1. N

    Confused over an easy plot about inductor current

    Need some insight about a plot found in the Fundamentals of power electronics second edition book. I don't really understand why it is written like this. Left side \( \frac{I}{V_{g}/R} \) can be rewritten to \( \frac{1}{D'^{2}} \) so it is basically "just" duty cycle. The book states that the...
  2. K

    Alliance (Keys Fitness) Treadmill Motor Controller Help

    Hello! I am looking for any advise you may have on repairing an Alliance (Keys Fitness) treadmill. My mom was running on it last night when it stopped suddenly then started to spark inside the motor cover. She immediately unplugged it and there was a strong burning smell. I removed the...
  3. A

    Unknown IC !!!

    hello i have a wifi camera from a quadqopter and i used a battery to turn on.I connected the poles incorrectly .and I smelled burning, i open it and i saw a ic is burned i searched the name of ic but i cant find the data sheet.it is written on it: FA2UMK .it has 5-pin and it is smd.please help...
  4. quaabster

    SMD Transistor Identification

    Hello, I need some assistance identifying this smd component on an LCD inverter. It is marked DK and then QM right below it. I have another identical board which is a newer revision and the same part is marked DK however with QS below it. My preliminary research on s-manuals seems to indicate...
  5. A

    Help. Looking for connector

    Does anyone recognizes connector attached in photos, looks like 1mm pitch, 5mm wide, ~1mm high Used in Beats Solo3
  6. W

    Need guidance on this homework problem

    I have a problem in my ET212 class that I truly have no idea on where to start, I have the circuit design, but am clueless when it comes to the values that I need to use. I am not asking for answers, mainly just guidance on where I am supposed to start, or the steps i need to do to find my...
  7. jmh474

    Lvds help

    So this might be a bit of a strange one i have a LE-375 single board computer nothing to fancy but im planning a little project for it and i got given it and would love to get it up and running on Linux as its not the most of powerful of devices. Iv contacted the company who make them but not...
  8. EricTurner

    Need help measuring MPH and Incline from MC-2100 treadmill motor

    Hello everyone, I made a post before on here (I am new) but I think I posted it in the wrong sub-forum and I got no responses. I have a Nordic Track T5.7 with a MC-2100LS-30 motor in it. I have connected an Arduino Uno to the wiring harness that connects the controller to the console like so...
  9. EricTurner

    Reading Speed (MPH) and Incline from MC-2100 powered treadmill

    I recently got a NordicTrack T5.7 treadmill which is powered by a MC2100LS-30. It is an older treadmill that works great, however one of the features of the new treadmills out today allow you to visualize your treadmill run like so: This is amazing to me, but my treadmill is not smart like...
  10. G

    Help Identifying Component

    This part came off an ESC on a drone. I think it's a fet but can't find any info..Please help.
  11. L

    pic12f683 push button problem

    Hi i just joined to try and get a little help after getting no further with my project all day. my project is one push button and one LED. my goal was to get the push button to swap from 1 mode to another and then off (reset to 0) i am new to all this so i got bits of code from here and there...
  12. M

    How do you solve the following dependent circuit problem? I tried to use KVL to get i1, but I got .44, which is the wrong answer.

    Circuit problem: I have the answers to it, but I need to know the process of how to get there.
  13. J

    2 Answers for circuit analysis question, both seem right.

    The question is asking what the resistance of the first resistor is (which has been labelled as 0 ohms on the diagram). I am told 20v drops across the first resistor and i am given the value of the other resistor. Now both of the methods I am sure I've done correctly but I'm getting different...
  14. AhmedKhouaja

    Chinese power supply troubleshooting : probleme to ask for...

    Hi guys ! First i'm new member here with you , and i hope you guys help me with my power supply kit problem: Like most people , i have problem with this kit wich is i get -0.45v when the V and A pot are fully anti-clockwise and i get only 5.1V when the V and A are fully clockwise. I checked...
  15. A

    Using a unipolar DAC as a bipolar DAC

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project that requires the use of an MCP475 DAC. Currently, it is being powered from the 3.3V source from on a Raspberry Pi and hence works in the range of 0V to 3.3V. I need it to work in the range of -3.3V to +3.3V. By reading the spec sheets I found that I...
  16. LALI01


    https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/technical-articles/exactly-how-schmitt-trigger-oscillators-work/ I was reading this article. What's the difference between Vt+ and Vhigh and Vt- and Vlow ?? please help me!
  17. AlexVR

    Logism Circuit Design Help. HEX Display

    I need to design a circuit to calculate the product of two 4-bit binary numbers, and then display the decimal result in three HEX displays.I already have the multiplication part, but the hex baffles me since : 1-The inputs are two 4-bit binary numbers. 2-The system can display each input...
  18. Jastri

    Looking for the right Latching component

    I've been designing a simple random number generator that is supposed to generate a number from 1-100 and display it using three 7-segment displays(D0, D1, D2). This design also uses a 555 timer(astable 1400Hz) and two BCD decade counters. For D0 and D1, I am using CD74HC4511E decoders, which...