Samsung washing machine noise filter

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Hello all, I have a Samsung washing machine noise filter that I think has gone bad, I will post a picture and I was hoping one of you could tell me if I was doing my testing correctly , sorry for the bad picture, I am drawing a diagram that will be flat and I will post it later, but my question is this, I get 120 out of each leg of the noise filter, but only 40 volts across the output terminals, I am getting the correct voltages to the rest of the wiring harness, all the voltage coming out of the PSU is correct and all the voltages at the touchscreen/control board are correct, both the PSU and the touchscreen/control board are are brand new, and the touchscreen/control board was already flashed, any ideas yall might have would be great.

P.S. The readings on 3 and 4 are from the output to ground, so it is showing me the neutral is powered as well.



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Something wrong, you should have the same voltage on the output as the input.
That is just an RF filter and should not affect the measured voltage level between input & Output.