power supply

  1. S

    How does a power converter regulate voltage effectively at zero load current?

    I am trying to get my head around how power converters regulate the output voltage at no-load conditions. My output pulses from substantially full load ~200mA to substantially no load 0A at frequencies anywhere from 100Hz to 100kHz. My question is quite clear already but, how exactly does a...
  2. Lambo Av

    Two plants connected by a transmission line, load at plant 2, power loss included. Find the required generation for each plant and the power received

    A system consists of two plants connected by a transmission line. The only load is located at plant 2. When 200 MW is transmitted from plant 1 to plant 2 power loss in the line is 16 MW. Find the required generation for each plant and the power received by the load when lambda for the system is...
  3. P

    Running a power tool without a battery.

    Hi, I have a 10.8V Bosch battery which is standard for power tools. It has 5 terminals: + - C1 C2 T I'd like to power the device without the battery using a DC power supply. When I apply just the right voltage to + and - it doesn't work. How am I supposed to mimick C1,C2 and T interfaces...
  4. DanielLitwin

    Power Supply and Reference Points

    Hey folks. I’ve been working on a home project involving a low power AC/DC converter based on the power integrations ref (https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/328/rdr623-1487555.pdf). There were some minor changes, I added a current limiter to keep to spec, and in addition the circuitry has a...
  5. B

    I'm trying to assemble a Power supply for a Nichrome wire heater

    Hi. I'm trying to assemble the components to drive a single-Nichrome-wire device for heating sheets of thermoplastic. To get the material up to 350˚F should take about 3-4 amps with 20 gauge wire, so the power supply needs to deliver at least 5 amps. I know how an AC-to-DC power supply...