power supply board

  1. A


    Hi, We have an power supply card, In that input side we have Adapter, Type C and Lion battery Output side we generate three outputs 5V/2A, 5V/3A X 2. My question is for protecting against internal and external EMI where we need to add filter input side or output side? How to decide that...
  2. gautam023

    Reducing SW node ringing - LT3958 SEPIC converter

    Hello everyone, I am trying to design a power supply for Arduino and other sensors from a 68V battery pack. The voltage outputs I require are +15,+5,-15. I am using an LT3958 for this reason. I have followed the design procedure according to the datasheet (linked here). When I do the analysis...
  3. B

    PCB Review - 200V Flyback Converter

    Hello, I have a first draft of a 24VIN 200VOUT PCB and I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions, especially from anyone who has experience with switching power supply design. This is a two-layer board with a ground plane on the bottom layer. Some things that I considered while laying out...
  4. J

    USB-PD board to transform "regular" DC power supply to USB-PD

    Hello folks. Am looking for a Board which will add USB-PD (100W) to my existing DC power supply/battery bank (12-24V voltage), capable of handling 100+W. In the "old days" I would just use buck/boost modules for various needs, but have no clue what to search if I want an USB-PD (USB-C)-port...
  5. nikolopikolo

    Unregulated power supply PCB design problem

    Hello, I'm in the process of designing a PCB for a simple dual polarity unregulated power supply and I have a question regarding zones and traces. The PSU is designed to supply 4A and 40V on each of the two rails. There are two 10mF capacitors implemented to avoid ripple. So through each of the...
  6. Donaldk20

    PCB help for a LG tv

    Hey there , my 1 year old tv recently stopped working , I’m not familiar with these stuff but I’m trying to figure out which is defective in order to replace it. The tv has no standby light showing and does not turn on, the power supply board keeps making a ticking sound, I have checked the...