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Hello everyone,
I was sitting in front of my computer when suddenly my monitor (LG 49WL95C-W) turned off. I opened it and started troubleshooting. It looks like the power supply is the problem because if you connect it to power, the 3.15A fuse blows immediately.
I live in Germany and therefore the power supply receives 230V AC RMSon its input. It is supposed to output 20V DC. I started doing some measurements and analyzing the circuit and the power supply has a short circuit after the capacitor on the DC side.
As you can see by the arrow in the picture,
_MG_6842 (3).jpg
its capacitor C611. It's positive terminal is connected to "CAP +" that I wrote onto the PCB through the 3.15A fuse that always blows immediately on power up. From that point after the fuse it's shorted to the negative terminal of the capacitor.
Two names to find the Power supply in the internet: EAY64509202, LGP27-16PIT
Now I don't know how to continue finding the problem. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? Or any help/advise in general? Feel free to ask any questions.
(I am a beginner in electronics and have tools like a digital multimeter, lab bench power supply and an oscilloscope.)
Images of the PCB are provided here:
Back side:
I took two pictures in two different orientations of the front side of the board to be able to read text better:


Many thanks in advance,