power supply

  1. Davizuco

    AC-DC power supply repair.

    I am trying to repair an AC-DC switching power supply with my basic knowledge of electronics. (220 v AC to 34v and 12v DC) The problem seems to be the MOSFFET (10N60c), It shorts and then the fuse, a capacitor and some resistors blew. It seems like I would be able to fix it, but the SMD...
  2. R

    3 wired PC charger as DC power supply

    I got a 3 wired HP charger that i want to make into a power supply. The wire colors of the charger is blue, black and white. How do i approach it? How do i deal with the third wire?
  3. Lights&Sound

    Current Drop From Motor Resets Microcontroller

    Hi, I'm a beginner so please understand if I... you know... don't understand. I have the attached circuit built and when I run the motor it works fine, but when the motor stops it (sometimes) resets the microcontroller. I know it is not too little current from the supply, but more likely the...
  4. dl324

    [promo ended] Good price for Wanptek 30V/6A power supply at AliExpress.

    I didn't need one, but it came up on my "coins" page and I couldn't pass up the deal. $9.01 in discounts, reducing the price to less than $33. I paid closer to $40 for the other 2 I purchased. I don't remember purchasing from this seller before. In the past, I've ordered low priced power...
  5. G

    12V, 12A input to variable voltage with an Arduino for Peltier elements

    Hi, everybody, I want to control two Peltier elements (up to 15V, max 6A each) with an Arduino. Right now, I am able to control them using PWM and a MOSFET (IRLZ44) to modulate an incoming constant voltage signal. By varying the amplitude of the PWM signal at the Peltier, I recognized, that I...
  6. Andreas.K

    Problem with linear power supply.

    Hello guys , i am a novice engineer and i have an old linear power supply for a video door phone system. The P.S. has a 12VAC output (good) , a +15VDC output (bad) and a +18VDC (good). DC outputs share same GND. The problem is when there is no load on GND and +15VDC output i measure a voltage...
  7. G

    Samsung washing machine noise filter

    Hello all, I have a Samsung washing machine noise filter that I think has gone bad, I will post a picture and I was hoping one of you could tell me if I was doing my testing correctly , sorry for the bad picture, I am drawing a diagram that will be flat and I will post it later, but my question...
  8. Q

    What is the best Power Supply for Electronic Door/Gate Lock Deadbolt System?

    Greeting Guys, Please advise me to get the best power source for the deadbolt / electronic gate lock system... I want to get the following: - 12v Fixed voltage 2-3/+- volt no issue - 2 amp peak when required at once - Compact Size if possible I am confused about using LED Driver 220vac...
  9. M

    Powering a 24V PLANETARY Gear Motor

    Currently working on a project to design a personal transportation device and am in the process of teaching myself about motors, receivers, etc. I am using 2 of these motors: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/ebm-papst-inc/VG-ECI6340BK1-P63-1-5/9598038 But, I am struggling to figure...
  10. KejuBartin

    Power Supply Repair (EAY64509202, LGP27-16PIT)

    Hello everyone, I was sitting in front of my computer when suddenly my monitor (LG 49WL95C-W) turned off. I opened it and started troubleshooting. It looks like the power supply is the problem because if you connect it to power, the 3.15A fuse blows immediately. I live in Germany and therefore...
  11. T

    LM3404 24V input -> 12V 0.9A output dimming by ESP32S3

    Please can you help me someone? I'm out of ideas. I am trying to make power supply for 12V 0.9A LED white chip dimming with ESP32S3 by 24V power supply. I use LM3404HVMA/NOPB. I progressed by this tutorial and change values by this calculator. So I have this schematic, but nothing happend. ESP...
  12. Vish Ram

    Power supply for Single Peltier Module

    Hi Experts, I've got 12V, 20A, 240W SMPS (AC to DC) Power supply, & I've attached single(1) Peltier Module (TEC- 12706) - 12V, 6A(Max) with that SMPS But when I gave power to Peltier Module without Heat Sink via SMPS (Power Supply), it works for few seconds & then it stopped (Heating &...
  13. S

    Flyback converter in power supply design

    What are the advantages of using a flyback converter in the power supply systems? What are the complications that designer usually faces when flyback converter is used? How is GaN based flyback converters different? Regards, Srihari Rao M
  14. S

    5V to 1.5V voltage conversion

    Hi, I am trying to replace a battery powered circuit with a AC to DC adaptor circuit. I have a 5V adaptor but the device requirement is 1.5V. So, what is best way to reduce this voltage? Is using a resistor good enough? If so can you help me in understanding how to choose the value of resistor...
  15. M

    Looking for Manual Addendum for XDC 80-150 Power Supply

    Hello, We need to calibrate a 12000W Xantrex Power Supply XDC 80-150, but the manual we have doesn't have the addendum which details this procedure. Am looking for folks who might have access to it or point us in the right direction. Best, MML
  16. K

    Mounting LM317 TO-3 case

    Hi Guys and Gals, How do I attach TO-3 ICs like this one to a prototyping board or pc board and add a heat sink? One of the 3 IC leads is attached to the metal top: Thanks in Advance
  17. K

    Noob question about PS rail

    I'm looking into this (attached) schematic for a bass amp. I'm not sure, why the low voltage supply (+-16V) has his own transformer windings, regulators etc. but then it's connected to the hugh voltage rail? (I've circled in red) Thanks
  18. B

    Developed a power supply module, got the PCB connected to mains, Instant blew up of capacitor and inductor.

    Any idea what could be the issue or wrong with it?
  19. Coreysmith

    Correct wire gauge for 24V 12.5A

    Hi, this is my first post so, please advise if something is wrong. I have 4 x 300W power supplies to wire up to 4 dev boards to drive some speakers. my plan is to run from one plug to function box then out to the 4 power supplies. They are 24V 12.5A output. Each power supply goes to one dev...
  20. MarcusFunt

    High voltage PSU Mosfet choice

    Hi! I am building a device for a national competition ("Unge forskere") That should be able to sterilize hands with nothing but electricity. For this project, I need a High-Voltage power supply, capable of delivering 12(or so)kV at 30-100khz. Therefore my head automatically went to the very...