control board issue

  1. shaggy77

    searching chip for airconditioner

    The broken PCB is the small one on the front of the A/C which accepts input from the infrared remote control. It also has a physical power button on this PCB which turns the unit on and off with no options. From the display output on the LED number display on this PCB, it shows the same two...
  2. S

    Need help for Treadmill repair, display console works but motor doesn't run. Issue possibly with JF150 120528 control board.

    Hi everyone I hope you are doing well. My treadmill (model: 2428-V3-SP, Serial: DT2014030001805) is not working, displaying "E2”. Display console powers up & works without any issues. When I start treadmill, after 5 seconds countdown relay clicks but there's no output voltage to the motor (when...