1. garudaone

    How to generate a short pulse(5~50ms) when a switch is on

    Hi, I have a water level sensor is NO/NC type which will disconnect when water is full and connect when water is empty and I want to send a short pulse when water is full and when it's empty. I have a RF433 module which has 2 keys. If I connect a key to VCC, it'll send a code to its...
  2. A

    solar inverter/mains switch over

    Hi, I am looking for some advice - I have a CCTV system running in my garden workshop using approximately 11W, running from a small UPS connected to mains power. On the roof I have a 19V 40W solar panel connected to a charge controller charging 12V battery. That is hardly being used so I want...
  3. ajob

    What am I missing on my interpration to the following circuit?

    Well... I set up the following circuit and it didn't work as I expected. At this point, I'm no longer interested in "Why didn't it work?" question, but on "Why does it work like this?". Below I will describe how I think it should happen when I press SW1 and then I will tell you what actually...
  4. L

    Relay Chatters with a Blown Capacitor

    Please refer to the diagram below. BX is +110v or 0v. (not sure DC or AC) NX110 assumes -110v. (Maybe 0v? not sure DC or AC) Y2T is 110v DC relay with a part number of KUP-14D15-110. Its operate voltage is 82.5v. When BX is 110v, the relay coils pick up. Why the relay chatters when C1 is...
  5. Daniel.is.here

    Car Relay Question - Momentary Button Activates Second Switch, Deactivates Itself Until Second Switch Activated??

    I’m never one to stop at “simple,” but often find myself overthinking things. MY QUEST: I have placed a simple keyed switch along the ground wire to the transmission shift interlock. I want to be able to leave my car on while I run out for brief moments and not worry about someone seeing...
  6. danicklin

    ESP32 24V Relay Control

    Bakground: I am designing a smart controller for an existing heating system. The system and pumps are controlled by 200V AC latching relays. As an interface to the existing controller, these are controlled by 24V DC relays. As a Mechanical Engineering I understand some basic electronics but not...
  7. D

    MOSFET or RELAY for High Current DC Switching

    I'm working on a remote start system for an older gm diesel vehicle and so far everything has worked great, but I've hit a stump that I just cant figure out. The engineers who designed the ignition switch of my truck though it would be a good idea to run starter solenoid power though the...
  8. A

    ON off delay circuit to drive relay

    Hello I need to develop a 100ms delay circuit to energize / de energize the relay. Could any one help me. Relay coil voltage 12V. And relay coil state is controlled by comparator having 0 to 15 level transition.
  9. dieforedoras17

    Liquid Boiling Mechanism (W1209 thermostat relay wiring)

    Hello, I m working on a project for understanding of milks boiling process.I will save and graph tempreture data via Arduino Uno(with Micro SD module module and RTC).I m beginner and I m figuring out projects technical requirements step by step. Component list D18B20 Water Proof Tempreture...
  10. Z

    Touchless Toggle Switch Help

    Need help simplifying this project as arduino is abit overkill for this application. I am abit noob at electronics and wondering if there are any IC's or modules that will simplify or make this project more efficient. Thanks. Description IR-1 and IR-2 are IR obstacle avoidance sensor modules...
  11. M

    How to switch a 2v load using 3v Signal

    Hello guys New here. I am trying to work out what would be the best way to control a 2v load using something like an ESP32 (3.3v) So what i have is: ------------- | BATTERY | (1.5 - 2.2v) ---> something?? >>> Resistor ---------------...
  12. S

    Connect RPI3 B+ to drive 24V Relay that Drives AC Resitive load

    Hi, Question: How do I drive a 1A/24V relay which switches an AC resistive load ? Attached: My block diagram with detailed pns of components Flow/Notes/Issues/: 1)I cannot change the 24V EM relay pn, it is fixed, everything else is flexible...
  13. onurdnz95

    using timer relay with arduino

    Hello. I want to control a servo motor using a time relay in a project. How can I do that?
  14. J

    How to trigger a relay when the signal voltage slowly rises from 0v to 12v?

    Hi all, My requirement is to connect an additional light in parallel to my car's interior cabin light. My car supports upto 10w and I already have a 2W LED bulb inside, and the additional light is about 25W, so connecting it directly is not an option. So I connected a 12v relay with the signal...
  15. T

    how can I read better datasheet of Relay(TX2SL-LT-12V-TH) to connect its pin properly?

    I have been looking around of this data sheet so I can know which pin I connect to the DC and which one I can use for NC or NO so I make my circuit running. on the data sheet I could not find due my lack experience in using relays, the pins and their functions on the following data sheet:relay...
  16. P

    Use NPN NO Proximity Sensor to activate relay

    Hi All, It's been a long time since the high school electronics classes doing circuit design. I have a CNC router and need to connect up 2 Proximity Sensors to the one GPIO input. I have tried connecting them in series, but I am only getting a 12V trigger signal with 24V supply. So I thought...
  17. MrsssSu

    Why my Relay short-circuited ?

    I have a relay but rated at 3A, 30V DC only similar to this. When I connect the Pole and NC directly using a lithium ion battery (4V), a fire occur and it shortcicruicted. However, when i measure the resistance betwwen 2 pins (Pole and NC), it reads 16 Ohms. What should i do :) ? Thank you for...
  18. electromeow

    Relay or MOSFET for high current?

    Hi, I have to switch a high current(DC 12V@~60A approx.) for a battery-supplied circuit. But its on-status resistance should be as low as possible. Because you know the Ohm's Law, the I is going to increase up to even 100 amps sometimes, so a very small resistance creates a big difference. I...
  19. S

    Protecting transistor from DC motor/Relay current spikes

    I setup two small circuits on breadboard with BD139 transistors to drive a 12v 0.2A motor and 24v 0.15A Relay to learn transistors, I can switch ON transistor through base resistor using 3.3v PSU. I know when motor/relay stops it can push back some current and i believe its called current...
  20. masynthetic

    switching inductive load crashes microcontroller

    I am using an Arduino mega to switch several of these very common relays with a 24v inductive load on pretty much all of them and I am having a peculiar and extremely frustrating issue where during switching (frequently but not always) the Arduino will reset, when monitoring the arduino's 5v...