Generate 200MHz Phase-Shifted Voltage Sine Waves

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I'm looking into a way to construct a circuit that can generate ~200MHz negative voltage sine waves (8 channels), where there is 11 degrees of phase offset between the channels (0 deg, 11 deg, 22 deg, ...). I would like to be able to adjust the frequency, phase offset and possibly amplitude of the individual sine waves/channels.

After browsing different forums, I wasn't able to find anything for my frequency range of interest (50MHz - 300MHz). Some ideas that came to mind after extensive browsing were to use a voltage-controlled-oscillator (VCO), phase-locked loops (PLL), and variable-gain-amplifiers (VGA). Another idea that I thought of was to first generate the desired sine wave and try to use a tapped-delay-line (TDL) to get the phase shifted sines. However, there didn't seem to be any TDLs with small-enough tap-delay-step (not to mention them having a minimum delay of >2ms), which made me give up on that idea.

Do you happen to have any suggestions or recommendations on how I can design such a circuit? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
P.S. the voltage range of interest is [0 ; -10V] (10V P-P centered around -5V)