1. S

    What are the best android tablet options for a telecom technician

    Greetings I am considering getting a cheap tablet for a telecommunication diploma? As it's hard to find a suitable and cheap option for an andorid tablet. Most the work is vocational, however, until getting a job it is recommended to get a temporary tablet that would be suitable for outdoors...
  2. Ashkandodol

    Led panel lvds cable

    Hi i want to reuse a led screen panle I have a lvds cable but the cable is not designed for this panel. And i have a lvds driver for this screen panel Pls some one tell me which one cable need to be connect Panel is lvds 1ch 6 bit 30 pin And the driver is supporting 1ch This is driver pins This...
  3. N

    How to check if the power charger cable of a Samsung tablet is working?

    Hello I would like to check if the charger cable of my Samsung Tablet 10.1 is working at all. How do I check with a multimeter if the charger cable allows electricity to reach the circuits of my tablet? Where do I have to place the leads of the multimeter? Below is a picture of the inside...
  4. F

    7" Tablet screen as a HDMI monitor

    Hey, my old tablet ASUS ME372CG broke few days ago, so I salvaged some parts of that and now I have a 7" screen from it. I would like to use that screen as a standalone monitor for my pc but I do not really know which HDMI LCD controller board to use. The LCD panel code name is "Innolux...
  5. T

    an E-reader that support Electronics engineering ebooks(equations, graphs)?

    Buying many hardcopies does not arrange me and using computer for reading engineering books does not help my eyes, after I looked on Quora and google about a good E-ink reader that is supporting Engineering eBook in pdf and healthy for the eyes, do any of you my fellow engineers use such...
  6. satcom

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 screen protection

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet, it have Super AMOLED screen - does its screen already have some protective covering? Is it recommended to use tempered glass for extra screen protection, or it will be enough to use PU Leather case?
  7. S

    Battery Management System (BMS) Reset

    After many months of not using my Asus EeePad TF101 I have turned it on by plugging in the charger. After the boot the battery was 0% and I wasn’t surprised about this as I have not used the tablet for many months. I tried to charge it like before but after few hours it was still 0%. I found...