1. P

    PCB Design Question - Powser Plane or Fat Traces for High Current?

    I have designed my first pcb (4 layer) and I have a question about power planes versus power traces. I am using KiCad 7. I have tested the circuitry on a proto-board. I have a high current section (12-15 V dc @ 3-6 A for 100 - 500 msec), and a lower powerlogic control section (3.3V) - a DAC and...
  2. P

    PCB Fabrication Questions

    I am working on my first PCB, and I am looking for some advice and direction. I am using KiCad 7, and so far it is working well. I have some more general questions regarding pcb fabrication and what options to choose. 1. I am considering PCBWay to make my 4 layer board due to cost and delivery...
  3. jaberz

    Help figuring out electronic part

    Hello, I have a subwoofer that stopped working, one of these two parts has failed, the big one I have found as there are markings on it, the little one I have no idea, can anyone help me identify it?
  4. L

    Electromagnetic interference issues of PCB

    Hey,guys!Today I find an annoying phenomenent of my PCB borad. A Chip,LT8316, and some components on the front of the PCB borad.A LED on the back.And chip controls the On-off of a NMOS to control the power supplied to LED.When I tested the borad alone,the LED almost brighted perfectly.But when I...
  5. ponas.jonas

    RGB LED PCB Schematic Issue...

    Hello everyone, It is my first time creating a PCB using Easy EDA, and I would like to add two RGB LEDs to my PCB. I am a little bit confused as to how to wire it. This is what I have now: I understand that to control the color of the LED, I need to send a different PWM duty cycle to each of...
  6. scorpio20

    Can some please create a circuit diagram for this board.

    This is an 8 function led strip light adapter and i want yhe circuit diagram of it can some one please help me out.
  7. K

    Multislot SD card reader

    Hi, I have a product idea and wanted to know if its possible to build a SD card reader with 5-10 slots?
  8. Younes Thabet

    Altium isn't showing unconnected nets errors

    Hello all, Today I received a PCB and after assembling it I discovered I forgot to route a voltage rail. The thing is that I am sure Altium showed no un-connected nets errors back then when I designed it. The net is highlighted below, see that both vias and pads are of the same net but not...
  9. J

    PCB Schematic design needed

    Hi, I have a PCB layout for which I need schematic design. Can someone create it?
  10. Tomarnes

    Help - Is this PCB board burnt?

    Hi Got asked by a friend to try and fix this «speaker» but for me it looks like the circuit is burned. Is that true? I also have no experience in fixing and soldering a pcb board, so should i just throw it away? Thanks for your time!
  11. T

    Energy consumption after removing a part of the PCB

    Hi all, Does removing the buzzer chip (FMQ) from a PCB reduce the energy the PCB uses? Also is it save to remove the buzzer? Thank you so much.
  12. Younes Thabet

    Why polygons on solder layers aren't removing solder-mask at the board edges ?

    Hello all, I made a polygon on the top and bottom solder layer that goes to the end of the board (actually even beyond). but as you can see in the below image there is still a little bit of solder mask on the board edges! is this normal or something wrong? Is it gonna look like this in the PCB...
  13. Younes Thabet

    how to create a solder mask keep out area in altium?

    Hello all, I want to create a solder-mask keep-out area in Altium designer 22 as in the below image. I tried using a polygon on both the top and bottom solder mask layers but I got this: Is this how is supposed to look in 3D view? Is the method I used the correct way to create solder-mask...
  14. R

    Step-up Power Module DC-DC Boost Converter not working

    I have a boost converter that i want to use to step up the voltage from 12v to 15v. (https://surplustronics.co.nz/products/7589-step-up-power-module-dc-dc-boost-converter) my power supply is 12v 12.5A, and the maximum input current is 4A. to solve this, I have a 1.5ohm resistor in parallel with...
  15. sysWOW64

    Protecting PCB, multiplexers and MCU in vending machines

    Hello everyone, I am working on a low cost vending machine with the ESP32 and as you may know, it is necessary to properly protect the components to prevent users from trying to steal money or damage the components. The PCB has a TFT display and several multiplexers to communicate the ESP32 with...
  16. AVMoos

    Audio line level to PCB microphone level

    Hello everyone! Im having a problem... I got nice lighting installed in my new studio, but the lighting of my laser is controlled by audio with an onboard microphone. This is annoying because i want the laser to work also when my music isnt that loud. inside the laser is a tiny microphone on a...
  17. A

    PV solar inverter internal comunication board burned

    Hello, I need to repair this PCB. Do you think this board can be repaired without having access to a diagram? From the image what components do you think are burned? I'm a newbie, but where I live I cannot find any place where to repair circuits and I cannot have a replacement board because...
  18. AverageMoss

    How to detect 24VAC as 5VDC input for microcontroller?

    Hello, I'm working on a little side project for my home thermostat. I recently bought a nest smart thermostat to replace my old "dumb" thermostat and ran into an issue with the wires. I don't have enough wires to accommodate all of the thermostat functions. Running new wiring is not an option...
  19. B

    Bad microwave PCB?

    Recently my microwave would shut off after only a minute of operation. Shut off as in a complete shut down of the machine-no power to the display and the buttons were inoperable. After unplugging and then re-plugging in the unit, it would work again but only for about 45 seconds and then shut...