1. electromeow

    Relay or MOSFET for high current?

    Hi, I have to switch a high current(DC 12V@~60A approx.) for a battery-supplied circuit. But its on-status resistance should be as low as possible. Because you know the Ohm's Law, the I is going to increase up to even 100 amps sometimes, so a very small resistance creates a big difference. I...
  2. oferorgal

    Battery simulator

    Hello, I want to design a battery simulator circuit to test my board. My board connects to a single cell li-on battery, 3.8V 2400mAH and it has a wireless charger circuit with up to 400mAH charge. The battery simulator needs to provide up to 1A to the board and to be "charged" at 400mA. I've...
  3. R

    4s3p battery pack on 2 level

    hi for a diving light, i need to create a 4s3p battery pack (lithium). I can have max 2 level of battery in a delrin cylindrical. What could be the easier wiring for welding? I put all battery on the same side... but it's not mandatory... thanks
  4. R

    DC to 3-phase VFD for providing induction motor with battery power (~8kW)

    I'm building a mobile robot which is quite heavy and needs some serious HP. For this and other reasons I want to mount 4 induction motors to each wheel (for a total output of about 8kW) and power them via batteries. However, those motors need 3-phase current and I obviously can't plug them...
  5. ronit991

    Better approach for powering up sensor nodes ?

    I have a sensor node containing an MCU & radio running at 3.3 V and a sensor running at 5 V. What is the better approach for powering up the system (in terms of efficiency, stability, etc.) : 1. High Voltage Battery + Buck Converter or 2. Low Voltage Batttery +...
  6. J

    Homemade Power Supply How to?

    I'm posting today hoping for some guidance on a project i would like to attempt. I recently came into a lot of 64 12v 7AH Sealed Lead Acid batteries from a backup UPS. The batteries are still good and take a charge and load like normal for the most part. Since i only have the batteries and...
  7. C

    Protective elements for powering dc motors

    Hi everyone! I am building a robot that carries a drill to make holes in the ground. I have not been able to find similar size/power references regarding how to power the motors. I would like to know how to protect the battery and motor drivers, my specific questions are: - Where to place...
  8. E

    how to properly make a charging circuit -- 2s 7.4V to 5V 2A

    I have 2 18650 li-ion cells, each at 3.7v (in case you don't see the pictures, they are available here : https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/posts/121847 ) and this bay with this white connector I saw on youtube that depending on the length of the cell, we can know whether they have...
  9. Playdric

    ESP8266 battery power supply

    Hello all, First of all I'm a complete newbie about circuits and electronics. I recently bought a 3D printer and I saw this project on thingiverse. Quick sum up : LEDs (WS2812) lamp controlled by an ESP8266. The main issue is that the firmware of the ESP8266 provided to control the LEDs do...
  10. Prajeet Anand

    Battery impedance measurement

    For the past few days I have been trying to buy a proper battery impedance measurement device that is good and also falls under my budget of 1000 dollars. I will be mostly using it to test 3.7V Lithium ion batteries. Could anyone suggest a good measurement device for that
  11. Dinesh6252

    Can i use a 13s bms for a 7s project? And how?

    I have a 13s bms laying around and I want to use it as a 7s bms, is there a way to do that?any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  12. M

    Lithium battery (Operating temperatur range)

    Hi; Is it possible for a lithium battery, whether Li-ion or Lipo, to resiste a temperature of 90 up to 100 ° C in a period that does not exceed 3 minutes? knowing that its working temperature range indicated in its datasheet is 60 ° C. thank you for any information given
  13. mothermohammad

    No-load voltage of lithium ion battery (10th order polynomials)

    Hello everybody I'm going to simulate a Lithium ion battery whose no load voltage depends on its DoD (DoD=1-SoC). I used the book of Soylu in which he obtained a 10th order polynomials for no-load voltage of the battery...
  14. A

    Modding wireless RF headphones to Bluetooth headphones

    Hi guys, I have been using a pair of Sennheiser headphones for quite some time now (HDR 118). They offer good sound and sit comfortably, however they do work based on RF signals (863 - 865 MHz) and have been catching a lot of interference as of late. Instead of just getting a new pair of...
  15. Ron2020

    Wiring Headlight and turn signals for a simpleton

    Greetings, My current project is trying to wire a headlight and two turn signals to a motorbike using a 12v rechargeable battery. There are no existing electrical parts of any kind for lighting aside from what I’m doing currently. Complete custom job. I need advice: What I have is: A switch...
  16. M

    Battery for ESP8266 ESP-12S A9G GSM (IoT Node v1.0 module)

    I`ve bought this board: link to shop (Elecrow ESP8266 ESP-12S A9G GSM GPRS+GPS IOT Node V1.0 Module) Here I`ve read about it: wiki page I would like to use that board with 1inch screen and send data with GSM. I would like to buy LiPoly rechargeable battery for it. I have quite basic electronic...
  17. J

    Current control for a battery charge

    How can I control the current that is supplied to a battery? I need to balance current consumption to avoid some parts of the system run out of power. My system is described in the attached file. I have a 12V input which goes into a Boost regulator to get 48V. Those 48V are used to feed a...
  18. L

    Ideas for using a 24V 40Ah LiFePO4 battery with damaged cell to power a 12V 500W inverter?

    I acquired the battery in subject from one of the local recycle groups. It consists of nominally sixteen 3.2V 20Ah LiFePO4 pouch cells arranged in 8s2p configuration (pouches in pairs soldered to a PCB that puts them in series). One of the pairs developed a fault and was desoldered and removed...
  19. N

    Very new to this. If I were to make a DC Motor shaft with cogs and gears circuit, how would I know the required ampage of my power unit?

    Very new to this so bare with. If I were to make a DC Motor shaft with cogs and gears circuit, how would I know the required ampage of my power unit (im thinking, battery AA holder). And are there any pre cautions I should take to prevent damage or potential fire hazard? I roughly know about...
  20. M

    Battery Consumption

    Hi guys, I am new here and still not an engineer and have not much knowledge in Battery / electricity but have a major project I am working on and would be very happy to get some answers.. I am trying to build a machine that is using a spin motor that work periodically in set times (650 spins...