What is the best Power Supply for Electronic Door/Gate Lock Deadbolt System?

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Greeting Guys,

Please advise me to get the best power source for the deadbolt / electronic gate lock system... I want to get the following:
- 12v Fixed voltage 2-3/+- volt no issue
- 2 amp peak when required at once
- Compact Size if possible

I am confused about using LED Driver 220vac ->12vdc .. or Switching Power Supply rectangle shape .. or Normal Transformer rated 220v - 12v 2 amp?

Thanks in advance.


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Always best to use off-the-shelf power supplies- don't bother designing this stuff, waste of time unless it's for the learning.
Linears are all but a thing of the past these days, just look for a small switcher that meets your specs- try Meanwell brand- very good products.

A 24 watt unit will be nice and small.