analog circuit

  1. L

    Help! Is there a way to implement this?

    Hi Guys, noob here. - I have board A and board B. Both have MCUs. - I have a reset signal going from board A to board B. The reset signal is normally HIGH (3.3V) - I have a digital input signal (logic 3.3V) going from board B to board A. - current implementation is two wires going to board A...
  2. Y

    Analog isolator circuit design

    I am studying the schematics of an analog isolator with variable gain (SIM 984 from SRS0, the isolator is bipolar and can handle positive and negative voltages. In the isolation part of the schematics (see picture below), the author uses two voltage references circled in red. Having read the...
  3. Detective_Conan

    What is a typical usage/function of this bjt transistor pair configuration with one's base and collector connected?

    I have been doing a school project in which I need to figure out the working principle of an existing BJT circuit, and then design a corresponding CMOS circuit of the same function and similar performance. Sort of like converting BJT technology circuits to CMOS circuits. In this picture there's...
  4. M

    About LTC2668 component signal glitch, sudden short voltage drop before the main pulse

    I have the LTC2668 on my board, I am doing signal verification on it. I found that all SEL1~8 outputs have weird drop of voltage before the main pulse as shown in the waveform below (this sudden voltage drops always happens at a...
  5. D

    Instrumentation Amplifier

    Hi, I am hoping I may be able to get some guidance and or ideas in identifying a problem I have with an instrumentation amplifier I have designed. I have simulated the design in Circuit Lab, however I am not getting the expected output as desired during a DC sweep. Essentially, I have a voltage...
  6. B

    How should I input the comparator?

    Hello, I would like to use comparator MAX40025A from Analog Devices. In the datasheet, it mentions that the input common range is from 1.5V to VDD + 0.1V which I don't understand the meaning. Does it mean both the input should be in this range, or the average of two inputs should be in this...
  7. sstech

    replace the battery cell power source (1.2v) to 5v

    I am using one machine (which has a small motor) which has battery of 1.2v which got dead and i want to change the power source to USB. The battery is of 1.2V and 400mAh. Motor connected to works perfectly fine if provide the 1.2V from bench power supply. I want to use USB power supply instead.
  8. ashokraj

    how can i change 0-3.6V to 1.5 to 2.4V?`

    Hi, I am looking for a way to change 0-3.6V to 1.5V to 2.4V. are there any possible options? I only have a +ve rail of 2.4V on my board and no negative rail?
  9. cinar

    Troubleshooting circuit design for sensor input and desired output range

    I designed a circuit to process input from a sensor with a range of -300 mV to 300 mV. The desired output of the circuit is 0 V to 600 mV. To achieve this, I used the op-amp equation Vout = Vin + 0.3 as a basis for my design. However, when I simulated the circuit, the output was only around 900...
  10. Younes Thabet

    How to repeat power ports in multi-channel design in Altium?

    Hello all, I am making a multi-channel design in Altium Designer (like in the below image), the REPEAT prefix creates multiple instances of components but not power ports (+V, GND, ..). As you can see below in channel A, C29 becomes C29A but all power rails are the same for all channels...
  11. S

    Purpose of the Capacitor in this filter

    Hi, I do understand that the C5, L3, C6 form a pi filter. But what is the purpose of the other capacitors i.e C8 and C7? What purpose do they serve?
  12. S

    Purpose of cascaded schmitt trigger in Hall sensor

    Hi, this is the functional block diagram of a hall sensor IC. Can anyone please explain what is the purpose of these schmitt trigger followed by another trigger? Is single trigger cannot be able perform the function required?
  13. S

    How can ı see parallel RC circuit effect on feedback line

    I want to observe the effect of the parallel RC circuit on the feedback line in the circuit shown in the image below, I even expect this added structure to provide a decrease in the rise time, but I could not create it in the LTspice simulation, how should I proceed? Since I don't know the...
  14. Elgordoroberto

    Ic led switch circuit

    Hello all, I’m helping my daughter with a design project and part of it needs a simple led control circuit. Using a single push button and 4 leds, I need an ic circuit that would light led 1 with th e first button push, led 1 &2 with the second, led 1,2,&3 with the third button push, leds...
  15. A

    I want to combine isochronic waves from my phone output with strobing light and electrical pulses like a TENS, it is possible?

    I've been studying brain waves for a while and I want to do a project like this for educational purposes, manufactured TENS devices do not have an "audio input" they are programmed with an operating pattern, it would be necessary a circuit that "receives" the analog signal from the output sound...
  16. S

    High side Current Sensing with opamps

    , I am trying to make overcurrent protection circuit using opamps with shunt resistor. But when I increase my main voltage my current must directly increase and comparator opamp compare the input voltage and Vref voltage if Vin greater than Vref than my mosfet must be triggered and close the...
  17. S

    Hardware Interlock Circuit with AND & NOT Gates

    Here is my Hardware Interlock Circuit for Gate Signals which prevents both PWM Signals to be at same state at any given time. Here I want to reduce this two AND Gate IC's into a Single AND Gate IC. Or Is there any other way to implement the Hardware Interlock for Gate Signals ? Is there any...
  18. T

    How does someone can come to this formula in closed loop OpAamp?

    Hello Everyone, SO I found this amazing article (part 2) about negative feedback and I love it. how does he come to that the closed-loop cutoff frequency (fC,CL) is related to the open-loop cutoff frequency (fC,OL) as follows: fC,CL=fC,OL(1+ALFβ)
  19. P

    Problem with Ramp signal Generator using IC 555

    According to theory the time period for ramp signal generated using the following circuit should be: \[ \frac{2}{3} \frac{V_{CC}.C_{1}.R_{1}.(R_{1}+R_{2})}{V_{CC}.R_{2}-V_{BE}.(R_{1}+R_{2})} \] Now... putting the value of Vcc, R1, R2, VBE, RE... the time period comes out to be around 0.9ms. But...