1. -live wire-

    How to drive power LED?

    What is a good driver for a 30W RGB LED? I got it ages ago then forgot about it but might want to use it in a project now. Here is a picture, also I would like the driver to be able to be controlled with an arduino. This is the link, but don't worry I also put a heatsink and fan on the back of...
  2. V

    Need to identify proper driver for a LED light

    First time repairing a LED. A year after purchase, my barn light started flashing non stop every seconds. At first I thought it was the light sensor but changing it did not solve the issue. The next possible culprit would be the driver, but unfortunately there is nothing written on it to...
  3. J

    Help thinking about Grounding/Safety for LED device

    Hello - I'm creating an LED device and I'd like to have a good understanding of grounding/safety so I don't accidentally harm my users! I'm powering my device with an AC/DC wall mount adapter that outputs 20V which connects to a barrel jack on my PCB. I'm using an LED driver as well that...
  4. devoided

    Reverse engineering

    can anybody reverse engineer the circuit of this? it's a one channel chaser for a 240v load
  5. D

    Using one push button to enable and disable a LED permanently without uC

    Hello, I'm searching for an IC able to keeping enabled or disabled multiple LEDs with a push-button without a uC, but I haven't found anything. Thanks!! I don't want a mechanical button.
  6. C

    Need Help Understanding Dual Transistor Flashing LED Circuit

    I am having trouble understanding how this circuit works. I've breadboarded it out and the LED flashes but I can't seem to wrap my head around how the NPN vs the PNP is creating the flash. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    LED Driver - Luminaire still lights up

    Guys I'm having difficulties regarding a light drive, I'll report the problem and what I did to try to solve this situation. The light driver is being placed in an LED fixture, when you clear a phase (using interrupted or forcing a phase out), the LED is lit, it stays lit very dimly. And when...
  8. B

    How to wire an endstop (limit switch) to an LED

    Hello! I have a project in mind that I need some assistance with. I am looking at purchasing these UV LEDs. I want to connect it to this endstop. It is a switch from a 3D printer. I only need to wire up a single LED. The power source would ideally be as compact as possible. Also, if anyone...
  9. A

    design 4A led driver for automotive application

    hello I am designing high power led lamp for vehicles using this led. led datasheet this led has If up to 6A and Vf is around 3 V, I am going to use it at 4A for longer life. My input voltage source is car battery so voltage range is 12V - 16 V I am hoping to connect two leds in series. since...
  10. Lambo Av

    Doubts on How Connector Works

    Hi all, I am currently reviewing this Degson DG2002-4.0 connector. https://www.degson.com/content/details_123_10715.html May I know what does the arrow above the connector mean? And what do the holes beside the arrow does? Based on the photo below, there is this operating tool which can be...
  11. Renlid

    Vary LED brightness based on sound level

    Hi there! New here, wondering about some stuff for fun projects at home (my electronics classes go back 18 years ago, please forgive me if I am not very proficient). A friend of mine made a home-project: playing a sound on his computer, and a microphone detects the sound, and generates a...
  12. O

    Multiple LEDs driven from one pin

    Hi All, First time post here and looking for some advice on a simple circuit to see if I have it correct. I am trying to drive four LEDs from one Arduino (5V Pro Micro or Mini) pin. Five pins will be eventually used all doing the same thing although at any one time only one pin will be "on"...
  13. ChrisWhite85

    Solar LED Troubleshooting and Learning

    Hi all, I have a Solar LED Light that is not working, and I want to use this to get back into electronics a little. I'm a Control Systems designer, but this level of electrical work still creates a lot of confusion for me. So I am hoping to use this as a learning project. The board is a...
  14. E

    [help] LED matrix demonstration for climate change

    Hello! I'm a junior undergraduate pursuing a degree in electrical engineering and I have a project idea I've been doing some research on. I have some experience in mBED microcontroller programming and design (like PWM and serial connections). I also have some experience in PCB design and...
  15. HazenAL

    Minimal Parts LED driver

    I want to design a LED driver that is compact and uses mostly SMD components. It will run 1 LED at 700 mA and 3 V, and be user dimmable with a PWM signal (0-100%) as well. Additionally, It will plug into a USB port to run off of 5 V. My question is that which design will yield the least amount...
  16. M

    Controlling high power LED with transistor and Arduino

    Hello, I'm doing a small project and I'm stuck. I want to control brightness of 90v 185mA LED strip with my Arduino Uno. I used bd941 transistor in series with LED strip and I'm sending signal form arduino PWM digital pin to 100om resistor and then to transistor base.(in datasheets for...
  17. T

    Lighting Project Advice

    Hello, Im planning to do a very simple project but getting quite confused about where to start as I've done parts of it before but not brought everything together in one piece. Any advice on where to start would be great and I can expand my knowledge. Project Aims Simply put a box containing...
  18. B

    G9 LED capsules in series

    I have a simple circuit which comprises 10 G9 LED capsules in series connected to a power source. Each capsule is made up of the following circuit: Each LED dissipates approx. 0.45W for a total power dissipation of approx. 4.5W. Total voltage drop across all the LEDs is 1619V using 2.8mA...
  19. K


    Can someone please teach me how to diagnose what's wrong with this circuit board it's for the led lights for my tail light
  20. J

    Optimizing a circuit

    Hi, Just finished doing my first proper schematic(*) and I'm worried that it's a bloated over engineered lump of components. What I'm trying to do is having 3 LEDs, powered by 2-3 AA batteries fade in and out. I've added a 4th LED which will be on when all 3 are off, I realize that could be...