1. G

    Automatic transfer switch dc

    hi guys, i try to make an automatic transfer switch dc for router 9VDC / 0.6A here. I want to switch automatically the power source from router adaptor to battery(power bank) that i set for power backup. and changing back when the router adaptor get an electricity again. i can't find the most...
  2. W

    Power to battery

    New to electronics, I have a question. If I have a 12v power source that connects to a 12v battery that connects to a 12v load that is constantly on, would the battery drain of power?
  3. Sudip Mandal 2

    problem in low battery detector circuit

    I have designed a low battery detector circuit using low power comparator MCP6541 for a 4.2V Li-ion battery. This circuit checks whether the battery voltage if the battery voltage is lower than 3.5V then it will glow LED. Check the circuit below. The circuit is working properly but the...
  4. Theo_KVA

    Electrical switch for a non-chemical battery - How to do it?

    Hi everyone, I’m seeking guidance. I have a tricky situation which I don’t really know how to get out of. I want to design a system which would consume the least amount of power possible. The idea is to have an ESP8266 do a simple task every minute (updating a e-paper display) and sleep the...
  5. S

    Battery Management System (BMS) Reset

    After many months of not using my Asus EeePad TF101 I have turned it on by plugging in the charger. After the boot the battery was 0% and I wasn’t surprised about this as I have not used the tablet for many months. I tried to charge it like before but after few hours it was still 0%. I found...
  6. Theo_KVA

    Generator at low RPM for a non-chemical battery - What to look for?

    Hello! I’m in the process of trying to build a non-chemical battery. I sick a bit of guidance as I tend to go down an engineer rabit hole, because of the complexity that the project is aiming. My goal is to make some kind of object that could store enough energy to charge a smartphone’s...
  7. T

    Most efficient method to switch between 2 battery system for EV?

    Hello all! I am currently conducting my thesis research. My aim is to determine the most efficient way to combine high power density batteries with high energy density batteries in an hybrid system for powering electric aircraft. The idea is by using two different types of batteries which are...
  8. D

    12v 1000mAh Power Supply/Battery

    Noob. I have a trailer that was broken into a few nights ago. I purchased a motion camera that records to an internal sd card. It comes with a power supply that has an output of 12v 1000mAh. My trailer is unattached to my truck for about 6 days out of the week. I'm wondering how to get...