Wireless Control Idea Help (parts)

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I need help with an idea i had. I’m trying to use RF to control a 24v relay.
The receiver would need to turn on and off a normally open 24v rated relay.
The transmitter would need to get its signal to turn on or off the receiver from a normally open contact wired to the receiver.
Basically when the circuit at the transmitter closes it sends a signal to the receiver to also close the 24v relay. When the transmitter circuit opens the receiver also opens the relay. There would be multiple of these devices operating within range of each other so it would also need to be able to be zoned so they don’t interfere.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out with a parts list to make this happen.

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Thanks, I’ll check them out and see if it’s something I can use. Im hoping to source the parts from a Canadian supplier.
Im looking for help regarding the parts required to send and receive desired inputs/outputs. Also a Wifi option would also work depending on cost to build.


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I think that they supply through a lot of the major distributors. They are in Farnell, so they must be in Newark.


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Welcome to AAC.

What is the application for these relays? Will any of them impact health and safety related systems?

With the application we will be able to understand many small things that bear on the answer like latency, reliability, number of cycles over time, etc. Rather than playing a guessing game about the details, it will be much easier if you describe what problem these relays are meant to solve.