1994 oven control board died, but i need to bake banana bread :/

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Hello, recently my 1994 range's oven control board died and rather than replace the entire range, I figure I would find a way to power the oven's bake element by designing/building a (simple?) circuit. I have verified that the "bake" element in the oven works (drawing 13 amps at 250v AC) and the (now desoldered from its control board (Omron G8P-UA-006054)) relay that used to switch that element on is rated for 30 amps at 250v AC, draws 0.05 amps to stay energized, has "pickup voltage" of 3.9v DC, and a dropout voltage of 0.9v DC. The oven has a ptc thermistor (readings below). Using an arduino is an option, but I'm trying to build the simplest circuit possible. I only ever use the oven at 350 and 400 so if there was a way to use an On-Off-On toggle switch that sent energized the bake element relay if under 1800 ohm (for 350) and under 1890 ohm (for 400), that would be ideal. I thought of using a 5v voltage divider at 1800 ohm and 6250 ohm, but then I heard about relay drop out voltage :( Any help would be appreciated :)

Ohm | Degrees F
1110 65
1400 150
1520 200
1610 250
1710 300
1800 350
1890 400
1970 450