1. J

    Getting into electrics.. I have no clue why this 2 channel relay receiver is not working the way I wired it.

    I know its a bit janky but Ive just needed to make this door opener device remote control and for some reason, I cannot get this receiver to power anything even when both channels are on. Can someone help me?
  2. H

    GPS receivers Front-End Design Problems

    I am designing a GPS L1(PWR=-160dBW) band Direct RF sampling receiver and the front-end: (passive antenna + LNA(21dB) + BGA1(30dB) + jumper + BPF(L1(fc=1575.42MHz,BW=15MHZ) + BGA2 (30dB) + BGA3(30dB) + VGA(-13.5 to +18 Gain Control in 0.5 dB Steps) ). all amplifiers are supplied with a +5 V...
  3. jpf88

    proximity sensor up to 200metres for outdoor application

    Hi, I have a project that i would like to complete. i need to activate an LED light outdoors, whenever a designated vehicle comes within 200-300metres of the LED light. i was thinking of using a simple 12v FM radio transmitter on the vehicle. the LED would have an FM radio reciever tuned to...
  4. Ali2320

    Design a timing recovery algorithm with predefined samples with max amplitude

    I need your help in understanding how to simulate a timing recovery algorithm. I have already read a lot of literature but I have still doubts how it works. Let me briefly explain my simulation: Create a test signal: BPSK, 1000 symbol with 16 samples Raised cosine filter Compute an amplitude...
  5. G

    Questions about a design for transmitting and receiving a pulse over 100 meters or less (Measure distance to within 1 mm)

    Note: I've dabbled in electronics for many years, but I'm a newb when it comes to radio circuitry, so please forgive me for anything dumb I may say/ask. I'm trying to design a system where I can send a single radio pulse (no complex information, just a single pulse) periodically. This pulse...