1. J

    Getting into electrics.. I have no clue why this 2 channel relay receiver is not working the way I wired it.

    I know its a bit janky but Ive just needed to make this door opener device remote control and for some reason, I cannot get this receiver to power anything even when both channels are on. Can someone help me?
  2. E

    High resistance in Resonant LC circuit

    Hello, I have an RF generator that outputs power at 6.78Mhz with an output impedance of 50 ohms. I want to use this for induction heating and have seen it work great for my application. I have wound my coil around the piece I want to heat and measured : inductance (1.9940micro Henries)...
  3. C

    Wireless Control Idea Help (parts)

    I need help with an idea i had. I’m trying to use RF to control a 24v relay. The receiver would need to turn on and off a normally open 24v rated relay. The transmitter would need to get its signal to turn on or off the receiver from a normally open contact wired to the receiver. Basically when...
  4. A

    Need expert assistance in identifying the RF connector on the PCB

    Hello There, I have TP-Link M4 Wifi devices, i would like to extend the range with Antenna, I opened the device, and there are two RF Plugs : Face View: . Size View : Looks like MHF-SW23, but the diameter of MHF-SW23 is 1.92mm, And on my PCB it about 1.35~1.4mm Diameter. Can some one know...
  5. U

    RF Amplification problem

    Hello, I work on an exercise I made up for myself and I need some help. I want to build a small RF receiver with a central frequency of 50MHz. I made a model of the antenna. I put a band pass filter after it. Both are centered around 50MHz. I want to amplify the received sine with a 7V voltage...
  6. M

    How mixer works

    If L is a local oscillator signal and F is a radio frequency input signal, then the output of a mixer is F - L, F + L and other frequencies, if L and F are inputs to the mixer?
  7. H

    GPS receivers Front-End Design Problems

    I am designing a GPS L1(PWR=-160dBW) band Direct RF sampling receiver and the front-end: (passive antenna + LNA(21dB) + BGA1(30dB) + jumper + BPF(L1(fc=1575.42MHz,BW=15MHZ) + BGA2 (30dB) + BGA3(30dB) + VGA(-13.5 to +18 Gain Control in 0.5 dB Steps) ). all amplifiers are supplied with a +5 V...
  8. Adrienboub

    Frequency Range 4046 Proteus

    Hello everyone, First of all sorry for my bad english. I want to simulate on Proteus FM demodulation with 4046. I know that the center frequency Fo depends on the value of R1 and C1. I try to do this application circuit and it doesn't work too: I try to change the value of Fo according to the...
  9. Answerz

    PsOC 4 BLE (pins problems)

    I am running a project using a thermistor. I started by using the evaluation board as shown: The program runs fine. After that, I removed the module from the evaluation board and powered the module using an external power source (3V). I moved the resistor and thermistor from the evaluation...
  10. EventHorizon1003

    Active Coupling

    May I ask how do we coupling the two identical resonant circuits by using transistor?
  11. 8

    PCB design for STM32WB55CE Bluetooth MCU

    Hello, I designed a pcb around the STM32WB55CE. The RF design is meant for the capabilities needed for 2.4GHz bluetooth. I looked at the available AN's and did my first shot with the design. Please keep in mind, that this is my first RF circuitry. For the RF matching, I chose the IC provided by...
  12. F

    What Dual Gate MOSFET for small signal RF Amplifier circuit in HF band... & where to buy?

    Looking at HF receiver schematics on line I see many use Dual Gate MOSFET's as the first amplifier stage... and also for the mixer... mixing the incoming RF signal with the local oscillator. However all of the MOSFET's I've checked out seem to be out of production... and the ones I've found...
  13. A

    FM Circuit in Multisim

    HI friends i draw a circui in multiism for production of a FM signal but not working than k you in advance George