1. F

    Drone camera

    Hello, I dismantled the camera assembly you can see in the photo months ago from this circuit. Now I don't know where the cables are, I tried a few places by trial and error but in vain. Can anyone find this for me?
  2. A

    Building an Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter

    (Today is National Retro Day) I'm adding HDMI output to my vintage Atari 800XL 8bit computer to project it on my large TV. I'm a novice. I've built a circuit for "High Speed Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter" using an LT6559 & LT1395 to "map RGB signals to YPbPr". It doesn't seem to work and it...
  3. M

    Circuit board to amplify and filter the electrical signals from the piezoelectric disks

    Hi, im working on creating a step counter using piezoelectric disks. The idea is that I want to use the disks as sensors and be able to read their voltage and current values with an Arduino Uno. Im also using a voltage sensor, the sensor that will be used is an ACS712 that can detect the flowing...
  4. MissFluffy

    *Circuit Issues* DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a digital alarm clock project and have used a website for reference: (https://bestengineeringprojects.com/digital-clock-with-seconds-and-alarm-time-display/) However, I've made some modifications, such as removing the transformer and some diodes. I've added...
  5. A

    Wondering if anyone could identify this

    I have a Samsung 60" TV Model code UA60J6200AWXXY. The problem was I plugged a multi USB power board into it and as soon as I did the TV went off and I could smell something burnt. Removed the back cover off the TV after unplugging power of course. Have found a circuit that I think is what burnt...
  6. orangeguy237

    1994 oven control board died, but i need to bake banana bread :/

    Hello, recently my 1994 range's oven control board died and rather than replace the entire range, I figure I would find a way to power the oven's bake element by designing/building a (simple?) circuit. I have verified that the "bake" element in the oven works (drawing 13 amps at 250v AC) and the...
  7. Y

    Motor controller

    I don’t know where this needs to go so I put it in general. I think I need a circuit to control a 6v motor with a on/off switch. I assume it would be 1) battery 2)switch 3)circuit 4)motor. I think I need a circuit that will run a motor for 1-3 seconds then stop for roughly 20 seconds then...
  8. Aikju (Isaac)

    How to make my delay relay circuit latch?

    I have bought this Delay Relay module off of amazon. I am using it to make a circuit that will act as a latching relay with a delay for a 12V power source. The circuit should work as follows: There is a switch to activate the relay. When activated, the relay will remain on until the 12V power...
  9. B

    Need help with my project, a combination lock in proteus

    So im trying to make a combinational lock in proteus. One of the issue i've come across is one of my button which is labelled "reset" output high even if its not press but when I connect a logic probe to the line, the cable becomes normal. The second issue is there is a sequence detector that...
  10. Stephanus Kevin

    Symmetric Output Sensors (Help)

    A sensor works by outputting a voltage of -400mV to +400mV with a impedance of 1M Ohm. a. Design and simulate a circuit that only uses active components, such as an in the form of an OP-AMP so that the output reads 0V to 5V. Create the circuit in LTspice. Can anyone help me with this topic...
  11. MissFluffy

    Is it feasible to design a user-friendly, DC-powered digital alarm clock without relying on....

    Hey there! I'm diving into a fun project and trying to design a digital alarm clock. I've been scouting the web for inspiration, hoping to find a simple design that I can tweak a bit. The thing is, a lot of the projects out there use transformers, Arduinos, or dive deep into programming with...
  12. mkakasapu

    Circuit to turn a servo with 2 inputs

    Hi All, I want to turn a rudder like mechanism and currently I use DC motor and polarity to turn it left & right. But It has a limitation that it can cannot be positioned in between. Now I want this extra position to be included. So thinking about a servo to achieve three positions ( left - 0...
  13. I

    Design or Tools for Passthrought Voltage/Current Recorder for Batteries

    Okay so, currently wanting to set up a test for some rechargeable batteries, and developing a lower power mode for a system. The goal is to connect fully charged batteries to my devices to see how much current they actually drain. I have an estimate how long they should last, but its not exact...
  14. B

    Describe the design of a circuit that can accurately convert an analog voltage signal ranging from 0V to 5V into a digital representation

    Design a circuit that can convert an analog voltage signal into a digital representation using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The input voltage range is from 0V to 5V, and the desired resolution of the ADC is 10 bits. Assume a single-ended input configuration.
  15. H

    GNSS Receiver designed IC circuit noise issues

    Hello everyone I wanted to share with you the design of a 2-layer full GNSS board that I have recently developed using Direct RF sampling architecture. The board consists of several blocks, each equipped with SMA input/output connectors, as well as an SMA connection between VCC and GND to check...
  16. C

    Trying to do 5V and 12V input on same solder pad of Chinese PCB circuit using computer PSU.

    My electrical engineering experience is minimal and in the general section as the background. I have one of those Chinese PCB boards that can take a 5V and 12V input on the same solder pad to run the whole device and also have a Type-C input. The maximum input on that device is 24V. I'm using...
  17. dnflskfk

    How to clear glitch

    Hi Everyone I have designed simple P-Channel MOSFET Circuit! it works well. However, when low Source power is applied(1V), glitch occurs in the output signal. I tried R,L,C component, But it didn't work What can I do to get rid of this? Circuit...
  18. drakenathan0604

    Video recommendations which explain this type of question

    I'm searching for any videos which explain and show me how to answer questions like this, as I am unable solve this question.
  19. S

    Purpose of cascaded schmitt trigger in Hall sensor

    Hi, this is the functional block diagram of a hall sensor IC. Can anyone please explain what is the purpose of these schmitt trigger followed by another trigger? Is single trigger cannot be able perform the function required?