where to connect the source? and how do I...
  15. Aivaras Andrijauskas

    LTspice - added diode models not listed.

    Standard.dio (diode models) (https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/attachments/standard-txt.65504/) This is an updated version of the diode models file, which includes the 1N4001 diode, which is what i'm after. I replaced the file in /cmp with this one, but the program doesn't list any new diode...
  16. Mayank_2606

    Potentiometer in LTSPICE XVII

    I am trying to create a POT in ltspice xvii, even after following all the steps i am not able to get this to work. I created a schematic first for the pot, viz. pot.asc and then created a symbol for this file namely, pot.asy. I even named the attributes and added a spiceline that said R = 10k...
  17. robi10101298

    Simulation of implemented amplifier in LTSpice

    Hello, I need to simulate the following circuit in LTSpice. I made the scheme but I don't know what value to choose for R2 and Cinf in order to have theoretical gain Av=1500. The following constraints are imposed: Vcc=10v; VCM=1.5V; vg it's a sine wave with a frequency of 1Khz and R1=15kOhms. I...
  18. F

    LTspice simulation of RLC discharge circuit using voltage controlled switch

    Hi, I would like to simulate the discharge curve of an initially charged photoflash capacitor into a RL load as shown below (with component parasitics): A few things to note: 1. photoflash capacitor (C1) is initially charged to 360V 2. a voltage controlled switch represents a microcontroller...
  19. robi10101298

    Help with implementation of circuit in LTSpice

    Hello, I need to implement the following circuit in LTSpice but I don't know what VCM, Vg,VCC and C infinite are...Can you help me with the symbols for it? Also, the scheme implemented by me it's ok? Thanks!
  20. J

    LTspice Error: Undefined symbol in: "<<voltage>>" on mac.

    Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great day! I've spent an unnecessary amount of time trying to resolve this issue. I'm pretty new to LTspice and I wanna simply change the x-axis to show voltage instead of time, but it just doesn't seem to work (I'm running the program on mac). As you can see in...