1. Lambo Av

    Doubts on How Connector Works

    Hi all, I am currently reviewing this Degson DG2002-4.0 connector. https://www.degson.com/content/details_123_10715.html May I know what does the arrow above the connector mean? And what do the holes beside the arrow does? Based on the photo below, there is this operating tool which can be...
  2. E

    protect PCB board from moisture

    I am using one PCB board in the machine which comes in contact with moisture. I want to protect that board from moisture and getting damage because of it. What are all the preventive options available?
  3. H

    Controlled Impedance Trace-reference plane

    Dear Team, May I know why do we need to place a reference plane immediately below a controlled impedance trace. What will happen if it is not placed Regards HARI
  4. Tentmaker

    Help me ID: Unidentified Components: Capacitor, resistor/fuse (with fridge fiasco story)

    TLDR: ID & ideals on mangled through-hole components, images below: Story: The Torontonian's Tale of the Fridge Fiasco Out with the old, in with the new! Or, so the non-electronics hobbyist will say when an appliance malfunctions. But, me? No, siree bob! Not with a soldering iron and all the...
  5. A

    Help for Testing and assembly PCB

    Hi guys, i need help with my doc. I do have to inspection and assembly PCB board I this is my steps are 1-First, I will make sure the PCB board does not have any damage by visual inspection PCB and see if there is any scratch on the lines that will transfer the power. 2- Check the PCB for...
  6. Hunteru

    Anyone has any idea what this means?

    Hi everybody, Anyone has any idea of what this means ? Here's the complete schematics: It's a line amplifier, and it could be a linear Pot of Fader... I don't know. Thank you
  7. Younes Thabet

    What're design rules to consider in order to have the best chance of complying with EMC requirement?

    Hello guys, I am designing a 2 layer PCB that contains a power part (PSU, Relays) and digital one (MCU, digital & analog I/Os, ..)... I looked up some design rules that should minimize EMI but i am not sure if those rules I applied are sufficient for my board to be EMC compliant!! here are the...
  8. M

    LG Mh6342 control board repair.

    Hay guys, I'm in a grind with this LG microwave control board. It had a gentle but sevier death. Upon inspection found leaked capacitors, two damaged optocouplers , a blown inductor and a pitted IC- LNK 364DN. I changed the caps and inductor. I changed all the parts, although had to jerryrig the...
  9. jcarlson023

    DC Switching linear regular design question

    Hello, I am fairly new to electronics design (I have a mech e background), and am designing a board that requires dropping 12v to 5v with a large current requirement (up to 8A@5V). In a bid to save on BOM, I took a shot at creating my own design vs buying one off the shelf, using the...
  10. E

    How calculate the track width in Altium designer?

    Hey Peeps! Hope you all doing good. i'm currently designing a pcb in Altium designer for 2 motors which will consume a current of approximately 5amp for a very short interval of time like 500ms or 1s max, how much should i keep the minimum track width?? Thanks
  11. pcbdaddy

    Suggest advanced PCB/PCBA manufacturer

    I'm working on several projects where I have 6-8 layer HDI designs. I need to find a cheap and affordable PCBA manufacturer either locally in the US or in Aisa? Anyone can suggest a good and & verified option?
  12. -Teh-

    Need help with a car amplifier repair

    So I have a car amplifier that was making "farting" noises and I took it apart and noticed why it was doing that. Poor connection My question is how would I go about repairing this properly could I just use a wire and solder it to the broken spots to make a bridge?
  13. E

    How do I EM-Extract a subcircuit and define a different em/drawing-layer than the original circuit in AWR?

    I have a 4-layer project in AWR/MWOffice and have built a parameterized microstrip inductor schematic (named "spiral") with a "Line Type" of layer1 that I wish to reuse on another schematic as a subcircuit (SUBCKT) on layers 1,2,4. When I place "spiral" as a subcircuit on another schematic...
  14. V

    Understanding the significance of a few passive components

    Hello all, I'm currently doing some work on a piece of equipment which has been in my work's storage cupboard for about 8 years. On said piece of kit was this PCB that has seen better days (picture attached). I can't find any paperwork for it and it doesn't appear on any of my electrical...
  15. A

    SWD USB connection

    I will be building my own board STM32 for my projects, I've noticed people always put breakout sockets for SWD. My question is why? why not make it connected to the usb port for simpler debugging/uploading code
  16. joelgraff

    Repairing corroded pad traces on a remote control PCB

    So I have an old remote control that's very hard to replace. It had batteries leak all over and the corrosion damaged a few traces quite badly. The remote keypad uses rubber domes to make the connections on the traces. I've been trying to imagine a way that I can repair the damaged traces...