1. weeraa

    Mix L and N to COB LED 220V

    What happen if we mix L and N to 220v (AC) COB LED? Will it be burned out?
  2. MissFluffy

    Does anyone here know where I could get a Longtek 6052 X-S duplex display?

    Does anyone here know where I could get a Longtek 6052 X-S, as mentioned on these websites? 1. https://www.electronicshub.org/digital-alarm-clock/ 2. https://makingcircuits.com/blog/how-to-make-a-simple-digital-clock-circuit-explained/ Are there any alternatives to it that works with my...
  3. H

    Short Delay for a 3 v LED

    Hello everybody! In a small project I have a LED flash that should light up synchronized with a sound being played from a micro board when a button is pressed. So far I have realized that without a problem. Only thing is, that LED will lighten up instantly, while the sound boards needs half a...
  4. Geemoney123

    LED Ribbon-Spec VS Reality

    I have a general question, but it refers to a specialty brand. Im looking to redo an LED "Wall" which is just a bunch of rolls of ribbon on some thin plywood painted white, that's about 18" back from some large pieces of milk plex to create a "wall of light". I plan on redoing it with this...
  5. ponas.jonas

    RGB LED PCB Schematic Issue...

    Hello everyone, It is my first time creating a PCB using Easy EDA, and I would like to add two RGB LEDs to my PCB. I am a little bit confused as to how to wire it. This is what I have now: I understand that to control the color of the LED, I need to send a different PWM duty cycle to each of...
  6. Ruperd

    Low voltage LED’s and color

    Hi all, I am a compulsive DIY’er. Took electronics in HS many years ago. My wife has solar charging LED mushroom lights. One light failed, wired in parallel. I purchased a 5mm 20mA white light and soldered it in place. Colors are a lot different. Old light is a yellowish white light and...
  7. n1nja

    please help me find irradiance of the LED

    i have a uv a led with the following specification optical watt 0.103W beam angle 15 degrees distance from surface 2.4cm also the circle created by my calculation is 0.313 cmsq is the irradiance 0.103/0.313? i have attached spectral result test if that helps
  8. D

    BCR421UW6-7 LED Driver

    Hi, I’m working on a project that requires about 7 discrete LED’s. I’ve always just used a dropping resistor in previous projects. For this project I wanted to try to use a driver instead. I ended up getting some Diodes Incorporated BCR421UW6-7 linear drivers to test with. I bread boarded them...
  9. B

    MOSFET configuration doesn't work on very simple circuit

    I have an issue with a very simple small board I designed in EasyEDA pro (I'm a novice so if the answer is easy, my apologies). I'm not sure I correctly connected the MOSFET in the schematic. Reference to Datasheet: https://atta.szlcsc.com/upload/public/pdf/source/20140314/1457707013919.pdf Part...
  10. Adamelli

    Attached to LED circuit, ESP32 does not boot up, I think. Detach from headers and re-attach, then it starts up fine.

    VXO7805-1000 DC to DC converter supplies 5V. When the circuit is attached via USB, there is a voltage drop to 4.5V on the 5V pin of the ESP32 (DevKitC-32D and pinout). I tried adding a 10uF capacitor between ground and EN (RST) as mentioned here. I then tried 330 uF. No luck. This seems to...
  11. Laotzsa

    LED circuit troubleshooting

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum, I am currently working on a seemingly simple circuit. I think a constant current driver is the solution; after wiring everything up last night the LED was nice and bright and circuit ran great. I decided to charge the Lipo over night, and when...
  12. S

    2 Power sources, 1 load, and possibly daisy chaining power

    Hi, I'm pretty new to all of this, so please let me know if something doesn't make sense. I am building display units with LEDs in them, powered by a 5v USB C to make it easy to disconnect and cable manage. I would like to put a USB C port on the left side of the unit, as well as another USB C...
  13. B

    Sensitive LED for demonstration damage by ESD

    For the purpose of ESD training, I am searching for some component to clearly demonstrate ESD damage. From my internet search, I have found that LED specifically white should be a good candidate. LED is also nice to clearly visually show the damage, color doesn't matter. But I have tested some...
  14. Marcel DaJanchar

    IR LED detection distance with a phototransistor

    Hello, I have some questions regarding my implementation of IR LED detection with a phototransistor. Idea The main idea of the circuit is to make a circuit with incorporating a phototransistor, which will create a 0-5V signal on its output whether it detect IR LED presence. IR LED will be...
  15. L

    Variable voltage to light a specific led circuit question

    Hello all , I have this circuit that supposed to light a specific led when varDC/DC is 20V And another led when varDC/DC is 15V and so on .. My question is , why do I have to add the mosfet and the voltage divider at the exit of the comparator (the red mark)?? it seems to me that I can...
  16. PatteGris90

    Led boat lights

    Hi all, I am trying to build some underwater lights for my boat. I am using 10 pcs of 3W RGB 6 pin leds in series and i have tested the output. I am currently using a constant current constant voltage driver. I would like to make a pcb capeable of driving the 10 leds and controling them with...
  17. Younes Thabet

    What is the use of an 3-state octal buffer/line driver?

    Hello all, I have encountered an AHC244 chip used to drive LEDs (Something like in the attached image) so I wondered why not just drive the LEDs with the uC pins? And also I have seen this IC used with some PWM signals as inputs to it! in this case, I am guessing the output would be the same...
  18. K

    8085 SOD Light a LED Assembly Language Code Question

    Hi, When I load this code into ROM and execute it on my 8085 based computer, it works fine. The LED connected to the SOD (serial output) lights and goes out: START: MVI A,C0 ; light the LED SIM MVI B,FF ; load the delay count into the B register DELAY: DCR B JNZ DELAY...
  19. MrIdo

    Fixing a flickering colorful LED light string

    Hi Guys, I love colorful LED light strings. I've been wanting to hand some around the house and finally got around to it. I purchased a few that seemed high quality on the web and hung them around the house. The lights worked well at first, however they soon began malfunctioning. Basically the...
  20. khazan

    What is wrong with my led circuit?

    I designed a simple circuit for LEDs with 5V 1A. This is the schematic, all resistances are 8.2Ω. But when everything is ready and power 5v 1A at the input. I catch it is only 0.3A on my multimeter. It should be (5.0-3.3)/8.2*4 = 0.83A. Why is there such a big deviation?