Getting into electrics.. I have no clue why this 2 channel relay receiver is not working the way I wired it.


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I can see it's wired correctly but double check the connections on the screw terminals.
Check with a meter there is 12 volts between the yellow and blue wires when relay #2 is activated or 12 volts between the yellow and green wires with relay #1.
What exactly is the 12 volts from the relay contacts connected to?


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You seem to have the two battery packs connected in parallel so will still only be supplying the module with 6 volts. You need the battery packs connected in series to get 12 volts.



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Les is correct.
The 6 volts from the battery pack is enough voltage to operate the receiver and microprocessor but not enough to activate the relays even though the LED indicates the relay is ON.

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Okay, I have wired the 4x1.5V Battery holders in series yet the + and - screws are still reading as 6V... Is this how it is supposed to be? Here are some pictures to show what's going on. Once again, I apologize for my lack of knowledge but this is a small part of a bigger non-electrics project that I'm working on and it is just setting me back. This is all connected to a pretty small motor. One relay is for reverse and one is for forwards. Just to clarify for Sghioto, neither is giving any voltage, even while wired in series.IMG_6590.jpgIMG_6588.jpgIMG_6589.jpgIMG_6591.jpg


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Connect the red wire from one battery pack to the black wire of the other battery pack.

Connect the other red and black wires to the positive and negative (or ground) to the power inputs on the receiver module.