analog circuit

  1. S

    High side Current Sensing with opamps

    , I am trying to make overcurrent protection circuit using opamps with shunt resistor. But when I increase my main voltage my current must directly increase and comparator opamp compare the input voltage and Vref voltage if Vin greater than Vref than my mosfet must be triggered and close the...
  2. S

    Hardware Interlock Circuit with AND & NOT Gates

    Here is my Hardware Interlock Circuit for Gate Signals which prevents both PWM Signals to be at same state at any given time. Here I want to reduce this two AND Gate IC's into a Single AND Gate IC. Or Is there any other way to implement the Hardware Interlock for Gate Signals ? Is there any...
  3. T

    How does someone can come to this formula in closed loop OpAamp?

    Hello Everyone, SO I found this amazing article (part 2) about negative feedback and I love it. how does he come to that the closed-loop cutoff frequency (fC,CL) is related to the open-loop cutoff frequency (fC,OL) as follows: fC,CL=fC,OL(1+ALFβ)
  4. P

    Problem with Ramp signal Generator using IC 555

    According to theory the time period for ramp signal generated using the following circuit should be: \[ \frac{2}{3} \frac{V_{CC}.C_{1}.R_{1}.(R_{1}+R_{2})}{V_{CC}.R_{2}-V_{BE}.(R_{1}+R_{2})} \] Now... putting the value of Vcc, R1, R2, VBE, RE... the time period comes out to be around 0.9ms. But...
  5. T

    Field theory and electronics circuit

    Hello Guys, I was reading the article about the What is Electronics in the link : What is Electronics written by Ralph Morrison. I was stuck at the following paragraph called Field Theory. after reading it two times, I am still confused and could not describe with Maxwell equation what really he...
  6. spacejedigundam

    how to Vernier TDC adjust every stage time differential to achieve 1 TLSB ?

    How do we get td1 - td2 = 2ns? I have no IDEA about how to adjust delay cell ,Thanks solving my problem , Thanks a lots
  7. spacejedigundam

    How to measure 10bit SAR ADC 's input Dynamic range after switch 9 time ?

    I want to know 10 bit SAR ADC , supply voltage 0.5V , Vcm based , after DAC switch 9 times , how to measure DAC input Dynamic range ? I need to know voltage range that I can use Voltage to time Converter transfer the voltage to times Thanks everyone reading Sample_N = DAC's N node...
  8. Bruno Malbusca

    Power switch PMOS controlled by button or Microcontroller (or both)

    Hello, I´m trying to design an analog circuit to use a push button to turn on an MCU and then use it the same push button to change modes. A "one push button circuit". To achieve that, I used a pmos to work as a switch on the power signal and then used a 2 nmos circuit for or signal circuit that...
  9. hsui

    I will need help about a TTL and signal double design

    Hello everyone I am trying to finish a circuit that about to reversal and boost the signal. The signal is a +3.3V as input and I wound the output between 9V to around 0V (bigger than 0V but smaller than 1V).As the blow fig show. That is the signal I want. I was looking at the MAX913 and their...
  10. T

    help, right equation to calculate a resistive circuit?

    I have reading started reading the book : Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers by BARRY L.DORR. in the first chapter : How to design resistive circuit. int the proposed exercise 1.2 where I am stuck. I have assumed that the Voffset=VA is 5*3.3/8=2.0625V for Vs=0, to make my calculation...
  11. C

    How do PKE keyless remotes work (inductive data transmission) and how would I "hack" one to make a transceiver?

    I'm wanting an undersea short-range remote (wireless button for dive thrusters) and induction seems perfect, so I bought a passive keyless car alarm to see how they work. I do understand that the car transmits an inductive signal, which the remote picks up (and then the remote does it's own...
  12. Alex_Khan

    Demodulator design for differentially modulated signal.

    Hello, I am demodulating differential signal using LPF based demodulator. The schematics of the entire system is attached which include diff modulator, coupling capacitors, and demodulator. A modulated signal of 17 Mhz is demodulated. For the demodulator, I designed a 2-stage differential...
  13. cikalekli

    Input and Output Impedance of the Common Emitter Amplifier

    Hi, I just have solved one of the bjt common emitter question below. However, I'm curious that how can I additionally find those things below: 1) Input and Output Impedance 2) AC Gain Here is the example and my hand draw solution. However, the question only asked to find Vout/Vin... Also, my...
  14. H

    Non Inverting Summing Amplifier Design

    Dear Team, I need to design a summing amplifier with 2 inputs. My input one is a DC voltage source of value 1.6V and the second one is a square wave whose amplitude is 5V and max frequency is 1Mhz. The requirement is when the square wave is LOW(0V) the summer output should be 1.6V and when...
  15. Alex_Khan

    CMOS Two stage amplifier design for differential modulated signal.

    Hello everyone, I am designing LPF based differential demodulator(LPF_DDM) to retrieve differentially modulated signals, which are on-chip capacitive isolated [shown]. LPF_DDM includes a differential amplifier, LPF, and Schmitt trigger. I designed a two-stage opamp [specification below], as a...
  16. H

    Noninverting Configuration With Hysteresis-Clarifications required

    Dear Team, I need some clarifications for a non-inverting comparator design. I am using TLV7031 from TI.The circuit configuration is given as shown. In the datasheet it is given as " When VIN is low, the output is also low. For the output to switch from low to high, VIN must rise to VIN1 ". This...
  17. E

    Trying to design an audio circuit with a carbon single button microphone so that I can output the audio into a PC

    So I recently purchased a 285W western electric transmitter as I'm trying to more or less make a microphone that can plug into a computer which uses a carbon button microphone from the early 20th century. I have little education in circuit design, though I know enough to know I probably made...
  18. H

    LM7171 Non Inverting Amp Output Glitching

    Dear Team, I am designing a clock distribution network using LM7171. This opamp is used in the non-inverting configuration with a gain of 2. My input clock frequency is 2.4Mhz, Amplitude is 3.6V.I can see glitching at the output. May I know where I went wrong?Please find the circuit diagram...