1. G

    Samsung washing machine noise filter

    Hello all, I have a Samsung washing machine noise filter that I think has gone bad, I will post a picture and I was hoping one of you could tell me if I was doing my testing correctly , sorry for the bad picture, I am drawing a diagram that will be flat and I will post it later, but my question...
  2. N

    How to check if the power charger cable of a Samsung tablet is working?

    Hello I would like to check if the charger cable of my Samsung Tablet 10.1 is working at all. How do I check with a multimeter if the charger cable allows electricity to reach the circuits of my tablet? Where do I have to place the leads of the multimeter? Below is a picture of the inside...
  3. brianWreaves

    Power board have built-in protection circuit to prevent electrocution

    Are power boards designed with circuit to help prevent electrocution? While testing the 240V power board (BN44-00807A) in my Samsung UA50JU6400 TV, I shocked myself. I was testing the voltage output to the LEDs with my meter and unfortunately touched the metal shaft at the end of the meter's...
  4. L

    Samsung Washing machine won't power ondc41-00189a

    Hi there, I have samsung eco bubble washing machine. I was using multimeter probes to test voltage and the probe slipped and it seems something was shorted. Now the machine won't power on. PCB dc41-00189a I'm a Newbie Please help me to troubleshoot this pcb.