power supply

  1. B

    Developed a power supply module, got the PCB connected to mains, Instant blew up of capacitor and inductor.

    Any idea what could be the issue or wrong with it?
  2. Coreysmith

    Correct wire gauge for 24V 12.5A

    Hi, this is my first post so, please advise if something is wrong. I have 4 x 300W power supplies to wire up to 4 dev boards to drive some speakers. my plan is to run from one plug to function box then out to the 4 power supplies. They are 24V 12.5A output. Each power supply goes to one dev...
  3. MarcusFunt

    High voltage PSU Mosfet choice

    Hi! I am building a device for a national competition ("Unge forskere") That should be able to sterilize hands with nothing but electricity. For this project, I need a High-Voltage power supply, capable of delivering 12(or so)kV at 30-100khz. Therefore my head automatically went to the very...
  4. P

    AC/DC 24v power supply 5a with 8 barrel connectors?

    Hello, First off, I'm a newbie. Not sure if what I'm looking for is doable, possible... I have 8 battery powered light fixtures. They come with 24v, 5a individual chargers. I would like to make a charger where I can charge all my (8) lights fixtures at once without the need of plugging 8...
  5. brianWreaves

    Power board have built-in protection circuit to prevent electrocution

    Are power boards designed with circuit to help prevent electrocution? While testing the 240V power board (BN44-00807A) in my Samsung UA50JU6400 TV, I shocked myself. I was testing the voltage output to the LEDs with my meter and unfortunately touched the metal shaft at the end of the meter's...
  6. A

    Why does my stepper motor stop rising when I make diagonal movements?

    Hello, I am new to stepper motors and am having a problem. I have a machine that operates in all three directions (X, Y and Z) and has motors. When I do linear movements (one after another) everything goes well I reach a fairly high speed and I am able to lift my load. However, when I want to...
  7. ronit991

    Better approach for powering up sensor nodes ?

    I have a sensor node containing an MCU & radio running at 3.3 V and a sensor running at 5 V. What is the better approach for powering up the system (in terms of efficiency, stability, etc.) : 1. High Voltage Battery + Buck Converter or 2. Low Voltage Batttery +...
  8. o0danny

    Looking for a programmable power supply with high slew rate for MIL-STD-704

    Hello everyone, I'm in a project right now and I was trying to test a device with the LDC105 method test. My actual power supply (Keysight E36104B) cannot perform the test because the slew rate can't be programmed. And I was looking for other supplies, but couldn't find anyone that reaches a...
  9. I

    Power supply turn off when latching solenoids switches ON?

    I have two 24VDC, 1.54A latching solenoids. I connected them both in parallel with power supply (80V, 80A). But when i turn ON the power supply it immediately turn off. However, when i connect a single latching solenoid with power supply it works fine. Is it necessary to use two power supplies...
  10. K

    filtering / shielding for RF power supply from usb-pd

    Hi all, you’re probably going to say this is a dumb idea, but please instead consider it a challenge... I’m trying to build a 12V power supply to use with RF projects. The catch is that I want to try to make it run off of usb-pd, from a usb-pd decoy board. I’m trying to get as clean of a power...
  11. D

    Step Down Circuit help

    So, I'm replacing my head unit with a raspberry pi4 and a touch screen. I plan to have a switch for running it off the car battery without a key. and some type of warning system to say if the battery is getting too low to start the car. The car would supply 12V 15 A on accessorie and 10 A...
  12. Younes Thabet

    Why Power supply have unreasonable no-load input power consumption?

    Hello all, I have a SMPS power supply based on the TNY276 PMIC, I did a "No-load input power consumption" test using DMM connected to AC line input to measure current values while varing the input voltage from 85VAC to 265VAC... I got the following results: Input Voltage (VAC) Input...
  13. Jorne

    input resistance of transformer based power supply

    When I measured the input resistance of some 230V AC to 12V DC transformer based power adapters, I got around 400 ohms. Isn't this quite high for the resistance of the primary winding? I expected no more than 100 ohms. The adapters are low power though (output power< 10W). (Background story: I...
  14. T

    Lighting Project Advice

    Hello, Im planning to do a very simple project but getting quite confused about where to start as I've done parts of it before but not brought everything together in one piece. Any advice on where to start would be great and I can expand my knowledge. Project Aims Simply put a box containing...
  15. J

    Homemade Power Supply How to?

    I'm posting today hoping for some guidance on a project i would like to attempt. I recently came into a lot of 64 12v 7AH Sealed Lead Acid batteries from a backup UPS. The batteries are still good and take a charge and load like normal for the most part. Since i only have the batteries and...
  16. E

    Serge and spike protection to controller board

    i have developed a small board that has a controller and a 16x2 display. I am powering up the board using external smps power supply. I want to add serge protection, so that my system will be protected from any time of serge or spikes. One option is i can use fuse but i want to know what else...
  17. taharat

    12V 2A power supply with 1M ohm resistor, 1uF 250V capacitor and 1N5408 diode

    Hello everyone. I have seen many videos on YouTube where they built a capacitor based 220V AC to 12V DC power supply. But those were not sufficient for my project. I am eager to build a 12V 2A power supply where the input will be 220V 50 Hz using the following components: 105K 250V ceramic...
  18. V

    problem with variable voltage circuit development.

    Hello, Thanks for your support in this forum. Currently, I am working on a project in which the operating voltage is 12v 1.5A to be given to the circuit. but, my input power supply varies from 12v to 24v of 2.5A. but I am not getting an idea that how to get constant voltage regulation of 12v...
  19. Shotkx

    Help with KEPCO power supply used as AC amplifier

    Hello everyone! I was wondering, how can I understand what is the frequency input range that the KEPCO BOP 72-6m can amplify, when used in current mode, with a sinusoidal waveform as control input ? Should I referent to the BANDWIDTH (d-c to f-3dB) in the Datasheet? or to the LARGE SIGNAL...
  20. K

    DC/DC Converter VS AC/DC Converter

    If you are using several different DC voltages inside a unit, (say 5v, 12v, 48v) ignoring efficiency, would it be better to use separate AC/DC power supplies for each voltage or use 1 AC/DC power supply for the highest DC voltage and step down the voltage with DC/DC converters from there?