1. drakenathan0604

    Video recommendations which explain this type of question

    I'm searching for any videos which explain and show me how to answer questions like this, as I am unable solve this question.
  2. S

    Purpose of cascaded schmitt trigger in Hall sensor

    Hi, this is the functional block diagram of a hall sensor IC. Can anyone please explain what is the purpose of these schmitt trigger followed by another trigger? Is single trigger cannot be able perform the function required?
  3. C

    12V solar panel to 3.7V li battery charger

    I have a solar pane that gives about 12 volt and 120 mah and I want to make a 3.7 v battery charger. I dont have a voltage regulator I just have transformers, resistors and capacitors ect. and I dont have a much knowledge about electronics. Please can you send a circuit? Thanks.
  4. S

    Analysis generate PWM use op-amp.

    Please help me to understand this circuit about analysis voltage each point and how to calculate time charge and discharge time on triangle signal. If use Op-Amp NJM2904C Thank you.
  5. C

    How to make a -very- small button/speaker circuit?

    I need a circuit that turns on an LED and plays a sound repeatedly when a button is pressed, and stops the sound and light as soon as the button is released. It needs to be battery operated, preferably by coin or button batteries. The issue is that I need it to be very small (1.5cm x 2.5cm)...
  6. M

    Fire alarm using PTC as sensor

    Hi everyone I need to make a circuit with the following elements: The output will be a siren connected to a 230 V and 50 Hz network. The control circuit will use a 9 V battery as power supply and an operational amplifier must be used, the siren will be activated with a relay. The alarm will...
  7. S

    Parallel RC Circuit in Feedback Reading Line

    Hi, I'm reviewing an Evalboard datasheet and a parallel rc circuit is used in the feedback line, which I can't understand why, what is the purpose of this structure, whose image I have added below? Datasheet Link: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/KT33810UG1.pdf (Page 18)
  8. voidSurfr

    Design: Simplicity vs. Complexity

    Hey all, this is an oddity of a request. First, I'm not an electrical engineer; next, I wouldn't know a good circuit if it gave me a lap dance, so...I'm asking the community for help. I'm writing a blog and would like to include some circuit diagrams; it seems like they would be perfect for...
  9. khazan

    What is wrong with my led circuit?

    I designed a simple circuit for LEDs with 5V 1A. This is the schematic, all resistances are 8.2Ω. But when everything is ready and power 5v 1A at the input. I catch it is only 0.3A on my multimeter. It should be (5.0-3.3)/8.2*4 = 0.83A. Why is there such a big deviation?
  10. AverageMoss

    Full-wave rectifier circuit showing half-wave rectification on oscilloscope?

    I'm new to electronics and decided to learn something new by trying to put together a small rectifier circuit that converts 24VAC to DC. So I put together a little full-wave rectifier circuit that consists of four diodes and an LED and ran into an issue when I tried to measure the DC output...
  11. M

    Need help with finding short on pcb

    I've bought a WiFi Smart Aroma Diffuser in repackaged condition, but as I've tried to use it, it didn't seem to work, as well a spark was visible when I tried to reconnect the power cable. I've disassembled it, and started testing the pcb, and I've noticed that the main power cables are shorted...
  12. BuyingOffDeath

    Unexplainable RF Power levels

    I have an RF Explorer to use to scan what RF's are around me. I am curious as I'm am just getting in learning about wireless transmission and propagation. However I can't explain these power levels of -10 dbm all the way to -0. The RF Explorer does seem to be working correctly just based off of...
  13. D

    Help with a design

    Hi guys, I am new here. FYI before I get started, I am not an engineer, designer, programmer, or anything of that nature. I’m just a dude who loves a challenge, and I love diy home projects. Now, I hope this is the right forum to ask this kind of question! So let me get started: I have lately...
  14. M

    AD8226 Instrumentation Amp Not Outputting Correct Voltage

    I've been working on this for the past few hours and I'm at my wits end. Basically, I'm trying to amplify an input voltage with a 100-ish gain using an AD8226 on a breadboard. I'm using a +/- 5V supply to power and op amp and using a 10 mV test for the input. I'm also using an oscilloscope to...
  15. MrsssSu

    XOR gate in LT Spice

    Hi people, It has been quite a long time since I posted anything lately :) Refering to the XOR gate schematic and truth table above from here, I have designed them in LT Spice. Higlighted in green are the 2 inputs and purple is output.However, to my surprise, when A and B are both true (A=5V ...
  16. flaviodsilva

    Motor control using MOC3041 optocoupler

    I'm currently doing my master thesis, and I'm now at a point where I have to control a few AC motors with a microcontroller. From my previous study about the subject, and from previous similar thesis, I've noticed a common practice is to use an optocoupler to separate low voltage from high...
  17. Swaysceptile

    TinkerCAD 7-Segment Display Not Showing on Simulation

    Hi, I am only on my 5th week trying out TinkerCAD for our Logic Circuits course. We are tasked to create a 7-Segment Display Using Logic Gates only. I did all the boolean expressions needed for each segment using K-MAP, and identified the boolean expression needed to create my circuit. I am...
  18. barebear

    Where does the bit come from when capture the bits to scan cell in jtag Capture-DR stage?

    Based on the Jtag stage diagram, before Jtag shifts the bits (Shift-DR) the scan cell needs to capture the bits first (Capture-DR). Where does the bit come from? Is it from some test patterns (which has 0s and 1s) and Jtag loads them via digital pins during the capture-DR stage? How many digital...
  19. T

    Metal detect with audio amp?

    Hi All, I am considering ordering some parts for a theoretical circuit, and I am wondering if you think it would work. Basically, it's an induction balance very low frequency metal detector circuit that would use a PAM8403 audio amp IC, a speaker, a battery, and two inductor coils. My theory...
  20. Swaysceptile

    How do I combine these two electronic circuits into one schematic (for project)?

    I started the basics of PCB and doing schematics around 6 weeks ago in my Computer Engineering Drafting and Design class. We used EasyEDA online tool to create the SCH and PCB for our assignments/activities. Our project now is to combine the circuits that we have made before into one system so...