1. khazan

    What is wrong with my led circuit?

    I designed a simple circuit for LEDs with 5V 1A. This is the schematic, all resistances are 8.2Ω. But when everything is ready and power 5v 1A at the input. I catch it is only 0.3A on my multimeter. It should be (5.0-3.3)/8.2*4 = 0.83A. Why is there such a big deviation?
  2. ThisNameHasNotBeenUsed

    Controlling parallel LEDs with potentiometer problem.

    I am using multiple LEDs (20mA 3-12V) in parallel to indicate active circuits in a car. They are too bright at night, so I put a 250K potentiometer to their collective ground. At less resistance, some LEDs are brighter than others. At greater resistance, the brightest LEDs become the dimmest. 1...
  3. H

    Wiring 25 LEDs with a PWM Dimmer

    Not usually one for asking questions in forums, as I'm usually able to find solutions with my own research, however, I've been looking at this over a period of days now, and the deeper I dig, the more confused I'm getting.. I'm a Computer Science student, not electronics, so please go easy on me...
  4. H

    Controlling a light with a switch and an arduino

    I have a project where I need to make a person counter for a room. I have two PIR sensors on either side of the door, depending on which one gets set off first, it means that a person is entering or leaving. The code for this part works well enough that the counter is incremented when someone...
  5. Ashkandodol

    Led panel lvds cable

    Hi i want to reuse a led screen panle I have a lvds cable but the cable is not designed for this panel. And i have a lvds driver for this screen panel Pls some one tell me which one cable need to be connect Panel is lvds 1ch 6 bit 30 pin And the driver is supporting 1ch This is driver pins This...
  6. K

    What type display is this and will this controlled by arduino

    Having only 6 pins How to control using arduino??
  7. S

    LED Dimmer IC Recommendation?

    Hey everyone, I'm working on making a custom headlamp for myself and want to have dimming functionality without using a microcontroller. I came across the IC FM2819 (data sheet attached) which has the characteristics I'm looking for, but it isn't available for purchase on DigiKey, Mouser, or the...
  8. Ash1987

    6 X LED Strips Wirelessly linked

    Hi Guys First post here I have a basic project I could do with some help on please The Job - 6 X holo ceramic garden cylinders (plant pots) with the top half having a wider diameter than the bottom half and holes in the bottom surface of the extended section. The owner would like me to...
  9. P

    AC/DC 24v power supply 5a with 8 barrel connectors?

    Hello, First off, I'm a newbie. Not sure if what I'm looking for is doable, possible... I have 8 battery powered light fixtures. They come with 24v, 5a individual chargers. I would like to make a charger where I can charge all my (8) lights fixtures at once without the need of plugging 8...
  10. N

    LED Combination control using Arduino

    Hello! I am a beginner at Arduino. I need to implement a simple circuit to control various LED glow scenarios and their reset using tact switches. I request to please help me with this project. I am attaching the image of the assembly done on bread board. The circuit is intended to function...
  11. Levent Bekçi

    Battery powered led challenge about power consumption

    I have an easy project but if you have enough experience about it. -I have a led which typical forward voltage 2VDC and current value is 20mAh. -I need to drive this led at the different brightness levels. And the levels will be changed by pushing a tact switch. And I have to lock tact switch by...
  12. T

    Sizing an inductor inline with an LED

    I'm using a 5V buck regulator to power an LED (yes, I know I should be using a constant current LED driver). I have resistors inline with the LEDs maintain 150mA per channel (RGBW). The 5V buck regulator spikes to 7.5V for a fraction of a second when turning it on and it ends up burning out one...
  13. D

    New to wiring LEDS - what am I doing wrong?

    I like to make things and I had an ambitious idea to make a small scale Griswold house and needed to wire together 100 1.5V 100mA (AC and DC compatible) pre-wired bulbs that are typically used for hobby train use. I am a complete newbie to anything that has to do with lights and wiring, but my...
  14. P

    Circuit Design for Toddler’s LED “busy board”

    Hi there, I am new to this form and new to electronics in general. Apart from occasionally wiring a plug I haven’t really dealt with electronics since leaving school 15 years ago. I am planning on making a “busy board” for my son. It’s basically a 200 x 120 x 50 mm plastic box with holes...
  15. Z

    How to wire the ends of an LED strip

    Good day all. Just purchased 4 LED strips to go under kitchen cabinets. The LED strips come in a plastic case and at each end of each strip there is a connector. The connector is the type that you find in RC cars. I want to connect each strip to each other and connect it to a plug that will plug...
  16. blubagoo

    Software Engineer creating first PCB for wall mounted led patterns

    As the title suggest this is a first draft of a custom PCB by yours truly. So as you may notice, I'm not an electrical engineer just a hobbyist. I used EasyEDA for this project, and to the best of my knowledge selected the right parts from LCSC component library. I would love if someone could...
  17. jmh474

    After some help , I was wondering if a game controller could be build using an arduino?

    Good morning all Iv had a bit of an idea and just wondering if there is anything out there or something similar as I'm not any good with coding. Iv build my son a basic gaming pc and he would like rgb but the mother board doesn't have a argb header, and I was wondering if a controller could...
  18. Lucky-Luka

    The most simple LTSpice LED simulation question

    Hi all I just wanted to simulate a 5mm green LED connected to a DC source. I expected to see more than 2V at the A point of the circuit but it looks like it's more or less 0.7V which is the typical forward voltage of a diode. Where i am going wrong? Thanks
  19. brianWreaves

    Power board have built-in protection circuit to prevent electrocution

    Are power boards designed with circuit to help prevent electrocution? While testing the 240V power board (BN44-00807A) in my Samsung UA50JU6400 TV, I shocked myself. I was testing the voltage output to the LEDs with my meter and unfortunately touched the metal shaft at the end of the meter's...
  20. -live wire-

    How to drive power LED?

    What is a good driver for a 30W RGB LED? I got it ages ago then forgot about it but might want to use it in a project now. Here is a picture, also I would like the driver to be able to be controlled with an arduino. This is the link, but don't worry I also put a heatsink and fan on the back of...