1. M

    NTC thermistor (for inrush current suppression) value not constant at steady state

    Hi everyone, this is my 1st post, I hope you can help me. I placed a NTC thermistor for inrush current suppression in my PCB. The stady state current that flows through the themistor is about 0.4A. The inrush current is limited as expected by my calculations and this is OK. The max load...
  2. orangeguy237

    1994 oven control board died, but i need to bake banana bread :/

    Hello, recently my 1994 range's oven control board died and rather than replace the entire range, I figure I would find a way to power the oven's bake element by designing/building a (simple?) circuit. I have verified that the "bake" element in the oven works (drawing 13 amps at 250v AC) and the...
  3. D

    Treadmill control circuit board help

    Hello, can anyone help with this please? This is a motor control board for a treadmill and I need to remove or adjust the current overflow cut off device. Can anyone identify it please on this board or tell me if it is adjustable/removable. It is a Reebok ZR 8 treadmill and it’s a common fault...
  4. kidhu

    Op amp Circuit schematic diagram using proteus

    Can anyone provide circuit schematic diagram using proteus that, control the room fan speed (rpm) by the temperature of the room and control the room light (on/off) by the room light intensity using the thermistor and LDR and op amps?
  5. G

    Peltier element with TEC controller for Robot`s hand

    Hello experts, I am working on a project which observe human interaction with robots. From my part I need to keep the robot hands at a specific temperature. Therefore, I would like to use Peltier elements with TEC controller. Is there any other idea I can go with or I should go with this one...
  6. B

    Fan Controller - Thermistor Circuit

    Hi folks I am trying to build a circuit which will govern the speed of the fans in my solar cabinet based off the temperature inside. https://www.circuits-diy.com/temperature-controlled-fan-using-555/ I built this circuit hoping it would work with 6x 24v / 0.08A PC fans (40mm) I have 3 of...
  7. S

    Measuring temperature with a thermistor in series with a resistor VS in a bridge

    I'm a member of a formula student team and we are developing a vehicle control unit. One of the functions I'm working on is reading temperature in the water cooling system using a 10k NTC thermistor. I'm torn between using a resistor in series with a thermistor and measuring voltage across the...
  8. L

    Sensor Thermistor design

    Hello guys. I'm using an efr32bg22 Bluetooth module and would like to read a thermistor with it! I've never used a thermistor. Reading a little about the subject, it seems a little complicated to me. There are some formulas for obtaining a conversion but apparently the best way is to use a...
  9. TheMasterXXXXX

    Issue controlling PWM with thermistor

    I am attempting to use a thermistor to control the PWM of a 555 output. Ideally, I want the duty cycle to be 100% when hot (~90°C) and 0% when not hot (~25°C). I am doing so by placing the thermistor as R2 (RB) in astable mode with a forward biased diode in parallel to R2 (allowing a duty cycle...
  10. ashokraj

    Ways to find an temperature sensing IC with Thermistor and Thermocouple

    Hi, I am trying to find a temperature sensing IC that needs to be integrated with Thermocouple or Thermistor. It should have a digital interface(SPI, I2C). The problem I am facing is whenever I am trying to find the IC with my requirements, 99% of the time I am getting IC's with in-built...