Why I use MCP1640 can not get 3.3v

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When I build the circuit on the circuit breadboard. the input voltage is 1.3,but output only 2.0v without load resistance. when I input 3v with two cells batteries,the ouput only 2.8v without load. If I add load for circuit, the output voltage is lowee. So why? Is that any problem with official datasheet? Please somebody can help me?


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I find it curious that your schematic has no pin numbers on it. I hope you did not depend on your memory to remember the pin numbers that go with the names.
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How big is your alkaline cell? What is its terminal voltage on load? Remember that it has to supply 250mA.


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Are you sure that the inductor is not saturating ? What is the full specification ofthe inductor ?

Good point! It is fairly common for people to use a small signal inductor in this kind of circuit. Small signal inductors sometimes have high resistance or saturate too easily.

I will also add that those plastic breadboards often make high resistance or intermittent contact with components and jumpers.

Also, go back and re-read post #2.


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Could be breadboard, they are notorious for bad connections - for something this simple I'd 'rats-nest' in free air! But my guess is wrong type of inductor - common mistake!


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The spec for the inductor looks OK. I can't read the marking on the capacitors but they look too small to be 10 uF. They look more like 10 nF ceramic capacitors. Can you post a close up of the markings on the capacitors.
I also think the capacitor and inducter should be connected to the MCP1640 with much shorter wires.

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