Led panel lvds cable

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i want to reuse a led screen panle
I have a lvds cable but the cable is not designed for this panel.
And i have a lvds driver for this screen panel
Pls some one tell me which one cable need to be connect
Panel is lvds 1ch 6 bit 30 pin
And the driver is supporting 1ch
This is driver pins
This is screen panel pins


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Welcome to AAC.

I am afraid it is almost impossible to understand your question. What is it that you don’t know that you need help with?

”Which one cable need to connect” doesn’t really mean anything. Did you mean something like “which cable do I need to make this work?”. If so, You need the cable that matches the driver and the display panel, so I can’t see where th e question comes in.

Could you clarify so you can get some help?