Resources for troubleshooting power supply board safely?

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tl;dr - I'm a newbie in Ghana trying to troubleshoot the power supply board for my projector that died in a power surge. I have replaced visibly compromised capacitor, but need to test others. Where can I find resources on how to do this safely?

Hi all - I'm an American living in Ghana and my home projector (Benq HT2050) died after a power surge. Heard a pop and smelled burning. Decided to use it as an opportunity to try and learn some repair and hopefully avoid replacement. Opened up the projector and saw the large, 450V/180 uF capacitor's top was open and some fluid leaking at the bottom. I was able to get a replacement capacitor and replace it with the terrible soldering job you see in the photo. Unfortunately, that did not sort my problem. The standby light will now occasionally flash, but will not stay on. I'd really appreciate any suggestions on how to (safely) troubleshoot this. Either ideas or resources I should go and read greatly appreciated.